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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #320 on: 26 Oct 2011, 01:51 »
Infamous Adventures are looking for people to try and break our games!

We've got two games to get bug free. Our remake of Space Quest II is almost done, we're finished graphically, we're finished scripting, we're done with the music and SFX, we've even finished the voice pack! We just need to test it and make sure it doesn't crash or stupid things don't happen. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

And our latest release of our King's Quest III remake is nearly as done as SQ2. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's more complete and less buggy than our original release back in 2006! We've upgraded the graphics, pulled the game into a newer version of AGS and basically tweaked it so it rocks even harder. But with any changes, errors and problems arise.

To get these games out and released we need help! We need people willing to play these games over and over, try everything possible to break them, and then report to us exactly how they broke it. We went to know everything, game crashes, graphical glitches, even suggestions for improvements.

The only thing we ask is that you actually TEST the game and report the bugs to us. What we need are people who are dedicated, are ready to playtest and are able to make sensible reports. What we don't need are people who just want to play the game early. It's not about getting the game early, it's about getting it early and buggy and telling us what the bugs are so we can squash the crap out of them! And we don't need people to solely nitpick our grammar.

Infamous Adventures is a great group, we have a lot of fun! And we want you to join us and help make our games better!

To apply, send an email to with the subject heading "Play Testing Your Awesome Games" or something similar. Let us know if you have any experience playtesting software (either fan games or commercial), why you would like to playtest for us and your best joke.

Thanks and I hope to see you around IA soon!

~ Klytos

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #321 on: 30 Oct 2011, 08:55 »

I still urgently need a tester for "SINBAD and the Island of Korkus.. "

Sinbad faces a cyclops!

Sinbad faces Sakurahs' children of the night!! Can you defeat the 3 killer boneheads???

Please PM me for download.


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
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Hello talented people of the AGS community!

I am in need of an animator for walking views (up, down and sideways) and an animator for talking views (Lucasarts style) for my Bake Sale project.

I don't want to be a bother but if you can give me some examples of your past animations, that would be great!

I didn't want to ask for help, but I hate doing walking and talking animations because they take up a lot of time. The pleasure of having someone else do them for me would help me out greatly.

Please PM me and I will get back to you when I decide :=

Thank you!
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #323 on: 06 Nov 2011, 18:06 »

I need backgrounds and animated character sprites for a sample adventure game. These artworks don't need to be new, anything old works for me.

This sample game is not an AGS game, it's target platform is iPhone/iPad and it will be using my own adventure kit I made with DragonFire SDK. That's right, I am working on an adventure game engine/library and for iPhone and iPad (and an adventure game which is using this engine). I will announce my project after being able to provide you a sample adventure game that works in iPhone.

For now, I have got this sample test game you see in the video below.

All graphics and sounds belong to the commercial game I am working on, I don't want to use these materials for the test game I will be releasing.

Why I am starting this thread in AGS Forums is because my working will be open-source after it's completed and what I currently need are not new backgrounds and character sprites. Anything you did in the past and give me permission to use in my sample game is okay for me, even if everything in my sample game will be logically inconsistent.

Let me make a list of what I need:
*Player character's animated sprites: Walking left/right, standing, talking.
*One non-playable character's animated sprites: Talking, idle.
*Two room backgrounds, preferably as wide as allowing side-scrolling.
*Two or more inventory items

My intention is to make this sample game available in iStore, downloadable for free. Of course you will be credited. I'm not planning to gain money from this adventure library (besides my own games, which will be using their own materials). Though, we can talk about this if you wish to sell me your material.
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Incinerations Seek Beta-Testers
« Reply #324 on: 08 Nov 2011, 22:29 »
Following in the tracks of the Space Quest 2 Remake and "Vohaul Strikes Back," "Incinerations" is also currently seeking a couple good beta-testers. This is a full-length game, so applicants should have prior experience in beta-testing. Knowledge in AGS scripting is a plus, and a high threshold for patience is a requirement. If you're interested in joining the project, please fire me off a PM and tell me why you'd be good for the position.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #325 on: 11 Nov 2011, 20:13 »
Hello there,

I'm looking for translators who speak fluent
Russian, Hungarian or Portuguese.
I want to translate my game from English in some of these languages above for a short adventure game.

If there are someone who would like to help me, please contact me by PN.


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #326 on: 21 Nov 2011, 22:54 »
Crystal Shard would like to have some music for the game Indiana Rodent:

It's a mario'esque platformer, so the best kind of music would be some sort of retro chiptune, but other suggestions are also welcome. What we're looking for is one-minute looping music that plays during a level, and it would be nice to have two or three different tunes for varying levels. Please send me a PM if you think this you can help with this.


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #327 on: 22 Nov 2011, 21:39 »
Paid work

Web design
ESA Films is a successful and expanding City based film production company.
We are looking to set up a new website for our TV commercials services and require a gifted Web Designer who can demonstrate a high level of creative flare with the ability to help us create a fresh look and feel for the site.
The ideal candidate will be able to work independently and have the ability to manage the whole production lifecycle including any development work required. You must have a strong portfolio of websites which showcase your creativity. Experience of on-line video highly desirable.
To apply for the role please email your CV to or call 0207 638 6333 for more information.

More Info:

We are looking for an ongoing freelance relationship with Cinema 4D animators, ideally with broad skills in 3D and motion graphics. Character animation experience is not essential.

Rates paid will be on a per project basis, but will be fair and at industry standard.

