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LucasArts GUI Help Thread (NEW Scumm GUI Available!)

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Okay, three LucasArts GUI questions in a row is a sign.

Please post ALL LucasArts questions here, so that the threads will be easier to see and pick out. We will still continue to look at all remaining LucasArts GUI help threads, however. But after those, please post all questions here.

Thanks. :)

September 30, 2009 Update:
A new Scumm GUI, version 0.9, created by abstauber, is available here:

June 7th, 2006: The download for the 2.71 version is at thanks to SSH. It should also be compatable with the current 2.72 beta, but post any problems here.

{September 20th, 2005 Super Edit: The download for the 2.7 version is at with special thanks to Lazarus}

[Early 2005 Edit]Most GUI questions posted here will be in reference to Proskritos' GUI's which can be downloaded from here:
As of July 2005, we suggest using an older version of AGS to go with these templates and GUIs, as they were compiled with an older version of AGS. We suggest 2.62

so let's use the officcial LucasArts Gui Thread now  ;D
My problem seems pretty stupid. I got the GUI at
and whenever I try to use them as a template, my AGS will tell me, that these templates where made with a newer version of AGS than I have and I cannot use them with my version. But I have 2.55! What is wrong? Sniff  ???

The templates were last edited with a beta version :-\ sorry.
you will need that.


what code would I attach to make a walk to command on a Lucasarts type inventory bar. I already have the icon made.

Reno Caspain:

The LucasArts GUI I'm using defines the extended buttons with SetGlobalVariable(80), and I'd need to use the "If variable is set to a specific value" conditional to find out what action was used. How do I get the value of the variable in CONDITIONAL-statement of the interactions editor?

I've tried setting the conditional to "if (GetGlobalVariable(80)==4".

Bigcitynerd: Use the SetCursorMode command to set the cursormode 1, the same way its used in the default GUI.


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