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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hallo all, Waffle Bombs here. I actually just discovered AGS a few weeks ago, but grew up playing them all the time. I'm currently in between work and college (it's expensive!), where I'm majoring in Journalism. Living in humid Florida, and enjoying every minute of it.

As far as my experience with gaming, I've spent my whole life playing them. Currently I'm focused on Battlefield 3 and playing through GTA IV again. But I don't have a lot of experience in the creation aspect. Last year I created a short, simple game with a friend, but looking back, it's terrible! But after stumbling upon 5 Days a Stranger a few weeks ago, I was once again hooked on adventure games. I spent the next few days playing it and finding other games, a lot of which were AGS titles. This sparked my curiosity, and a quick Google search brought me here.

Game creation has always been a dream of mine, and I hope I can create a decent title using this powerful tool. The main thing I can see myself struggling with is the art side of the project, but hopefully my skills will get better as I create the games.

Well guys, I hope to have a great time here, and I hope to become acquainted with all of you. Have a good one.

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Greetings all  :),

I discovered AGS after reading some game related article I no longer remember that made a vague reference to "Adventure Game Studio". I thought to myself what is AGS and why haven't I heard of it before? I imediately googled it and a few clicks later found myself here. That was a few months ago now and since then I've quickly become impressed with what I've seen being done with AGS and it's potential as an engine. Another thing that impressed me is the community surrounding the engine which appears to be a robust and passionate group of people

I'm considering AGS as the engine for my next game development endeavour (which is planned to be an adventure game). The editor seems quite intuitive and efficient and the scripting language is quite similar to a language I'm already familiar with.

what else ..., I'm a Canadian, living on Cape Breton Island in the province of Nova Scotia, I'm an adventure game fan, my first computer was a commodore Vic-20, and my life clock has been glowing red for about 6 years now (Logan's Run reference  ;) )

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hello there

I'm new to AGS and i choose it to make my first adventure game.
I'm from Italy and i'm 24 years old, i hope i can have fun with this community that seems to be great :D

I will tell more about the game when i have something that i can show to the community.

See ya around ;)

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Greetings, O High Lords of the AGS cyberkingdom!

I have assumed the name of Yellow Knight, as a satirical homage to King Graham in the first KING'S QUEST game who was, well, a knight with yellow skin. There were other humanoids with yellow skin in the first game, such as an elderly couple and the giant, but Graham himself is representative of nobility and potentially royalty. Yellow is a royal color in some countries, so it's as if is genetic skin mutation was nature's way of making his noble bloodline more apparent. If nature wanted to make Graham more biologically noble, it should have given him blue colored blood instead of red just to suit his ego. It's amazing that his wife and children were spared from Graham's unfortunate fate.

I am also a fan of a lot of the classic adventures, so that's that.


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Welcome folks, look forward to seeing your wonderful creations :)


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Welcome to the forums! Have fun  :)


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Welcome to the forums, m0ds. Have fun. Avoid qptain_nemo at all costs.
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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #687 on: 19 Mar 2012, 21:27 »
Hello everyone, DAISHI here. I've been seeking out adventure forums recently. I'm in mid production of my game, the Golden Anvil, for which all the backgrounds are already penned, the music complete, and the script halfway done. Just need them painted and inserted via the game engine. Hope to post more about it in the future. Anyway, hope to get along well with everyone here :)

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Im a newbie , just start playing gemini rue , and thought it was cool that , that sort of game is getting such high praise .

Anyway i am Dannyy and I love adventure games

I am going to try and make games for linux users as lets be honest there not much out there for people like me who use ubuntu


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Welcome to AGS. 

Being a Linux person you may be interested in the following tutorial that explains how to run the AGS editor in virtualbox.   Keep your game files on the Linux disk rather than than the virtual disk and test in window mode.


In more recent times other peop-le have got satisfactory results using WINE.

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Thanks , that is fantastic ,
I was hoping I could use WINE to run AGS

Much appreciated info


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Hello from a new memmber
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oops aready posted this int he wrong area, for that I appologize.

I just thought I would say hello to everyone here at the forum. I grew up with adventure games, the first games I had for my tandy way back in the day were space quest and police quest, I soon moved on to getting each and every sierra made game and working though them. I also enjoyed the indy games and monkey island and Grim Fandango.  About the only game I never relaly got into were any of the myst titles until much later.  I learned about AGS a few years ago and thought it was amazing and decided to teach myself now ot use it to make a game. I tired for about a month but with work and my dyslexia I soon became fustrated and gave up. It was'nt until about two weeks ago I came up with a plan to motivate myself and set to it again.  My best friend is getting married this year and he and I both grew up playing hte same games and he collects old games; in fact, all my old game boxes were given to him for his collection. I decied I'd make a game staring him as a gift with a box, maunal... the whole 9 yards.  I got his fiance to sneak me into the house for reference photos while he was at work and within two weeks I've managed to make quite a bit of progress. Having learned some programing skills since my last attempt I've managed in only a couple weeks of evening work to have the first main part of the quest done. Added the ability to change clothes, cook food, gather items and animate objects. Most problems I've had I've solved just by lurking in the forums and searching for solutions. To the random people that have helped me and countless others by posting I would like to say thank you.  The wedding is later this year and after it is done I will certainly post the game someplace and make it available to be played.  I will definately be working on my own projects after this is compleated and look forwards to getting to know some of you on the forums.
New to programing, old school to adventure games

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
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Hey everyone!

