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Re: Background Blitz - 061212-03 (Extended (once again))
« Reply #40 on: 04 Dec 2006, 16:49 »
Idea: ildu - love all the signs in the foreground!
Atmosphere: zyndikate - Love the atmosphere!
Design: ProgZmax - looks like it could be from an old low colour game.
Composition: zyndikate - many objects are in the foreground. It's amazing. Characters are cool too.
Functionality: the vict0r - your blackground would add a lot of walkable area to the room.
Technique: zyndikate - Love the CMI technique. And you master it really well!
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Re: Background Blitz - 061212-03 (Extended (once again))
« Reply #41 on: 04 Dec 2006, 22:48 »
Nice work, everyone :)

Idea: the vict0r -- simple, but tells the whole story ^_^
Atmosphere: zyndicate -- you've got the nice warm ambience feeling down pat
Design: penguin -- the blocky cartoon feeling is charming
Composition: penguin -- nice use of space
Functionality: zyndicate -- clear entry points and areas/objects for interaction
Technique: zyndicate


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Re: Background Blitz - 061212-03 (Extended (once again))
« Reply #42 on: 04 Dec 2006, 23:03 »
Idea: ProgZmax - Self-explanatory really. It's the most original idea we have here.

Atmosphere: zyndikate - Atmospherically, this entry ranks easily the highest in this comp. Awesome lighting and design and there's a clear story being told.

Design: Penguin - There's something about the raw design in this piece that makes me scream out in ecstacy. It reminds me of so many things that I've loved in the past. And it being in sketch-form definately accentuated this feeling. The barrel breaks the mood a little, though.

Composition: zyndikate - I love the composition in this one. The area is framed very well by the tables in the lower half of the image and by the dark spots and wooden barriers at the upper half. The lighting also does it part to emphasize composition - you can easily see how the lighted orange parts are surrounded by blue tones.

Functionality: the vict0r - While zyndikate would've been an obvious choice, seeing as his bg might remind us of a certain well-known game :), I chose to give this to victor.I'd really love to see this in a game. Soon, most preferably :D.

Technique: zyndikate - I know I said (although joking) that I was gonna give the technique vote for victor, but the blitz ended up being very very diverse in terms of technique. We had sketching, realistic painting, high-profile design with great style, vectors and even C64. So it ended up being a toss-up between Prog and zyndikate. I guess zyndikate won, then :).

I'll give individual crits tomorrow...

Ildu - I have to admit, I'm not loving this background, definitely compared to some of the other stuff you have produced. The idea is OK, and improved a lot by the Godzilla sign, but I find the geometric/angular style a bit too agressive. I know you can do better, buddy.

No kidding :). I finished that portrait in the crits lounge three hours before the end of the blitz. So I did that whole entry in the remaining time. Yes, it's very crappy, and I didn't expect any votes for it. And hell yeah, I can do better :).


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Re: Background Blitz - 061212-03 (Extended (once again))
« Reply #43 on: 05 Dec 2006, 00:10 »
Idea:ProgZ - It´s the devil on picnic! :D
Atmosphere:Penguin - I actually get alot of atmosphere from this! Love the moonlight and the hills.
Design:zyndicate - I love the cartoony feel of it all!
Composition:zyndicate - Interresting composition with stuff in the foreground, walkbehinds etc.
Functionality: Mash - What can i say? It´s lots of walkable area, many exits and posibillities to add lots of objects.
Technique: Ildu - I can´t help myself to love the vectorness of it all! :)

And you promised me that technique Ildu! *unstraps belt*

^       ^

Great entries everyone!

Re: Background Blitz - 061212-03 (Extended (once again))
« Reply #44 on: 05 Dec 2006, 00:36 »
Nice entries everyone and appreciated comments/crits voters.

So, just having compiled the list, here be the result:

Idea: - Prog, runnerup Mash.

Atmosphere: - zyndicate

Design: - Penguin, with a fairly close runnerup being zyndicate,.

Composition: - Penguin n zyndicate in a tie.

Functionality: - zyndicate, with victor as a close runnerup.

Technique: - zyndicate

And the piece with most votes was:


with his great entry. Take it away!
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Re: Background Blitz - 061212-03 (Extended (once again))
« Reply #45 on: 08 Dec 2006, 09:23 »
Sorry for not voting, i just moved so it took about 6days before internet was up and running, Ill see if I can get the comp posted today or tomorrow.. Thanks all for the kind votes :)
(oh, and note that its actually a K in my nick(who cares) :P )
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