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MODULES: BattleShips v0.1
« on: 02 Aug 2006, 22:39 »

Version History:
V 0.1 - Current (And first) Version

For the game that has everything, why not include a Battle Ships game?

Point, Click, BOOM! Click for a larger version

The full download contains:
* A demonstration game (as featured in the above screenshot)
* An html manual with pictures
* Two modules for inclusion in your game.

(Two, because one is a separate 'home' for some individual variables. You can freely edit this without needing to edit the module o functions. Both are open for examination.)

At the moment, the modules and documentation enclosed detail the bare minimum for how to construct such a game.

Issues that need to be addressed:
* Improve the AI.
* ‘Standardise' the module according to the script module guidelines.
* DynamicSprites are not deleted before the game is finished.
* Bundled demo game isn't open source. An open version will follow soon.
* Header information for the modules needs a layout that isn't obviously stolen from inspired by one of SSH's modules.

Additional Improvements possible:
* Different sized ships
* Different rules
* Different ships (Graphics-wise) for each side
* Maybe, sometime, you'll be able to have oddly-shaped ships. (Think about the “Battle Cruiser” game from Space Quest V.)

Have fun with this, and let me know any problems or suggestions.


Individual Downloads:
Download Manual only
Download Modules only
Download Demo only
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Re: MODULES: BattleShips v0.1
« Reply #1 on: 04 Aug 2006, 12:26 »
Cool, a battleships game that you can include in your own game as a minigame. My only problem with this is that if a bunch of people release a game with this module, it could get boring pretty quick. Anyway I'll add it to my website later.