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The Secret of Monkey Island Revealed
« on: 20 Jun 2005, 19:37 »
Hi all,

The other day i was looking for Monkey Island Sprites, when i stumbled upon a very interesting fact.

The secret of monkey island has never been revealed!

What you say i only thought it was the game title, well the thing is is the original developer Ron Gilbert did not make monkey island 3 or 4, and was not his story that carried on so a lot of things in number 2 did not add up.

If you want more info go here:

So my game is about revealing the secret of monkey island!

I was really gonna do this on my own, but because there are alot of monkey island fans out there, i thought maybe they would like to contribute they're ideas and work.

Download now:

Heres what I've done so far in 1 day, it was hard to make an exact replica, but i did it.

:) enjoy

ps. i'm not too sure on which theory to pick yet, but i have a rough idea especially when reading that chat with Ron, so any help on the story would be good too

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