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I decided to do a brand new post with all infomation from CJ, C_leks, Dark Stalkey, and myself. Moderators, feel free to edit or add anything that's needs to be added to this post.

This is the big off-topic forum where everything not related to AGS and adventure games goes.

Before posting here, I urge you to make a game or some contribution to someone else's game. The General Forum is a place for adventure game CREATORS to talk about non-adventure stuff -- please respect that and understand that you must earn a place here.

It's pretty much a free-for-all, but there are a few important rules you should bear in mind:
- Think before you post. We do have to pay for these forums upkeep, and pointless posts waste bandwidth and money. So, before you hit that "Post" button, consider whether you're really adding anything to the conversation.
- Respect other people. This goes for old timers and newcomers. People need to earn respect before their opinion can be taken seriously and also should respect many of the people who made the games that built this community. Old timers to the AGS forums also need to respect the opinions new people when they've gained some trust. However, this trust between old people and new people can be taken away if new people abuse the trust of the older folk. E.g. Over-posting without releasing a game. We know it's fun and exciting when you discover something new, like AGS, but out of respect for people who have more experience here, please do NOT over-post. Instead, finish your games (or contribute to the game making process). Also, we regularly cover topics from the very serious to the very silly, but whatever the issue, if you disagree with someone, calmly explain why you think differently. Name-calling and swearing at people will not be tolerated.
- Warn people in the thread title if there is any adult content in your post. For example, if you posted a link to a porn site for a legitimate reason, always add some text like "(Warning Adult Content)" to the thread title so that people who are easily offended can simply not read the thread.

Above all, have fun!

Common sense rules - we shouldn't have to tell you these!

1. Don't quote a huge post to add one line - quote only the relevant bits
2. If your signature is longer than your post, one or the other has not been thought through. Don't put a huge image in your signature that makes the forums hard to read for everyone else.
3. Check existing topics before creating a new one - we don't need 40 pages of topics.
4. Don't double post. The edit button is there for a reason. Use it.
5. You are using a computer keyboard, not a mobile phone pad - use it as such, as that saves us from deciphering what the hell it is you're trying to say. "i c u r 2 kool 4 me" style writing will result in you being beaten repeatedly with a sharp stick.
6. Please do not discuss warez here. Abandonware discussion is okay because abandonware is unsupported. If you want warez, go find it yourself. Or better yet, buy the bloody game.
7. No spam or ads -- They will be deleted.
8. Do not go overboard on posting -- you do not have to start making new threads on everything that comes to your mind and you do not have to reply to every single thread. The forums are not your toy. The General forum is not your soapbox. To post here is something you must earn. If you haven't made any games or game contributions, post minimally until you do. And instead of replying here, finish your game first, because people are more likely to take your posts seriously if you make/contribute to a good game.
9. If you have a problem with someone, send them an instant message and tell them to stop whatever it is that's causing your lack-of-sleep. If the problem persists, see a moderator or Chris Jones.

We try to be fair in our decisions on locking certain posts that violate the above -- if you have a problem with a locked post, please private message one of the moderators and explain why you think it should be unlocked.

Have fun, be excellent to one another and party on, dudes!  8)
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