Author Topic: So... AGS at work? *Shhh!*  (Read 1771 times)

So... AGS at work? *Shhh!*
« on: 23 Apr 2012, 15:38 »
So i've recently started a new job, it really couldn't be better! I'm working in my chosen field (media) and everyone is super nice. I've found the job to have certain indisclosed perks, one of which is the killer 3G connection that this town has, my phone browsing is almost as quick as my home Internet connection!

So today I find myself with nothing to do and the whole AGS forums in my pocket. I -want- to spam every thread with Chicky nonsense, but I'll contain myself.

So, anyone else find themselves on the forums at work? I only wish I had my game plan handy so I could work on that :P


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Re: So... AGS at work? *Shhh!*
« Reply #1 on: 23 Apr 2012, 15:49 »
Well I'm self employed... so technically yes!

And since you work in the media, I can class this post as "networking".