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Author Topic: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?  (Read 107451 times)

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #260 on: 22 Apr 2011, 17:01 »
Huzzah, fellow explorers!

Do you have what it takes to bravely venture into the unknown?  Yes? 

Well, strap on your knickerbockers and venture to the world of 'Tales of the Extraordinary'! (Please visit us @ < >)
The online Radio Adventure Series is recruiting a few stalwart souls to travel to the heart of blackest Africa with our hero, Little Dickie Broughton.

If you have the courage to quest for glory, and you are thirsting for adventure, please drop us a line (!

We are currently in need of:

- Programmers of all and languages, and fonts
- Artists of all colors, and textures
- And mystical Sprite animators (apparently magical forces are needed to complete this adventure)

Let us know by May 15th, and you could have your name indelibly etched all over the aether-net.



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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #261 on: 27 Apr 2011, 03:21 »
Tired of slaving endlessly on your game and getting nowhere?  Yearning for instant game-making gratification?  Then this project is definitely for you!

Based on the discussion in this thread, a small but curious band of AGSers is undertaking an experiment in swarm development.  Basically, the idea is that many AGSers contribute just ONE HOUR (1) of their time to the project, resulting in a game that is so much more than the sum of its constituent contributions.  Theoretically we were playing with the notion of this happening mostly simultaneously, but as an experiment in feasibility we're going to spread it out over a couple of weeks to find out a) what kind of project can result from a very loose collaboration and b) where the real kinks in the process crop up, so that we can discuss how to streamline them.  To get to the point, we're looking for AGSers who have ONE HOUR (1) to contribute to this experiment in collective game-making.

This is just a SMALL experiment: the result will no doubt be.... interesting.  But we'll release it nonetheless.  The result will be freeware, of course, but all contributors will be credited.  Remember just spending ONE HOUR working on this project will make you a part of the biggest team in AGS history!

  [Direct Quote from the Swarm Development Thread] So to get the ball rolling I'm going to create a character.  He's a vampire, for no better reason than people want more vampire games to play.  No, he's a ROBOT vampire!  That would be cool.  He's some sort of army experiment that brings him back to his (human) senses, only now he is doomed to obsess over (as well as hunt down and destroy) his lost love, a sexy vixen who seduced him into becoming a vampire in the first place.  They can never be together now, but there's this platonic love thing (at least from his end).  To make things a little disorienting, maybe he's just woken up after the cyborg operation (thus accounting for weird perception difficulties as he moves between rooms with different styles).  Here I leave the torch, since no doubt I will sink well over an hour stitching together contributions, but from here in I want all contributors to exercise enough discipline to only spend ONE HOUR on the project. [/swarm thread quote]

Feel like stringing together a couple words or animating an arm for us?  PM me!

What do we need urgently?

Writers (approximately 3)
Sprite designer (1 right away)
Art Director (exactly 1)
Recruiters (people who can invest an hour getting other people on board!)

What do we need down the road (over the next couple of weeks)?

Background artists
Texture people
Light & Shaders
Object Artists
More Sprite Designers
Sprite Importers (hey, it's only an hour!)
Dialog Writers
Interaction Writers
Code Director
Sound Dudes
GUI Designer
Inventory Designers
Make up Artist
Yes Men
Nay Sayers
Title Guy
Effects Artist/Coder
Custodial Staff
First Aid Responders
Assistant Crack Whores
Back Room Power Broker
Professional Nagger
Voice Actors

...And so much more!  Basically if you've ever done ANYTHING with AGS, released or otherwise, I'm sure you have the skills to join the team.  Remember there is MINIMAL TIME COMMITMENT: the whole idea is that we spread the workload as much as possible.  You need only commit ONE HOUR!  Post in the original thread if you want more information about the project, or PM me if you would like to contribute.

**The Swarm reserves the right to modify or adapt all content submitted in order to fit in with other work submitted by the collective.  Contributors are warned that no contribution is completely safe from adulteration by another contributor.

