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Author Topic: X17 - demo out soon!  (Read 1280 times)

random dude

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X17 - demo out soon!
« on: 25 Aug 2005, 11:09 »
Im working on a demo for my game X17, but since my pc went crazy my colours are playing up and ive tryed evrything and their still messing up, so I'm making a really old version at first, with black and white backgrounds, and such... when i release the full game i will have fixed these problems, (i hope!) Ill share some of the storyline with you, without revealing too much:
Your name is shadow, ever since you saw the rest of your family gunned down by them, youve made it yor soul duty to kill all of the scorpion gang... in the demo you will have to break up a kidnapping, be betrayed by an old friends... kill the scorpion members along the way, all using your deadly prototype handgun, X17.  ;D

Hopefully ill get the demo out before the 1st of september, so far ive made erm...

characters--- around 20
inventory--- unfinished (very unfinished , lol)
rooms- several, with character scaling for inside of buildings, ect.
hotspots, regions, walkables- done
conversations- mostly done
scripiting -- kind of patchwork, some areas unfinished, some areas complete and working, some with errors
(not serious errors, just some stuff with hotspots, wont effect the game)
guis-- defaultgame, but adding a health bar gui
graphics-- see above (demo will use mostly stick figure style characters)

and... i seem to have some trouble posting screenshots....  :( :(
i do have quite a bit done though...  anyhoo, until my graphics are working properly, ignore how the demo looks and think about the storyline, when the pics are  fixed itll look awesome.


(some of your screenshots contain errors and won't display - darth)
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Re: X17 - demo out soon!
« Reply #1 on: 25 Aug 2005, 12:09 »
For screenshots, try this.
Make sure you upload them in PNG, GIF or JPEG format, other formats are either too large in general (like uncompressed BMP for example) or not always supported by all browsers (like PCX for example).

You need the screenshots, otherwise you can't post in this forum (read the rules.

Good luck with that! :D

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Re: X17 - demo out soon!
« Reply #2 on: 25 Aug 2005, 16:35 »
I've unlocked your thread ...

Some advice:  before running full speed ahead and posting, take a look at the sticky threads in each board ... particularly the forum rules.

random dude

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Re: X17 - demo out soon!
« Reply #3 on: 25 Aug 2005, 16:49 »
 ::) i did look at the rules but... its just me im an idiot, oh its a shame , one of the other screens is a good screen