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James Peris 2
« on: 02 Jun 2006, 19:24 »
JAMES PERIS 2 is in producion.
The Demo version will be aviable in Summer 2006

More information at official website: http://www.lacosaweb.com/jamesperis


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
    • I can help with characters
    • I can help with making music
    • I can help with play testing
    • I can help with story design
    • I can help with translating
    • I can help with voice acting
Re: James Peris 2
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looks quite nice. I just wish youd post the plot and at least 2 screenies here, just to keep in the rules...

Anywho, I checked into that website... You know, this:
Qué tiene de nuevo: Arreglados todos los errores encontrados. Disponibilidad para jugar en español y en inglés. Menú interactivo de instalación.
Could be as good as: "I love my mother, I hope she is holding a stump so I can take it and meka woody juice of it, incase my shoes are broken."

ehm, I of course mean that I don't understand the language, and I have a good feeling that I speak for most of the people around here... :P

THough I have to salute you, starting a new game the minute the old one is done. I wish everyone did that :D
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