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #262 on: 29 Apr 2011, 10:01 »
I would like to find someone to Beta test my MAGS game. PM me for more details and a download link!

Edit: I have enough testers for now, thank you for the interest!
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Need scripter for new game
« Reply #263 on: 03 May 2011, 17:56 »
I am working on a very special game.  Eventhough I said I don't do standard adventure games, I really wanted to do this story.
It is the story of Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.
It is a powerful story, that will have to be done for non-profit-free.  The openning scene gives J.K. Rowling credit for the story.
I have 5 rooms done to the point where Gellert comes to Godric's Hollow to look for Deathly Hallows objects.
I have all the characters edited and sized.  The inventory is made, and the objects to prettify rooms are done.  Backgrounds are being collected and used. I do not go into the gay thing.  Rowling said Dumbledore is gay, but never says he ever acted on it.  Although he was attracted to Gellert.
Showing sexual tension in an adventure game would be very hard to do.
What I will need the Scripter to do is take the basic scene and add any needed special effects.
Such as when Gallert disparates into Godric's hollow, or Albus and Gallert battle with wands in Ariana's room.
The scripter will get equal producer game maker credit.
The scripter will be able to add whatever he or she thinks would make this adventure more magical.
I am not sure how to have 2 people work on it.  Maybe I can finish the game then just hand it over to the Scripter.

Anyone interested?  The game won't be nearly as good without a knowledgable Scripting person.

I still need help scripting for the magic battle scripting.  Please if anyone can help?  Help!!!
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #264 on: 04 May 2011, 14:22 »
I need betatesters for my mags game.
This is urgent cause the deadline is today.
I will upload the betaversion in about an hour, so please pm me in the meantime if you want to betatest.

Attention: Its a burglar simulation and no typicall adventure

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #265 on: 05 May 2011, 00:11 »
I was thinking that it would be a fun job to add voice acting to A Woman For All Seasons since the majority of it is dialog.
There are three parts ranging from 150 to 60 lines.

If your interested, send me a personal message.

Update: I've had voices assigned.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #266 on: 05 May 2011, 20:13 »
Hey I am making a side game called GearBlade.DX

It has no music or sound effects. If you would like to help or see what I am making then just drop a PM.


Hey AGS Forums,

My name is Joseph Torres and I am an independent filmmaker in New York. Currently I am wrapping up on my first feature film with my film company, Jet Central Productions. Below is a screenshot from the 90% completed film as well as the official website link.

Basically what you now know about me is I'm a video camera guy, not so much a game designer. I have used RPG Maker in the past but never really learned AGS.

What I am asking is this. This movie will be done around June or July, and a sequel is currently in development as we speak. Soon, these series of movies are going to be a big deal and I really wanted a game made with AGS to go with the success of the feature films.

This is what I can offer. For one, the trailer of the video game will be on the movie dvd, with full credit and exposure sent to you. Secondly, you will get a free copy of the DVD once it is released to the public, as well as any potential sequels released on DVD in the future.

Basically the game will exist between the first and second movie, and the movies are pretty much about an underground group of hitmen who get money and valuables by making hits around new york. The first movie involves 6 people who come in contact with one of these hitmen throughout the course of a day, until they ultimately stop him from making a single man hit targetting a family of four in a hotel. Part 2 takes place in a party where 2 guys and 2 girls pass out (along with everyone else) and wake up the next day to find everyone else dead, realizing soon that they will now be the "un-finished business" new targets of this group simply known as...The Browns.

I don't expect the game to look extremely awesome or beautiful, I just request a good looking movie game. The story of the game is that a policeman's brother was recently killed in a recent Brown hit and now he is trying to gather the clues and uncover the mystery of this mysterious group in order to catch them before their next hit.

I really don't need alot of locations. The majority of the game will be in the police station and a city street. The characters would be the policeman, interviewed loved ones of Brown victims, and the Browns. The policeman from the game, if anyone chooses to help me out on it, will be mentioned in part 2 of the film. I can control most/all creative aspects, including story direction, character development, and other story elements. I just need a few people to help out with the rest.

