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Will work for snazzy graphics ;)

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How about knightsquire find himself in the possition of loosing his job since the king needs to cut back on knights in his pay due to not much money comming in from taxes. This is because of giants in the hills who eat the mountain goats that supply the goats milk to the market place, the sea monster who is attacking the fishermen and maybe a few other interesting things. Naturally its up to the knight to save the kingdom.


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Add to that a bit of snow and a festival in the kingdom and you're also in line for december's MAGS. But I don't think finding a quest for the Knight and Squire is what will give you a lot of trouble since they could perfectly well be simple, overused and cliché and it would still be a charming adventure. Puzzles is what will surely give you more trouble.

I'd like to thank you, your cute little game gave me a sudden urge to play again Goblins 1 & 2 and Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2, the second one I just finished for the first time last week-end. I'll probably line up the Discworlds pretty soon since I'm in a fantasy setting mood these days. :)

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JUst played through this after playing Family Treasure and i have to say you have some talent  :) Superb visuals and music, great story and a bit of humour. Can't wait for Family Treasure 2 and that "medium to full length" game since i know it will be superb

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Thanks for playing guys :)

Da_Elf: That's some pretty cool ideas :) When need be I shall steal your imagination, now go on with your ideas and add puzzles  :D

Blueskirt: Thanks! Discworld 1 remains a favourite for me too!

butters: Thanks! You are very kind.

EDIT: da_elf and blueskirt, I wish I had this kinda help when designing my games :D I always find it hard to get ideas haha. Fortunately for me the two games I am working on both have 100% story and puzzles. Looking forward to your game in production, da_elf!
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Good game!! I haven't played it But it's right good thanks fot making it.


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Another valuable lesson on why one shouldn't smoke crack...


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your not the only one looking forward to me finishing my game. im looking forward to finishing it too hehehe. im about 30% through stage 2 of 5 stages

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Lovely game, was shorter than family treasure but still a great friday night game :)


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Wow, Buloght, nice! That was fun, cute, excellent graphics, nice and appropriate music... good job! I really, honestly enjoyed that ^_^ I liked the length, personally. It was just long enough to be worth it but also easily finishable in one sitting.

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Looks great great, cant wait to play it. The screenshot made me smile, it looks like GOBBLIINS!!! You made me happy.


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Im Stuck;

The squire is on the roof and has cut the flagpole, now what?



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Take a look at this thread and see if the awnser is there. If not, please post in that thread  :)