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Hello!  I am brand, spankin' new to AGS and am still going through the tutorials.  I was so delighted to find this board and the listings for more tutorials and help that are posted.  I promise I will only ask for help after I have tried to figure stuff out on my own, using the manual and the links you all have provided!

I live in Texas, am old and married with 2 kids.  I remember when the Sierra-style games were all there were and miss them terribly.  I have really enjoyed the freeware games created by others using the AGS system (as well as others) and decided to take the plunge myself.  I gathered that AGS was the easiest for beginners (and the results of some of your games definitely do NOT look or play like beginner games!) and so here I am.


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Hi all!

I didn't see there was a post to introduce yourself so let me do it now:
I'm Chronos a 22 yo coder willing to make his own game(and finish it).
AGS is awsome i really love it, and you guys are very creative and productive, i really enjoy playing the games you make.
I hope you won't be too harsh with me and my work  :P

Have fun!


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My name is Lauren--but just call me Effy. Hmm, I'm 15 and I just joined, although I've been playing AGS games for quite a long time now, a year maybe. Err. I have a pygmy goat named Penelope, and she's the most beautiful thing ever. No, I don't live on a farm, I'm actually in a development. I'm from somewhereinoceancounty, NJ, in USA. I love adventure games, and sometimes, you just can't find good ones anymore; whihc is why I like this place. Hopefully you niftykeen people will accept me? Make it more pleasant. I'll try not to act so very very 15. I can be intelligent if I feel like it.


Hello! I started to use ags about a week ago. I registered me in the forums today. I'm going through the tutorials too. In the same time i practice my art. ;) I live in sweden... I'm making a website with html script, and there are some tutorials so i can get started but they are all in swedish.  :-\

To webdesign school (There is some other tutorials too, not only html script...Very good site)

To javascript.nu (Sounds like only javascript, but there is html script too.)

I'm making some html tutorials too, they will be in english.

Edit: I'm 15 years old.
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Im new to the forums, but I've been around AGS for about 2 years. The first adventure game I ever played was Monkey Island. I liked the style of the game, but not the storyline, so I searched for some more games like it. Then I found the AGS site, but I overlooked its true awesomeness so I tried to make a game with Adventure Game Maker instead. I couldn't do animation well on it so I soon gave that up and tried Text Adventures. I don't know much coding, html, or C++ so that ended rather quickly. Finally I came back to AGS and discovered the real world of computer gaming. After a year or so I figured I could try to make my own game again. So that leaves me here.

By the way, I am not only a n00b (and I don't mind calling myself that), but I am also a very young n00b (14). But I figure I should start young or by the time I finish my game I will be too old to care. :-\

Capn MucousArts

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 YARR!! Well,hello every...tis not my evil twin Capn Mucous j Arts speakin...just plain ol mucous :)
 Nothin much to say cept for that im Nishit...a 15 year old boy with a dream(*ahem*)...to make the greatest Game Mankind(and the rest..)has  EVER seen. 8)
 I love adventure games(all LA stuff n more)...umm reading novels...science/fiction stuff...movies...and admiring myself in the mirror...umm...what else...I really love this whole "AGS idea".
 May the best of luck be with u all...ciao`

PS:forgot to mention me dwells in sylvan India ;D
(wonder if there's any1 else from back here... ???)


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Hi there

Why Im here? I dont know, Im not n00b :p

So, Im 23 near 24 :( 1980 :rulez:
I live in Rome, Italy I think you heard about it ;)

and...umh... At the moment I have 1/2 and 1/2 project, not 1 :(

Im here because a friend [ awesome designer ] has thinked that he want make an adventure game! but with the code he sux lol
and he asked me to find something to create a game! his first idea was director, my first idea flash. but now Im here to make a game with AGS !!!1

I have made a game with roger and eric ahah but not funny :p just a try to learn how to use ags editor.

BOOOM returning to bomb, 1/2 is because the story is ready, the graphic on work, and Im waiting to create something with it.

Current Team Members
Me [ "coder" ]

1/2 is for my personal project, I have some idea but I dont have the story :(

Current Team Members
Me [ "coder" ]
Me [ Designer ]
Me [ Writer ]

umh no more to say

oh yes Im on #ags, someone know me ^^

Bye Bye all


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Hi my name is Rikki ive had ags since october of last year but only joined the forum a few days ago.
I have downloaded a few ags games and made a test game of my own.
I'll post again soon with news of my first project, just wanted to say hi.