This can be a very interesting and exciting project for all of us to do based on a soon to come trilogy of movies that will be screened all over new york and perhaps, more!

Even if you only want to do characters, or locations, or coding, or music (which I can provide if necessary), lets just put something amazing together!

PM me if interested or E-mail me at
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #268 on: 13 May 2011, 19:29 »
are you a fan of the original monkey island series
are you also a pixel background artist or are you a midi musician?

then you can help!!!
i am looking for some assistance on my project:
The Curse of Monkey Island: Classic Edition

if you are a background artist, i can provide sketches of what i am looking for
if you are a midi musician, i am looking to recreate some of the music used in "The Curse of Monkey Island" in midi greatness!

please email or pm me if your interested
currently on an indefinite hold.

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #269 on: 16 May 2011, 02:32 »
If anyone needs a proofreader, PM/e-mail me.

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #270 on: 19 May 2011, 10:10 »

I need people to translate my Spanish game ("Quiero una identidad" - "I want an identity") to English. The game is fully completed in Spanish. It's a long text but other person started the translation and there're some lines translated. So, if you want to help me with the translation, write me to this mail:

Or tell me with a PM.

If you want to know about the game, click here:


Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #271 on: 25 May 2011, 00:35 »
Hey there,

I'm about to finish my AGS adventure, a contribution to Maniac Mansion Mania and I'm looking for some beta testers who also would check the english spelling/grammar/generel sense-making of my translation.

I'd send you the game and the translation file, though I'd much prefered it if you would actually play the game in regard to above mentioned sense-making of the translation... and the sure to be found occasional bug ;)

Nonetheless a quick view over the translation file would be nice, too, to catch the stuff that didn't come up in the game.

If interested, pm me.
Thanks and greets, mukk
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #272 on: 26 May 2011, 21:39 »
Hi, I'm a writer...and i'm a huge fan of adventure games, i'm working on a novel....i'm in highschool. But i'd really like to make a game that has the same characters just dosen't excactly follow the book. The thing is i'm a great story designer i just have no talent with ags, i've tried before and failed. So i'm looking for currently. An Artist for characters and backgrounds, just so i can see if anyone can invision the game the way i would want it.

I'm looking for someone who can draw in a Kings Quest VI kind of style, I'm a fan of the KQ and pretty much all sierra games. Please Help me someone.

I've only completed the first chapter of my novel and you can read it here for details about it

I really hope someone is interested in helping me

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #273 on: 30 May 2011, 22:35 »
I'm still in need of a proofreader for my translation. As soon as that is done, the game is ready to go.

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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #274 on: 31 May 2011, 23:58 »
I have always been enamored with the Quest for Glory series and I'm disappointed that no new true adventure games in that style have come out in a long time.

I'm interested in creating an original game that would hopefully be the first in a series of games. I write in my spare time so I believe I can come up with a decent cohesive script. I know this kind of project is a very time consuming thing so I would like to recruit some help for the project. I would like to make some changes to the original concept to account for a more recent age of adventure gamers though, so 1024x768 Resolution with 32 bit graphics for Alpha transparency.

Other details then that should be decided on as a group such as graphic style and programs to use in the design. But I'm throwing ideas out there for art such as Blender or Inkscape on the table (Both Free).

So if your interested in participating please private message me! Thank You.

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #275 on: 07 Jun 2011, 19:20 »
(Help accomplished)
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #276 on: 08 Jun 2011, 20:04 »
Hi everyone,

I am looking for five testers for my short project. Just a couple of requirements:

1) You must be interested in, and have some basic knowledge of, UK politics and
2) be able to provide feedback within a couple of days.

The game is a non-adventure, play-once-through kind of affair and testing it a couple of times should take no time at all.

