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Nik Shade: A Nightmare Awakens Preview
« on: 20 Mar 2005, 05:58 »
Here it is! The preview for my first game, Nik Shade: A Nightmare Awakens. This is going to be the first game in a trilogy.

The plot is currently very simple.Your character, Nik Shade, has strayed from the main path. He is very lost, and so asks the first person he sees for help. However, this person has a dark secret, and once Nik extracts the secret from the man, he is thrown into a world whose rules he can only begin to grasp. Filled with ghosts, werewolves, and other things that go bump in the night, this game will definitely be a good.

The graphics are done in Microsoft Paint, and are made by a cruddy artist. Therefore, it looks like it's been drawn by a third grader. However, I believe that if the game is good, graphics should be of no concern. Here is a screenshot of the Nik jumping up to get a key stuck in a tree: (It might not show, see reason below)

To see all of the screenshots, please go to my site at (I'm sorry if it says you can't get ther because the site has exceeded it's amount of data transfer... I am getting the site for free, and therefore it might not always be available. If it's not, please try again later.)
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