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Author Topic: Quest for Glory ii VGA - Stuck at final battle  (Read 1461 times)

Quest for Glory ii VGA - Stuck at final battle
« on: 24 Jul 2009, 07:32 »
Hey So I'm a thief by trade but have magic skill. I've tried walkthroughs for my problem but am confused about what to do.

When I get out of the tomb with the magic ring and the djinn, I go to the Palace and flame dart the guy up top, dazzle the guards and levitate to the balcony.
See I don't have  the magic rope anymore because when I stole the black bird I had to drop a bunch of stuff to get out (my imported character has chain-main armour that I can't drop) so I dropped the magic rope.

So I go through (no Harem) and tkae out the gaurd who paces, using calm and levitate down. In the Final room I Fetch a candle but I don't know that Reversal spell, so I die instantly each time.

Have I screwed up? Do I need to restart? I don't have saved games from far enough back to try learning that reversal spell somehow. Or trying to downgrade my armour to something lighter...

Some advice would be great. Just give to me straight....