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I had some free time today and I decided that there were many great threads around here that shouldn't go to waste. Thus I visted the last 46 pages of the C&C forum and found all the threads that were worth something, in my opinion of course. Then I printed all pages to pdf files and I made zip files, to threads more than 1 page long.

I ended up with lots of interesting stuff. I can only assume that the creators of the threads and the people who contributed won't mind, since they did post in a public forum after all. If there is a problem, let me know and I'll delete the links...

Here goes then: (All the pdf and zip together in a nice big zipped folder),C+C.pdf

The names are indicative of what's going on more or less. Sprites ( the creator of the thread ) the name of the thread.

Anyone who wishes to find the threads above can visit these:
Increator: Forest BG:
Mash poptato: Aristocrats and fairies :
idlu: portrait:
oz: music :
increator: my first cartoony 3-d bg for critic :
geoffkhan: orchestral music :
dkh: very small tank with isometric perspective:
thomas Vob: my comics:
moneky 05_06: logo :
mashpotato: PS art tutorial :
xellie: tropical island :
igor: illustrations :
anarcho: outside house:
jack sparrow (ags freak): female :
oz: easy BGs:
raimo: my first BG:
sektor 13: sholdier:
bernie: pixel art:
mordalles: blue period BGs (loominous edits) : (No BGs due to image suck!)
squinky: alice the orc :
mats berglinn: MM characters in DOTT styke :
Darth : Occultas Veitas BG:
Skurwy: improving my skills:
viktor: cliff :
anarcho: help with perspective :
Zaidyer: from paper to pixel :

I hope everything is ok.

I thought to bring notice and not post in the tutorials thread. I will probably get progZmax to my back, but anyhow...

I will try my best to keep the links open for as long as possible (unless I stop my site or something which won't happen anytime soon).

Hope it will prove useful.

(After seeing these threads, ildu, progZmax, loominous, Darth Manarb, Helm and many others have risen to my mind quite a lot! :D)

EDIT: Links fixed, no spaces left! The link to Darth Manarb leads to the correct thread. Whoever has more threads to look (remember I went only up to page 46 or something), is most welcome to do so, and I'll add them to the first page. (or PM me with links and I'll make them into pdf and upload them).

Just keep in mind that the older you go, the more images don't work, due to upload restrictions and stuff...

Links inside the pdfs (in music threads for example), do work, if the file is still there...

Other than that ok :)

Shane 'ProgZmax' Stevens:

Pruned excess posts and stickied/locked this.

Great work!

Shane 'ProgZmax' Stevens:
Think you have a useful tutorial to add to this list?  Are one or more of the links here dead?  Send a private message to let me know and I'll add/remove it.

Special thanks to Venus for compiling this long list of tutorials from the original tutorials thread, testing them and then putting them all in order!

*edit 6/20/2010 - Thanks to Dualnames for weeding out the bad links.  All remaining links should work as of now.

-Igor's walking animation tutorial.
-Paint Shop Pro tutorial.
-Lots of different Photoshop tutorials.
-How to create a realistic sky effect in Photoshop.
-Photoshop and 3DMax tutorials.
-Links to lots of advanced art tutorials.
-Human proportion and anatomy.
-Human anatomy pictures (WARNING: contains nudity!) and scanned versions of some of Loomis' books.
-How to pixel a character using a photo as reference.
-How to pixel a low-res character.
-Templates for walkcycles.
-Creating hi-res backgrounds using Photoshop.
-Creating low-res backgrounds using Photoshop.

All these were made by MrColossal.
-Tut on creating a cartoony walkcycle.
-Creating a more realistic walkcycle.
-Background tutorial by InCreator
-Loads of tutorials on drawing, digital illustration etc.
-"Building stairs step by step tutorial"
-How to draw realistic-looking backgrounds by big brother.
-Animation tutorials.
-Coloring tutorial.
-Drawing in the style of the Star Wars comic books.
-Pixel Joint tutorial covering the basics (sel-out, AA, banding, etc).
-Pixel art tutorial by Derek Yu.
-Background tutorial by Carl-Johan Hagberg, Indiana Jones style.
-"How to Draw Monkeys the Lucas Arts Way" by Bill Tiller.
-Links to tutorials related to the Lucas Arts style.
-Digital Painting Video Sketchbook by Bobby Chiu.
-GIMP tutorials.

*edited 10/10/2007
-An updated background and sprite tutorial by Oliwerko.

*added 8/16/2007
-How to create simple backgrounds with proper perspective by dkh.

*added 10/17/2007
-A sprite animation tutorial by rich.

*added 8/6/2009
-Tutorials on background design by Matt Laskowski.

*added 1/14/2010
-Background tutorial by abstauber.

*added 2/1/2010
-Background tutorial by Andail.

*added 2/12/2010
-Background tutorial by Ben304.

*added 4/8/2010

-A background video tutorial by InCreator.

*added 7/11/2010
Sprite art tutorial.


Updated 11/2/2009
-midi tutorials.

AGS-Specific Tutorials
-Some scripting and GUI tutorials.
-The official AGS scripting tutorial by Chris Jones.
-Making RPGs with AGS by Gord10.



-Some fantasy art, writing and marketing tutorial site. Lots of tutorials.
-About making games in general.
-Offers links to different tutorials on how to create a website and Photoshop.
-Sites on game development in general.
-Helps you to create walkcycles. Not really a tutorial, but great anyway.
-Like the link above not a tutorial, but more of a neat online application that can help you to create facial expressions.
-Making a game with SCI Studio.
-Three tutorials from the FoY team on writing an Indy story, realizing a particle system and drawing backgrounds in Indy style.


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