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Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« on: 21 Apr 2004, 00:20 »
Being a newbie myself , I request that this be stickied so that future newbies can have a place to meet and maybe help each other out.

Self Intro
Hello , my name is Karessa but I prefer to be known as Kara. I would give out my last name but my parents made a big deal about it. *sighs* I'm 24 , what's the big deal with giving out my last name...you all put it in your email accounts even though you should know better! Oh , sorry , got off topic there. Any way ,  I'm interested in AGS because I love classic gaming and I grew up with things like Atari , Sierra's older stuff ,  interactive fiction , ect.
I am interested in many other things too , so if you ever want to talk about Anime or dolls , please drop me a PM or email some time!
I am an amateur programmer , artist , and I wish I could sing and make awesome music too.
I don't have any instruments yet ( I used to have a few but lost them ) but hope someday to be in a band or some thing , even if only for a little while.
My full given name online is Kara Ann Vortex.
I was born in Germany in 1979 ( which of course means that I grew up in the 80's ....woo hoo! )
I was into Anime back when I didn't even know there was a name for it and it wasn't as popular as it is today.
I was there ( but not "there there" if that makes any sense ) when the Berlin wall , aka Iron Curtain came down.
My father was in the army and now he's a postal worker.
So don't tick me off or I'll find out where you live and complain to my daddy. j/k lol
Yes , at my age I still usually refer to my dad as Daddy. I'll hurt anybody who makes fun of me for that. ;-P
I now live in beautiful washington state.
I guess that's it.
Sorry if you thought any of this little speech was boring.

Important Areas and Non-Forum Help

Rules For General

Rules For AGS In Progress


Adventure Relate / Help With Game Creation

 "I noticed the small things either not in the manual or easy to miss."
Tidbits and Snippets
How To Post A Screenshot
( bitmaps usually don't work on the internet ,
so please stop doing that with your pics...this
goes for non-AGS related art too )
C++ Related

Technical Areas

General - We are here.
Look around , especially at the other stickies before posting! ( ok..so I jumped in with my posts without spending tons
of time researching the forums but
I also read the stickies and stuff )

Hints and Tips

Games In Progress , Demos , Finished Games , ect.

Various information:
The AGS-dictionary

People's Pictures
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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #1 on: 21 Apr 2004, 08:21 »
Sorry, but I just don't get what the point of this thread would be... seeing as you've just provided links to the other parts of the forums, and to the READ ME FIRST! kinda threads in those boards...

If they are too stupid not to look at them in the first place, why would they go to a thread designated for them to go to those threads? :-\
Because most  newbies tend to look in forums like general first , right?

I've seen threads like this in other forums and it's perfectly acceptable , what's so wrong with posting a list of links?
I'm sorry if it's not very useful , because it's supposed to be , that's why I made it!
Like it states in the title , it's about newbies helping newbies ...sure I don't have much to contribute yet other than a list of the important threads and so on , but I thought it was a great idea since I've seen things like this elsewhere and newbies did make use of it!

Simple barebones BGs  - some using "perspective" ( which is why things look a bit square or whatever ..but it's supposed to look a bit more realistic than the simple flatliner despite still cartoony quality BG. )

And of course I'll post more exciting versions of them later but I still wanted to show off the barebones 'cause I think even basics are fun.  I did a city thing with one of 'em but haven't added any lamp posts or anything like that because I just wanted to do something for fun and show it off quickly...
Hopefully coming soon , bird's eye view / map and other "perspective" type BGs.
I'm not sure why anyone would , since they're basic , but feel free to use 'em in your own games if you like! I'll try to make something better for you all to use eventually. Also feel free to use Stonehenge. I'll post the link to the thread where you can find that ...sometime.
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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #2 on: 21 Apr 2004, 09:33 »
"Its looking better now. Also, this would probably make the thread easier to read, instead of putting a heading above the link you can use: [ url=http://site.com]Type stuff here[/url ]"

Oh , duh! *slaps forehead* Thank you very much.
*laughs at herself*

BTW I love the Grandpa DG thing. Very funny.