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I am 29 and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I started playing text adventures as a kid and progress to the point and clickers soon after. I have played most of the sierra quest games and lsl. My big love has to be the Lucasarts adventures. From Loom to MI4 and everthing in between. I am new to this community and have just downloaded AGS. I have been playing around with the editor and although have no experience with programing, it doesn't look too intimidating. I am a cartoonist and I play the trumpet. I have a couple of ideas for games that need developed. Watch this space.

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hi, I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Actually Sao Paulo shouldn't be written the way I did, it's supposed to be São Paulo, but this character must be strange on europe-usa computers)
First of all, i want to set my flag on South America map, 'coz there's no one from Sao Paulo in there, even if there're brazilians there.
Second, i do not love games. I just like them. I'm not a eletronic games fanatic, nor a cartoon fanatic. I think there's only two things I really love: music and soccer (even if I play really bad). About music, i like lots of stuff, but i keep myself in the alternative rock scene. My favorite band is The Clash, but i do like Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, Husker Du, Minutemen, Ramones, The Jam, fIREHOSE, Weezer, Cheap Trick, NY Ska Jazz Ensemblem (and similars), The Specials, etc. I'd talk about some brazilians bands, but everything people knows about brazilian music is bossa nova (i hate it, it's a elitist style of music).
Third, I must admit that adventure games are really incredible, 'cause it let's the creator of the game, develop any kind of situation, any story, any plot, from a stylish funny cartoon, to a cold wars plot against usa (yeah, i do hate usa government, actual and past ones, but i guess i can't be blamed for that).

I guess one of the reasons for me to hate so much the elits, and lots of other stuffs, is the fact that i'm still a teenager (sixteen and a half). Also i've been certainly influenced by Orwell-Camus literature. Actually I'd like to use the 1984 plot to make an adventure game, but i guess that's kind hard for a newbie like me.
In fact, i didn't even installed the AGS yet on my computer. I downloaded it a couple of days ago, less then a week.

My first adventure game is going to be related to a teenage kid, kind of a rebel, that hates his government, a high school student that have pretty good grades, but it's not a nerd geek, etc. I'll try to use comedy, but making all the sprites for that, is going to be really hard.
Any time I need help I'll come here (of course, after checking the Know-How).
I have a little experience on flash action script, that's really similar to visual basic. I took a look at the tutorials, and the AGS script seemed simple, but you never know, right?
I also have experience with html, and webdesign-graphics, i guess this might help me.

Well, I guess I already wrote enough. I'm off now.


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hello everyone!
My name is Ted Jonsson and are from Eskilstuna in sweden.
I like this fun program. I'm trying making an own game but i'm VERY bad on graphics! :'(
Please help me! I'm searching for any program to make own fonts with and i'm trying making own language in the game. I trying making swedish language but it seemed not working at all! Can anyone give hints to make it out?
I would be very happy! I've downloaded a example-map with differents BG, small characters, music and sfx. it has space theme. if anyone like to contact me then it's allright! i like read emails and get new friends, bye from me ;D


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Deviant amongst ...
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     Been using AGS for some time now, at least, "playing around with it."  Been playing these types of games for a long time... and found this site by accident when looking for this style of games to play... quite happily at that!
     Been called many names in my life, most common are either Fallen Eden or the "Scriptease" or t. Wolfox sR Rhose, which when able I fully intend to change my legal name to, so that's what I prefer to go by.  I'm a bit of a deviant at times... at the very least an "unusual personage."  Or so I've been told?  I also write poetry and am a novel, cinema, and music fanatic.  At any rate, I babble quite incoherently at times!  I've made claims to be a fallen god, an alien, and the son of a sasquatch ... all of which I claim to be true!
     At any rate, I'm using my excessive imagination and 8-track mind to design and create a game based upon my deviant and oftimes un-"PC" ideas... which so far my friend and girlfriend think is merely another touch of my supposed insanity.
     And my mother is a sasquatch... either that, or a mutated caterpillar with a cleanliness fetish.

t. Wolfox sR Rhose, the "Scriptease"

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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So umm... im new here and uh... so im just one of those everyday males between the age of 16 and 17 who refuse to stand up from their computer, go out, live... and... other stuff. (guess whats my hobby :P )
Hmm... i guess im the first one here from hungary (do i win a prize if i am? :) )


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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im a newbie.

i know nothing so im stuck lol on everything.

i actually WAS on to my third room, so it really wasn't going that bad.

my damn hard drive gave out.

its dead

so anyway just saying hi

names richie. 18. from yorkshire so


Re:Newbies unite! / Newbies helping each other.
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Hello everyone!

