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RoN:New case for Dodger Mulcox
« on: 09 Aug 2005, 12:14 »
So,this is second of 'Dodger's series' in production.
And this time story goes something like this:
There's a numerous information from RoN hospital about new,uncureable disease.It is described as 'number of cancerous growth protruding from the skin'.Dodger's friend Davy is infected for three days,and if Dodger doesn't find a kind of cure-Davy will die.

On work for this game i have help from Sektor 13 (upgraded graphics) and deviantartist  Tomi (

So far,the progres is this:

Story -100%

i'll post sequel to this topic when some more job is done!
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and the devil sends a beast with a wrath,coz he knows that a time was short!!!

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Re: RoN:New case for Dodger Mulcox
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