*growls at coding* Well , I tried your

[ url=http://site.com]Type stuff here[/url ]

suggestion and it didn't work , I used it similar to the way you typed it and tried it with "

hmmm I just thought of something else and will try it...
I didn't see any rules about not using html coding so hopefully this time it'll work.

*sighs* That didn't work either.

I tried all possible ways to list a url without that annoying "seperate the title" thing but nothing worked , I will keep trying though because you all are right , they do look better that way.
Sorry to go into stupid newbie mode again , but who is Mara and what does that have to do with my thread?
Just confused / curious.

Some more previews.
The first one lacks a cityscape / other interesting details 'cause I haven't made any cityscapes and am still working on the city scenes...
I didn't use any PSP filters or anything in these unlike one of my earlier previews so you can see how I can draw an elaborate pattern myself.

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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #3 on: 21 Apr 2004, 09:39 »
Message deleted.
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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #4 on: 21 Apr 2004, 09:54 »
Hm. Maybe I should come to this post more often. Even though I've been around Ags since it first came out I have still not made a game, I rarely post, and other stuff. So I guess one would call me a novice when regarding the actual use and learning Ags.
I agree , you aren't a newbie if you've been around since it first came out , even if you haven't done much. I don't mind people calling me a newbie , but I agree with the idea that thinking as just anybody = newbie would be bad.  
It should go without "saying" , but even though this thread is intended for newbies , all are welcome! Novice , Intermediate , Advanced , ect. Doesn't matter. I'd still love to see a post from you! Even if it's just to stop by and chat about a game idea or some thing.
I read somewhere ( I really need to find that again so I can post it in here ) that Chris himself hasn't made any other games besides Demo Quest but it's only because he's so busy , so of course calling him a newbie just for not making more games would be a very bad idea!  ;-D
Try thinking forwards then backwards then forwards again.
It's fun.
And try speaking english backwards. It's funny.
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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #5 on: 21 Apr 2004, 10:42 »
Message deleted.
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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #6 on: 21 Apr 2004, 10:51 »
Oh , yeah , I visited there for a little while , guess I just forgot about that site. Whoops.

Arg , I keep having problems with using the forum itself...lol ( *blush and sigh* )

Any way , I don't know why but this weird little guy showed up in a bathroom tile so I just had to draw him.
I think he'd fit right in as an AGS character.
What do you think?
Sorry there's no body yet but I haven't started on that...
was in a hurry to show him off.

Guess I have to copy and paste the coding , otherwise when I try it , it doesn't work. Hmm. lol
Anyway , yay , I'll be able to post screenshots and stuff now!

Strange , that avatar I made for the forums doesn't look good here...I'll make a new one.

I don't know why the first post has spaces now in the parts where there shouldn't be...any way , I figured out how to get the links working like the way E. had them , sorry about earlier. I have to copy and paste just to get the stupid things to work. The spaces underneath "main" links ...I forget where...some where towards the bottom I think , anyway , yeah , those are on purpose but the ones at the top aren't and no matter I did , I couldn't fix them.
So...when I look at the actual coding it looks the way it's supposed to yet for the rest of you it looks like it has blank spaces or something...sorry about that.
I'm not feeling well , it's one of those "girl things" so I don't want to talk about it , sorry if you have any questions for me or some thing and I don't answer you as fast as you'd like ....but I'm not feeling well. Also , I'll be over at my mom's for a while ,  if I don't get on much lately I'm either sleeping or busy with other things or can't get their computers to work , ect. Last time I checked the computers were working but at the same time supposedly had viruses but you never know sometimes. Peace out and party on.
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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #7 on: 21 Apr 2004, 10:53 »

And of course, don't miss the Tex Murphy games. ;D
That's where one the games is called "Mean Streets" , right? I love those games! Well , game. I haven't played the others....yet. Actually , I had a love-hate thing for MS but any way it's been a long time since I played it...
Chris made those?! o.O ( *is a tad confused* )
Thanks for the help EvenWolf. I don't know why I can't get the links to work like that when I try to post them correctly but it's a big help that you reposted them that way.
Ok , here's the link to my other thread , 
free Stonehenge BG inside!
I love it and it's already being used in Centaur Mania.
Centaur Mania and other game ideas / related chat

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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #8 on: 30 Apr 2004, 19:37 »
*sighs* This isn't going well , is it?

