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White Room
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Ok a few things slapped together (this is actually outdated by 3 bug fixes, 3 updates and 1 hour  :P)

demo download location:

features(up to now):

popup menu (using right mouse)
short intro
few bad custom graphics (one that looks like an evil doll)
gui (almoost permantly shown)
and room scrolling

i have finished desiging the rooms and overhead maps of the mansion and now i need help with dialog, rest of game design (puzzles etc) and art (the most important art)

The style of the game is that of 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic.

Ok let me brief you on what i have came up with:

You wake up in the entrace of  mansion a lady is stood over you.
You say "hello" but she walks off then you say "Well was nice talking to you" giving any disregard for your position.

You stand up picking up your hat and wiping clean the dust and then put it on your head.

You then get to control the character who seems to have amnesia, all doors and windows in the house are jammed/locked and even a brick to the window dosent work.

You come across 3 people in the Tv room they then tell you they didnt want to move you but also they dont know how the hell you  are. you talk a while and they tell you they cannot get out, also they have given you the name of joseph since neither they or you know your name.

Ok thats what i have came up with for now later i will upload my demo and pics of the layout design.

does anyone want to help me design this game or make backgrounds/characters i really need the help i am incapable on my own.
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