I downloaded AGS three months ago, but never really used it. Now i have a little bit of time and finally want to start making my first game, so I registered at the forum today.  Then, I found this wonderful thread and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce myself. Well, I'm 17 years old, female and live in Cologne, Germany. Right now, I'm a student, but I'll finish school next year  ;D. Then, I want to become a sound engineer. That's all about me basically...

I really don't wanna be a smart-ass and I don't want to offend anyone, but I read this thread and found Queen Kara's German translations and thought it might be helpful to make a few remarks on them, not much, because they are really good  :D

Auchtung : Attention / warning. ( German )
It's "Achtung"

Viel Danke / Dankeshon : Thank you very much.  ( German )
It's "vielen Dank / Dankeschön" (if you can't write ö, use oe instead)
Schalf : House ( though at least one person thinks it means sleep...so I could be wrong....lol )
I think you meant the German word "Schlaf" which means "sleep". The German word for "house" is almost like the English: "Haus"

Drachen : Dragon ( German )
This translations is difficult. In German "Drachen" can mean "Dragons" or "kite". One dragon is just "Drache".

Du Hast : You hate ( supposedly this means something else because this is from the song by Rammstein and different people have posted different things. *sighs* I'll try to remember to find the other meaning again and post it here. )
"du hast" means "you have". "du hasst" means "you hate". I know German is quite a mean language  :P

Gut Morgen : Good morning. ( German )
It's "Guten Morgen"

Zher Gut : Very good. ( German )
It's "Sehr gut"

I hope that helped a little. If anyone of you needs some German words or translations just ask me. I'd love to help.  :D


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hello there,

My name's Luke Rideout. I've been playing around a bit with AGS since sometime last spring, and have aspirations to one day create an adventure game worth playing. Generally speaking, I'm a cartoonist, and I'm working on developing and eventually publishing a comic book (which, consequentially, is the base for the first AGS game I'm attempting to make). I'm 22, will be 23 in a few days, and I currently live in Chiba, Japan as a University student (Studying linguistics, Arr!), though I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, and spend my breaks with my parents in California, USA.

I've also been lurking on the forums since I first downloaded AGS, so I hope not to make too many mistakes while posting here. My biggest hope, while posting, is to improve my art technique, as I've noticed that there is an immense amount of artistic talent here. It's really quite overwhelming.

Well, pleased to meet everyone in advance.
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hello, my name is Jonatan and i have been using the ags for about 2 weeks.
i may not be a good artist but this is what i would like to share for the others "newbie" like myself.
I was born on an island called Iceland
anyway, here is the photo i would like to share, the url is http://www.geocities.com/jnatann/room2.png

the size is 500 x 200, very good for 320 x 200 resolation
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Jonatan Nilsson
860 Iceland

Please go to www.simnet.is/elinnils52 and download my non ags/adventure game :)


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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I'm one of the latest newbies... 

I'm a 20 year old female that's had a large intrest in PC and video gaming for as far back as I can remember.  I've tried and failed on several occasions to make an RPG but that never worked out.  I'm now attempting to learn AGS and see if I can get any luck this way...but over all I'm not too optomistic. 

I only recently found out about the AGS comunity and started playing a small handfull of the games, as I was drawn to it after having played King's Quest 2 from the Tierra website...which I was linked to in a post on the General Discussion forum of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles message board I left (so now you know another thing I like).  I was already a fan of Sam and Max, some other PC titles, and games such as Clock Tower (do the first 3 clock tower games count?).  Of the games I've played here so far I REALLY liked 5 Days a Stranger and Bestowers of Eternity.

The only other things I think might be at all worth mentioning about myself are that I am a wanna be traditional artists, and I have a large liking of the Japanese culture due to having lived a small handfull of my most impressionable childhood years in Okinawa.  So I'm a want-to-be artist that's a Japan, video game, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lover.

O.o   ...I usualy don't ramble so long either...but yes...  I shall likely lurk around now and pop up to put in my two cents at random.


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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My name is Denis, I'm 23 and live in Kassel (Germany). I'm new to AGS. I am interested in programming and I always wanted to create an adventure game. Unfortunately I never had enough time to program a game engine all by myself. And if I did, there wouldn't have been any time left to make an adventure with it ;)
Now that I tested AGS and played some games made with it, I want to create an adventure together with some friends, but I have no idea what it will be like yet.

Besides, I am a musician, I spend most of my free time making music. I am horrible at drawing rooms or sprites, but that's okay for me ;D


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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my names mat i am 13 from the uk,england.i have always been fasinated at creating games and my friend surch for game making software on the net and thats how we found ags.i had trouble alot with other game making programmes but ags must be the easiest i have ever used.i like art and gaming so i make good sprites now and again although i am better at editing ready made sprites.

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