More info if you're interested - I'm wanting to keep it fairly hush-hush for now ;)

PM me,



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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #277 on: 09 Jun 2011, 18:35 »
Hey people.

The game I've been working on Beauty of the Beast is progressing really slow. I would like some help to speed things up and maybe get it done one day. Here is what I need:

Story design:

I had made a story for the game but I find myself changing it over and over again. The plot and the dialog is just getting silly and I'm stuck on it. I really would like someone who could help me figure out the plot. There are only a few small things I would like in there (to prevent from having to remake too many assets)


I have two puzzles that I can't figure out how to script. I've asked help and tried numerous times but now it's giving me headaches. The two puzzles are both slider puzzles. One is like the AGS game: blockz
The other one is a traditional slider puzzle with nine tiles.

Hoping for a response. Here are some screenshots to show you what the game looks like (to get you interrested  :=)

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #278 on: 12 Jun 2011, 15:19 »
(It's been solved.)
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #279 on: 15 Jun 2011, 22:15 »
I hope this thread still allows job requests. I need help with my VGA graphical remake of the classic video game Zork I: The Great Underground Empire. As in, I need graphics and someone who will do it for little more than a name in the credits, a recommendation for other people, and the recognition of being part of the GRAPHICAL remake of Zork. I'll be the main scripter and lead story developer, also creator of concept art and whatnot. People I need for the team are...

1-5 Graphic Designers (Must be able to pull off VGA graphics, be highly varied in the type of backgrounds you can make and work for just a name in the credits. Only about 8 characters though.)
1-2 Music Designers (Must be able to make a fitting tune for quite a few different rooms.)
1-2 Extra Scripters (You know, people to help out with things like cutscenes and extra things and such.)
1+ MALE voice actors (Sadly, all the vocal roles in this game are male. The hero's should be british and somewhat medium. The troll should be low and menacing, with a growl to it. The thief should be dark, evil and cockney. The cyclops should just growl, and so on and so on.)

The narrator has just a normal American accent.
(This is going to be a hard-to-get one, as I want to do this one myself). "Using his nimble reflexes, the troll grabs the sword. Not picky about his diet, he eats the sword. He pays for that soon after when the sword causes a fatal hemmorage: the troll dies and his carcass fades away into purple smoke."

Sir Generic (A.K.A the Hero, or You):
The hero is medium pitched and British.
"Please, Mr. Thief, whoever you are, give back those treasures!"

Thalbogor (A.K.A the Thief):
Dark and cockney
"So yee arr attemptin' ta toike these treasures back... to yer 'ome kingdom? Oi mah not be de most patriotic of moi people, but one ting oi most certainly amn't, is someone 'o less ou'soiders take arr treasures. So, fiend... prepah tah doi! (Proper English: So, you are attempting to take these treasures back to your home kingdom? I may not be the most patriotic of my people, but the one thing I am not is someone who lets outsiders take our treasures. So, fiend... prepare to die!)

YAGGDLIX (A.K.A the Troll):
Suprisingly proper British, but low
"Well well well, welcome to Zork, young lad! I am Yaggdlix, of the troll people in this fine city. I'm afraid this is a tad bit of unwanted news, but I'm afraid I will have to sever your neck and mutilate you until you look like a toasted danish! Sorry about this sad bit of information."

PINISSIUS (A.K.A the Cyclops):
As growly as possible, and use either a British or American accent. Either one works.
"RAAGH! Who dares try to enter Thalbogor's lair! Sayy, you look like a hero with a lot of meat on your bones. I'm gonna eat tonight!"

Whispery, but angry.
"Doo yooou miind? Haaaspito naaavariiix... your weeapons shall faaaaill yoooou when you neeed them moooooost. Kids theeese daaaaaysss..."

If you want to join up, go to this site: Zork I VGA Remake Website
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Current projects:

ZORK I: THE VGA GRAPHICAL REMAKE (Now with EVEN MORE puzzles, MORE story and character development, and SO MUCH CHEESE!)
Here is the site... yay for advertising!->