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All the Paint Programs You'll Ever Need


Shane 'ProgZmax' Stevens:
This is a list of all the working links to paint programs.  Since the tutorials post was updated I felt it was time to update this as well.  If you know a great paint program that is not on this list or one of the links is broken send me a pm and I'll add/fix it.


Deluxe Paint IV.  An excellent image editing/animating tool that unfortunately was never made for the PC.  You can, however, get it to work with WINUAE if you want.  While I can vouch that it works fine in WINUAE this is not an emulator support forum so don't ask for help with it.

Grafx2.  A DPaint clone for the PC that has a few nice features.

The GIMP image editing tool.  Works like a dumbed-down DPaint with less features, but it's free.

ImageForge.  Comes in both free and pay versions.

Ultimate Paint.  Has a free version with some functions missing (like Adobe plugins).

Graphics Gale.  The free version has some file formats disabled (.gif, .ico,.cur,.ani) but is otherwise fully functional.

Inkscape.  Open source vector graphics editor.

Open Canvas.  The newer versions are not free.

Allegro Sprite Editor.  Specifically for creating animated sprites for games.

ArtGem.  A discontinued paint program.

Artweaver.  A clone of Corel Paint.

Synfig.  An art program that uses vectors.


ArtRage. Paint with oils, sketch with pencils. Comes in both free and pay versions.

Added 7/30/2008
VGAPaint 386.  A DpaintIV clone for DOS.

Added 7/30/2008
Pixelstudio.  A full-featured pixel art program with animation capabilities.

Added 8/20/2009
Icofx.  A freeware icon creation program.  Very useful for making AGS executable and winsetup icons.

Added 3/11/2010
MyPaint.  An open-source paint program that supports tablet features like pressure-sensitivity and has layers.

Added 4/3/2010
Aviary.  A freeware paint program similar to GIMP.

Added 9/13/2010
mtpaint.  A free open source paint program for Linux.

Not Free

Cosmigo Pro Motion.  The closest thing PC users will see to an enhanced DPaintIV clone without an emulator.  Supports paletted modes, onion skinning, antialiasing, layers and has a built-in animator.  Highly recommended for pixel art.

Project Dogwaffle.  Several versions at different prices available.

Paint Shop Pro.  Coupled with the animation studio it provides everything you need to design art for a game, but the interface can take some getting used to.

Adobe Photoshop.  Can be used to create detailed images and has plenty of filters, but it's not cheap and isn't ideally suited for pixel art, though it supports swatches for pseudo-paletted work.  Great as a background design tool.

Ulead PhotoImpact.

Toon Boom.  A flash-based animation studio.

NeoPaint.  Has an interface similar to MS Paint but there are a lot more options available.  Isn't particularly user-friendly or exceptional.

Ultimate Paint.  The pay version has some added features like Adobe plugin support.

Graphics Gale.  Supports the four file formats disabled in the free version (.gif,.ico,.cur,.ani) but is otherwise identical.

ZBrush.  Primarily a digital artist tool and the $595 pricetag is steep.

Anime Studio 5.  Allows you to create professional cartoon art.

Real Draw Pro.  Supports 2D and 3D image editing with vectors.

Wizard Brush 6.  Software for making natural looking paintings.

Corel Draw/Painter X/Painter Essentials 4

Other Tools

Color Schemer.  Used to auto-generate palettes and is free.

Genetica.  Lets you create textures.  Is not free.

Wally.  Free texture editor.

Creatoon.  Allows you to animate scanned artwork.  It is free but discontinued.

Photofiltre.  Free image retouching software.

Google SketchUp.  A free 3D rendering program.

Anim8or.  A free 3D animation program.

SSH's Walkcycle Generator.  Can be used to animate as well as draw sprites and it's free.

KToon.  A free 2D animation program designed for making cartoons.

World Creator.  Free Isometric tile creation software.

Terragen.  Free 3D landscape generator that can produce incredible images.

Added 4/19/2008
Blender.  Free 3D modeller that can produce great results if you have patience.

Added 7/30/2008
Animation Shop 3.

Added 6/27/2011
Open-source animation tool.


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