Any way , I still hope people are checking this thread out , even if they don't have any comments for it.

If any fellow newbies are reading , please post something!

As for me , since this is my thread and this is in general and this is about helping newbies , I hope nobody minds me giving language translation help in here....
It should be fairly obvious what languages I'm translating but I'll provide the names just in case.
If you wanna learn some naughty / curse words in other languages , please pm or email me.
I know alot of these are simple phrases / words but you'd be surprised at how some people don't even know simple phrases like "and" in other languages.
I apoligize if anything stated isn't very accurate but some things I got from other places so if I'm wrong it's because the source was wrong so please don't gripe me out about it.

Auchtung : Attention / warning. ( German )

Drei : Three. ( German )

Kawaii : Cute.  ( Japanese / Otaku speak )

L33t : Annoying "hacker speak" / some sort of net speak that means elite or leet.

Tet - a - tet (sp.) : Head to head ( a private conversation ) ...French.

Everyone should know Aloha , but it supposedly has three different meanings ( hello...I love you...goodbye )

Und : And. ( German )

Hola : Hello ( Spanish )

Ohana : Family ( learned from Lilo and Stitch ...hahaha...Hawaiin )

Espanol : Spanish ( aka En Espanol ..which would mean...In Spanish )

Ohiya (sp.) : Hello ( Japanese )

Yamate! : Stop! ( Japanese..you say it like "ya ma tay" )

Konnichiwa : Hello ( Japanese )

Viel Danke / Dankeshon : Thank you very much.  ( German )

Bitte : You're welcome. ( German )

Spiel : Game. ( German )

Himmel : Heaven ( German )

Mein / Mien : My / mine  ( German )

Schalf : House ( though at least one person thinks it means sleep...so I could be wrong....lol )

Gott : God ( German )

Drachen : Dragon ( German )

Gomen : Sorry ( Japanese )

Tres Bien : Very good. ( French )

Gomen Nasai : Very sorry ( Japanese )

Au Revoire (sp.?) : Goodbye! ( French )

Nani? : What? / Huh? ( Japanese )

Engel : Angel ( German )

Du Hast : You hate ( supposedly this means something else because this is from the song by Rammstein and different people have posted different things. *sighs* I'll try to remember to find the other meaning again and post it here. )

Ja'mapple (sp.) : My name is ( French )

Guten Tag : It means something like good day or good evening.  ( German )

Neko : Cat ( Japanese )

Gut Morgen : Good morning. ( German )

Anime : Japanese animation. ( Please do not call it Japanimation! )  Otaku speak / Japanese.

Das ist Gut : That is good. ( German )

Manga : Japanese comics. ( Otaku speak / Japanese )

Zher Gut : Very good. ( German )

Otaku : Means different things , "you" ..."fan"...."house / home" , ect. When talking of people though , it of course means fan. Bad idea to use it over in Japan but oddly enough has become a proud 'n popular thing in America.
( Japanese )

Erin Go Brah (sp.) : I think it means something like "May the wind always be at your back." ( Irish )

Other notes :
The difference between "Asian" and "Oriental" ..."Asian" is what you'd call a person native to Asia , it's considered an insult to call one an Oriental. The food is what you'd call Oriental.  If I remember correctly , "Oriental" is also appropiate for describing culture.  So , "Asian" and "Oriental" could be describing culture but it's considered an insult to call Asians Oriental.

Most / all of the time , when you speak German , if you're trying to pronounce a word that starts with W , say it like it's V. In example , "auf weidersein" would be said some thing like "ow vee dah sane"

I forget what some phrases mean , for example....Habla.

