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This is the link to post for games from # to H - Main Post
This is the link to the post for games from I to Q

R - Z
Rage Of The Waters, The
Randy's game
Red Hoody
Return of the Crrlee
Return to Carver Island / Carver Island 3
Return to Monkey Island
Ringo's Big Adventure
Robot Psychiatrist
Roger in Grog Island
RotN - Club of Queer Trades
RotN - Dial F for Fedora
Rough Diamond
Rukii Airia Tomaroru
S.S. Alvetran, The
Saint Kotar
Sam & Moos and the treasure of grandpa
Satan Has a Dinner Party
Scene 1 Take 1
Schools out - for the summer!
Search For The Christmas Present!, The
See no Evil
Seventeen Uncles: A Pug's Life
Shadow Kingdom
Shadow Wars
Shadows by the Waterhouse
Shadows from History
Simpsons: Where's Maggie
Sins of the past
Sketchbook Boy e la casa sull'orlo del Nulla / Sketchbook Boy and the house on the edge of Nowhere
Skool Dismissed!
SkyTower Rescue
Sleight of Hand
Slime Quest 2 - Battle For Burgers
Smile or Die
Soldier of Misfortune
Soldier: Demonstartion
Sophie Malone and the Unholy Legion
SouthCoast City
Space 2032 A ROTN Game
Space Captain Cindy
Space Madness
Space Quest 3 (another p&c remake)
Springtime in the Manager
Spy Function
Star Tripper: Episode 1
Star Wars - Episode IV - Fan Game
Station, The
Steven Quest
Stick Ninja in Crappy Cartoon World
Story of Joijo, The
Strange Day, The
Stranger at Midnight
stUPIDs oF America: Mystery of a Bad Guy
Submerged - La Sol
Sucu Ekrem
Suli: Fallen Harmony
Sumatra: Fate of Yandi
Super Drug Adventure 2011
Super Game
Super Mario Adventure
Supernatural: The Terror Trio
Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno Ch.2
T.I.T. Terence Independent Terminator
Tale of Two Kingdoms, A: Deluxe Edition
Tales of Monkey Island 2d
Tales of Mr. Oyd, The
TalkRadar Adventures, The: Escape From Bonertown
Tempus Fugit
Terminator: 2031
TestGame (working title)
Thorak & Steve: The Hunt Begins
Time-Space Escape
Tin Man, The
Touch, The / Er Toque
Trails and Traces: The Tomb of Thomas Tew
Trouble Ticket
true story of the three little pigs, The
Twisted Run
Type Dreams
Tyrant Of Monkey Island, The
Unfinished Games #1 (m0ds)
Unlimited Continues
Untitled: Quest for Glory fangame
Upcoming Games From Jakes Own Films
Urban Disaster
Vampire Game
Vanilla Island AGS
Virus Monster Infection
Wally Wulder's Abduction
Warlock and the Princess
Warrior of Might
Wayne Phew: Evil Doctor Pete
White Room
Wife Beaters Anonymous
Willams Nightmare
William Asted and the Rise of the Sciuridae
William in the USA
Woohoo! Crap hamster game for yooz!
Would You Be My Lover?
X-missions: Pacific Islands
Youth Pastor Rescue, The
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Space Quest 3 (another p&c remake)
I actually happen to have a demo of this one! Here you go:

From what I understand, the game itself was never finished though.