I'm Josh, I've recently registered on the forums, but you could say that I'm not new here!  I've been reading for years actually, haha so I feel as though you're all sort of old friends, even though YOU don't know ME!

Well I finally decided to register because now that I've got enough experience in 3D programs (I use modo) I'll probably be able to create a game, and I've also recently purchased a Wacom Pen and Touch, so I'll be able to create far better 2D digital paints in photoshop now! :)

Also, I've just started helping DazJ out with music for his game :D

Hopefully I can become a valued member of this community, as I absolutely adore the friendly vibe you guys have here.  It's all super inspiring.  I love it.

Anyway, cheers, you'll see some of my stuff around the forums soon hopefully :)



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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #693 on: 10 Apr 2012, 20:19 »

 I guess I should of introduced myself before posting the recruit a team thread.V_V

 Anyway, I'm a dark science fiction writer that used to develop for an rpg engine, however I've found that I prefer point and click games now for whatever reason. I might put my thread up later, after I get done porting the project.


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #694 on: 27 Apr 2012, 19:44 »
Hello! I'm Karam (a Korean-Panamanian who feels comfortable thinking and speaking in English)
I recently decided to make games, for the sake of doing it and feel great and express myself! So I'm pretty excited-

I got into adventrue gaming with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, I remember playing it with my dad.
It definitely left a big mark in my life. I always remembered such genre eventhough I was an elementary school kid.
Never forgot about it.

Recently... well not recently, many adventure games are stirring me up. Like Ben there and Dan  that then Gemini Rue and soon Stasis
And of course the AGS community as a whole with their many games have really encouraged me to go for it!

A little about me;
I'm a media designer, focused more on print layout design, typography, and on creative directing.
With interests in new medium games, films (web), blogs, smartphones, blah blah.

Hope I have fun making games and joining the community!
Glad to be here!
media design enthusiast, indie game lover. not much of a writer, artist, or programmer but hopefully one day it'll all come around.


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #695 on: 02 May 2012, 13:11 »
Cool. Welcome to AGS! Fate of Atlantis was my real introduction to adventure gaming as well (I'd played a little Shadowgate and KQ1 before, but never really understood what the hell was going on).

Good luck with your game making! A design background should serve you well.

(Welcome also to our other recently registered members.)


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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #696 on: 08 May 2012, 15:30 »
Hello , my name is Nassim I'm interested in AGS because I love epic, multi-player and RPG games.
I am a good programmer and excellent in Java scripting.
I'm 14 and grew up in Canada - Ontario! I love listening to music my favourite artists are: Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Usher etc.
Favourite Band: One Direction, the Wanted!
so if you wanna talk drop me a PM
See Ya!!! :)

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #697 on: 11 May 2012, 22:12 »
Hey, i'm Wesley, I have been playing with the idea of making graphic adventure games for a while, and through my searches in google I found the AGS.

I've played almost every Lucasarts adventure game out there, from Maniac Mansion to Full Throttle, but my favorites are the Monkey Island series.

I have some experience in C/C++/Java programming and am fairly artistic.

So that's my basic intro, see you around the forums!

Sane Co.

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Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #698 on: 12 May 2012, 03:45 »
I just realized that this thread was here. Too late though. And welcome, Wes and NassimMK.

Re: Newbies introduce yourselves here!
« Reply #699 on: 16 May 2012, 00:52 »
Hi, I found AGS after my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed playing Life of D. Duck II.
We live in the bush in New Zealand and have a solar panel to run our laptop, and have no running water.. we have recently relocated a 120 year old house there to live in, so we no longer have to live in the hut which I made out of tree branches! (although the house has almost as many holes as the hut did)

My daughter has designed and illustrated a short game which I scripted in AGS. It was completed almost a year ago, but I will try to upload it within the next week for everyone to have a look at.

I have been making [crappy/unfinished] games using the euphoria programming language for the last 15 years. Finding it much easier to put things together with AGS. My plan for my next game isnt going very well at the moment, because I keep falling asleep with the pencil in my hand before I manage to write anything, But I'll come up with something new one of these days!