I once saw on television that you say "Manga" like "Monga" instead of saying it like "Mainga" . I don't know how accurate it is but why would they lie about some thing like that? And you say "Anime" kinda like "Annie may" / "Anna may"

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Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #9 on: 30 Apr 2004, 20:05 »
Like I may have stated already , I'm not very good at the spelling part when it comes to German stuff but I understand a little and I think I sound good and know how to say some things correctly. In fact I just made a wave file of me reciting the poem from the first Gabriel Knight game , Sins of the father(s).

I thought I had put up the link to the AGS dictionary but it's possible that I didn't so thanks again for that.

 :-[ :)

I love this poem.
Drei Drachen
Drei drachen kriechen en meinen schlaff.
Die seele' woll'n sie lebendig zum frass.
Feurigen atems gespaltener zunge,
geniessen sie jedes mahl.

Translations :
Three dragons
Three dragons in my house / creep in my sleep
They want to devour my soul
With fiery breath and split tongues
They enjoy every meal.

Three dragons
Three dragons creep in my sleep
They want to eat my soul alive / my live soul
With fiery breath and forked tongues
They enjoy every meal.
Oh , Mara could be "Kara" , just with the wrong first letter.
lol I didn't know anbody was "yellling" at me....hmmm...
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Re: Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
« Reply #10 on: 02 May 2004, 20:10 »
This is sad. I don't really know any other newbies and the only other newbie I even bothered to pm hasn't sent a reply back.
Hey , anyone know how often Gravity checks his pms? I've sent him a little note recently and that probably makes my second one and he seemed to be saying that it's ok to pm him so I was wondering why he hasn't replied yet. *laughs*
Whoa. The name of the thread changed and I didn't do it.
 :o :D
Great news! It has been a long time since I've drawn something like it , but the "perspective" BG templates I've made thus far are looking good , even though they have no extras to make 'em mighty fine ala screenshot in the usual "previews" way....the skeletons /
barebones are looking good!
*happy* I just remembered a tutorial I had skimmed over and I was trying to imitate the two pictures by memory and it worked! Well , the second one is a bit different from the second in the tut. but it still looks good.  I didn't even use photograph / desktop wallpaper for BG ...I am doing this stuff pixel by pixel with mouse! ( I have a wacom but my stylus is packed away somewhere and the wacom needs a new plastic cover thingie anyway....arg...why are those things so easy to dirty and tear up? Wacom takes a bit of getting used to anyway and even wacom can be hard for me.  )
Thanks everyone for posting and keep 'em coming.
I'm sure I'm probably not the only newcomer that appreciates the explanation , DragonRose. Thank you very much , I was like "Um , ok." *confused look* when I saw that stalker thing the first time. *laughs*
Unfortunately , still snails pace for animations and characters yet.. Sorry.  Oh , duh , and I need to make more objects too. *huggles Blue cup from her avatar that she made* But that wouldn't mean I love you any less , Blue cup! 
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #11 on: 04 May 2004, 23:19 »
Hello! I got start with AGS about 2 weeks ago, and have been loving it since. 5 Days a Stranger is incredible. Anyways, I'm also a rockstar. I'm the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band Without Number. And I think thats all you need to know about me.... yep.


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #12 on: 05 May 2004, 00:55 »
Hello.  Started downloading from AGS about 2 weeks ago due to computer refusing to recognise anything remotely shaped like a CD-Rom, and an insatiable need for Lucas Arts style entertainment.  In short (about 5'4) I'm 29, a mother, a musician.  There, bet you could pick me out of a crowd now... Steph.

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #13 on: 05 May 2004, 04:24 »
Hey, been registered for about a week, lurking for a couple months, posted around a bit, just thought I'd post up with the other newbies. Hope to be around for a while, and I may even make a game, eventually.
I know what you're thinking ... Don't think that.

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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #14 on: 05 May 2004, 10:49 »
Yay! Welcome , welcome. I am happy to see that I'm no longer the only newcomer posting.
Thanks Pumaman!
Yeah , 5 days a stranger is one of my favorite AGS games , recently I've been reaquainting myself with the RON series and so far my favorite is A Better Mousetrap , I had trouble near the end but eventually got past it and now I love it. *laughs*
I can't wait to hear your music and play your game(s).
As for my own attempts at a game , right now I'm not really doing much but I'm sometimes trying things out and learning stuff , I even got my first offer already to maybe help work on something for somebody else's game.  I have alot of ideas that I hope someday will become actual games.  I'll post the link to that thread later.
Best wishs , everybody!

