Author Topic: Hansen Hotel 2 and/or Holidays (It's about freakin' time!)  (Read 1128 times)

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Hey! OK, I finally decided to make a real sequel to the Hansen Hotel, and this time we're actually putting in an effort to make it a half-way challenging game. I'm reading up on the help file (there's some good stuff in there!) and making a lot of neat stuff. We're also re-coloring every single room in the game to make it look better. Unfortunately, I am still incapable of drawing animations, so would anyone be interested in helping to draw Character frames for me? Actually, I want to cut back on any work on me as possible, so ANY help is appreciated... just email me ( and tell me what you can provide to our little project. I could use testers, music people, script whizzes, you name it! I also need a snappy title for the game. Something like "Hansen Hotel 2: The Search for More Money", only relevant to the game, and not a rip off of Spaceballs. Here is a before and after shot of the games Hotel Hansen and Hansen Hotel 2:

Also, since we finally stopped doing nothing and decided to work on our games more, we're going to finish Holidays, but it's also a long ways from being finished, so again, any help is appreciated.

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