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Joystick for BASS Template - adventureJoy - v0.1.0

Written with AGS 3.4.1-7 Beta. This module depends on the Joystick plugin from Wyz (at this time, is v1.2.0), which must be enabled for this module to work.

Download Source Code adventureJoy.asc

Download Source Header adventureJoy.ash

Download Module adventureJoy.scm

Download demo joybass.zip

This module was written with an Xbox360 Gamepad in mind and it's still in very alpha stage, but I thought about sharing it because I could use some ideas on this. My main idea is to create a relatively drop in module to help converting a point and click game to use with joystick - I know this is hard, so at first, I thought about the BASS Template, which has a simpler interface.

You need to configure the inventory window shortcut. Somewhere in your code, for example on your global_script do:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. // game_start
  3. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. function game_start()
  5. {
  7.   adventureJoy.setInventoryArea(InventoryWindow1.X, InventoryWindow1.Y, InventoryWindow1.Width, InventoryWindow1.Height, InventoryWindow1.ItemsPerRow, InventoryWindow1.RowCount);
  9.   //or you can also do
  10.   //adventureJoy.setInventoryWindow(InventoryWindow1)
  12. }

The module is always automatically on. But in case you turn it off, you will need to turn it back on mannualy.

To turn off the module.

Do this before saving any game state, this will disable the module temporarly.

Do this after restoring a save.

Github Repository, fork me there!
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Re: Joystick for BASS Template - adventureJoy - v0.1.0
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It may help if you explain what a Bass Template is and why people would want to use it in an adventure game (as opposed to, say, Guitar Hero... :D )