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Do you want to pixel-edit your own fonts or need a special accented character for Icelandic dialogue?
Try this small FontEdit utility I wrote!

Supports reading and writing of SCI font files (font.*), AGS font files (*.wfn) and bitmaps (*.bmp), with regular editing tools and an outline generator. It's freeware, by the way. Enjoy! And bug reports welcomed, of course. I'll add TTF support if I have the time to figure out FreeType.

Note that I am well aware that SCI studio can edit fonts, but it's a lot bigger and crashes frequently, at least on my computer. As to which one is more userfriendly, ymmv.

Download here (40 kb Windows executable*)
Mirror (Thanks SSH!)

*Also works under Linux with WINE if you put a mfc42.dll in its directory

Looks like a great utility!
Will it allow me to edit any size of letter? The font overview seemed to be a fixed layout...

How are you supposed to change from black to white?
Is it the right mouse button to erase?

(I was just editing a font at the weekend, and experienced the horror of sci studio first hand. How can a program that has been "stable" for over a year still be so bad? I did manage to make my changes... eventually.)

* Steve suspects that release of this utility will see a renaissance of AGS games with custom fonts.

You can change any letter's size from 1x1 up to 64x64; if people really need bigger letters I suppose I could change that.
You switch a pixel's color by clicking on it (black to white or back), and can drag to make a group of pixels the same color; it's pretty intuitive (I think).

Great, it works for me now... and I'm playing with hitting the "outline" button 5 times  :)

This should be added to the resources page and referred to in the help file and faqs ASAP!

I'm sure 64x64 is enough, even for an 800x600 game.

One suggestion:
If the font is large enough to make the window exceed the screen width when in the font overview (quite easy to do on my 1600x1200 monitor) as a fix you could *not* zoom the letters.

Or implement a scrollbar :)

Outline is cool, but kind of unnecessary I think. Particularly when there's no way of undoing it!

Nice tool!


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