Lancer Advanced

( man ...I wish I could draw like that ...whoops..edited due to a block...anyway , I was wanting to show people a cool centaur babe but now you'll have to find it yourself since there's a block if you link directly to the pics. Sorry. )

Oh , my site is really old , alot of stuff hasn't been updated , I apoligize for the areas that are messy and any problems you have navigating around the site , but for the most part it shouldn't be too hard to get around and I hope you like how I tried to follow the old "content , content , content" rule. It's a "personal" ( uh..."me me me" type I guess )  site , sorry for the lack of warning earlier. *laughs* However , there are game related areas there and soon I'll be adding the AGS area so keep your eyes open and I apoligize in advance if I end up not putting it up as quickly as I promised.

The Road To Nowhere

What's txt-style spelling?

I had to remove a link due to the fact that it no longer worked.
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #15 on: 06 May 2004, 10:15 »
Hello. I've been using AGS for a while now and been reading these forums quite often. Oh, and of course, I've been stalking CJ since last summer (how many of you true AGSrs can say that?) Yet I decided to join the forums not until yesterday.

My English is poor, I usually got nothing relevant to say, I will use 1337speak, I've got no sense of humor and most of the time I'm a self-centered moron. Ok, just kidding. I don't use leetspeak.

I enjoy playing adventure games (who doesn't?) and once tried to make one with my friend. Naturally I didn't know about AGS back then and got stuck trying to write a complicated scripting language with C++. Needless to say that project was cancelled. When I later saw all the stuff you can do with AGS, I was amazed and pissed off, actually I heard myself saying:"WHy hadnT I heRAd about ThIS earlieR??!?!?11"

Yep, well, see you on the forums.
Yes, well, I really didn't have anything to say about that anyway...

Steven Edward

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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #16 on: 07 May 2004, 06:15 »
Well, hello there.

I'm Steve. I have a strange sense of humour and I'm Canadian. I also like giraffes, long walks in the park, and not falling down in public.

I discovered AGS while fondly remembering what fun Monkey Island and King's Quest were. My best friend is encouraging me to give the program a shot for a new hobby, since I've been editing a 1995 LucasArts game (does anybody remember the original Dark Forces?) and I hope to produce the most totally rediculous and odd detective game evah!

I'm settling into the editor itself and learning to code quite nicely, and I have no questions of any urgency at this time. (Imagine that.) I'm the kind of person who actually reads all through the knowledge base, tries to figure out a problem logically, and reads the help before posting questions, so you probably won't hear a lot from me in that respect.

So! I trust this is the start of a beautiful friendship. You can contact me freely. I like to meet new people online.  ;D

And I'll destroy any credibility I may have given myself by adding to this message "hi I'm stv lol howz it goin boyz peace owt stv"

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #17 on: 09 May 2004, 23:30 »
'lo there.
im a Sierra QFG fan, 24 yeards old, love to draw(pen&paper), studying atm -> programing and coding, a friend was asking me for a utility to make some qfg sequel so i googled my way in here. Nice to c u all in here, hopefully i will make some new friends ;)

btw i like anime and manga and do draw it ocasionally.



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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #18 on: 15 May 2004, 06:52 »
Hiya all, I have been coming here for a bit now and I thought I'd finally register and introduce myself. I found this site by way off the geek forums and am sure glad I did. If I hadn't I might actual have to go outside to amuse myself. ;)
 My name's Laurie and I am a 24 year old student in Ontario, Canada. I love to draw, paint and write. I enjoy playing video games and watching horror movies. I am new to using the computer so I haven't delved into making games just yet but I have to say I am really impressed by the quality of the ones I have played thus far. Keep on making them and I'll keep playing. Cheers, B.
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #19 on: 15 May 2004, 19:10 »
Batgirl... What city in Ontario do you live in?

It's nice to meet another person who lives in Canada. :)