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This is the collective thread for all your questions and discussions regarding
* programs
* perspective issues
* resolution/colour depth
* animation
* 3D
* techniques
* material, tools
* programs
* Harmonies, chords, notes
* MP3 vs OGG
* recording
* instruments
* script writing
* grammar
* language
* style/genres

So if you want to chat about any of these areas, but don't have anything to show, this is the thread for you.

I was taking a look in the tutorial thread to find a good site that show how to make a good walking animation for my problem is that i cant find one that teach how to make the front, back, and diagonal view... :-[

Any help would be appreciated!  ;)

Good idea with this thread, Andail.

Ok, I also have a problem, this time I need some perspective issues. I can't explain it by words (due to my poor English*), so I've drawn a schematic picture with a simple room on it and the one reference point. That window and the cube no. 1 were easy to draw, but when I had started drawing next cube with -probably- another perspective point, the trouble appeared.

So let's face it... ;)

The cube no. 1 is parallel to no. 2, the same for the edges. The "top view" box illustrates the relations between both cubes and room's walls. The question is following: how to draw the cube no. 2?

Hope it's clear to you.

*One of the reasons, why I've decided to sing-in and join this community is to improving my English skills, so... If you have a time and alacrity, please correct my utterances (as quotes, or post-edits), where it's necessary. I wish you do that with every post, that I will write, but it's probably impossible. :(

Anyway, I don't want impose this upon you, so I count only on your good will. C ya!

You asked for it Skurwy:

--- Quote from: Skurwy on 01 Jun 2005, 15:18 ---One of the reasons, why I've decided to sing-in and join this community is to improving my English skills

--- End quote ---

Here's the first correction. It's "sign in". :=

Also your problem is kinda tricky for me. I'm not very good at perspectives or boxes or cube number 22's.


--- Quote from: Pablo on 01 Jun 2005, 16:19 ---Also your problem is kinda tricky for me.
--- End quote ---

Dammit! :) To put it simple:

I need to draw that as a 3d room with a correct perspective.

Tip for Jade: Hey, we already 've a "Tutorials" thread on Critics Longue board. I'm sure you'll find something interesing there.


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