Dinnick & Howells is a small, multi-disciplinary design, motion graphics and video production company based in North London. We are looking to build up a wider range of talented collaborators as we grow, in all areas including design, motion and video.

More Info:

We are looking for fluent Thai and Arabic speakers who can come to our office and sit with an editor as a translator for a corporate. Must have excellent spoken and written knowledge, preferably a native speaker but not essential. Knowledge of editing not required.

The dates would be most likely 29th and 30th November and possibly more on that week. Our office is in Farringdon, Central London. Payment at an hourly rate.


More Info:


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #328 on: 23 Nov 2011, 17:24 »

We are looking for people who are decent impressionists. That is- with moderate practice you can hear a celebrity voice and do a fairly accurate impression.

this is a fan game and includes characters that need to sound like (our close to) the actors that played these characters (many of the main cast, we've already found voice actors for but there are still some main characters we are taking auditions for). However, most of the characters in This game are characters we created so it doesn't matter what their voice sounds like as much. So even if you don't feel you can do justice to the actors we need, we may still be able to use you.

We are trying to keep information about this game limited to the people involved in the project but we are extremity organized and have a decent sized team working on this project. So, if you are at all interested then shoot me a PM and I'll give you more info.
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Re: Recruit A Team - Tester for MONEY CAB
« Reply #329 on: 25 Nov 2011, 08:57 »
Tester wanted for new quiz game 'Money Cab'


Please PM for details and download.



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We need YOU!
« Reply #330 on: 25 Nov 2011, 14:50 »
Hello everybody!

Slash Studio is creating a Space Quest fan sequel - 'SQ XII: Vohaul's Revenge II'.
Currently we need help of:
-BG artists
-Portrait artists

If you need information about the game, you can find it here.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #331 on: 28 Nov 2011, 14:45 »
Hello, all.

I'm looking to adapt a novel I started writing 5 years ago but never finished into an adventure game.  Basically, I feel that I have a solid idea, but I have no drawing skills whatsoever and need to find an artist/artists who would be willing to contribute their talents to the project.

What I need are:  character art and animation (need both), as well as backgrounds.  Ideally I would like to find someone capable of doing all those things just to keep the project small, but if you are willing to do just one that would be fine.  I had originally conceived the idea to be in an anime/manga style, but am open to different ideas; however, I definitely am looking for higher-res looking graphics.  I would like this game to be pretty.

The eventual game will be fairly long, but I'm thinking that I will probably divide it into chapters and release it in installments.  I have little income so I can't exactly pay anyone right now, BUT I am considering attempting to sell this game commercially, and if that's the case, everyone involved in the project will get a cut.  I know virtually nothing about the business end of, well, ANYTHING, really (which is why I have so little money in the first place) so I can't promise that you'll actually profit from this arrangement, but I can assure you that if you don't profit, I won't either.  Oh, yeah, that reminds me:  if you know anything about the independent game industry or business in general and would be willing to help with that end of things, I would appreciate that as well.

I don't have any sort of timeline or deadline, so whenever you have time to work on this is fine, so long as you can work at a more or less consistent rate.

If you are interested, please PM me, or send an email to  Let me know what you would be willing to do, how much time you are willing to devote to it, and include a sample of your work.  If I think you would be a good fit, I'll fill you in on the details of the project.

Please and Thank-you,
Styop Quoons (MUFFINinc)

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #332 on: 01 Dec 2011, 17:26 »
I'm looking for some testers to bug-hunt and generally advice-give throughout the production of a game.

So far it's about 25% complete. The game's unannounced as yet, and will remain that way for some time, so you need to be hush-hush about it.

If you're interested, though, please PM me for further details.
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Zombie Attack needs testers!
« Reply #333 on: 05 Dec 2011, 16:51 »
Hello, everyone, so I'm going to reach the half-way mark content-wise of my bake sale game at the end of this week. I'm going to need testers to start balancing the game, so that I don't run into problems towards the end of development.

What you'll be testing:
* A top-down text-mode shoot 'em up inspired by cheesy '90s video games! - check out GiP thread.
* 2 episodes comprising a total of 4 randomly-generated levels!
* 12 bosses
* 24 special items
* 8 different weapons (rockets and chainsaws included!)
* 3 difficulty settings

I'm going to need 1 more person!

PLEASE treat this with RESPECT. We're on a DEADLINE, and the faster and more detailed feedback you can send will greatly increase our chances of reaching it and delivering a quality gaming experience.

PM for details and thank you very much in advance! :)
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #334 on: 06 Dec 2011, 22:03 »
Hello all, I am desperately looking for a person who could do music for my game. I just need someone who can do fantasy music and a few battle tracks. When ever I am giving information on the type of track I need I all ways tend to send over a reference you tube video that will help you get the picture cause I am bad at explaining music. I'm not a picky person so I won't say things like "No that's not what I was looking for! do it over.", I rather just add it to the game cause I know after a while the player will get used to and may end up liking it.

Please please please! if you have the time then why not be apart of something awesome :3

I will give you as much information as you need if your interested so just PM me or email me at

Oh and the last thing is, like the last post. My game is on the same deadline so please only assist if you are sure you will be able to help out when need. Not that I'm gonna rush you though.

Hi all you testers...

need tester for SPIT BOY.

Spit your way to become World spitting champion!

Expected launch date: Jan 2012


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #336 on: 26 Dec 2011, 14:49 »
Hello. I need someone to draw me a "computer fairy" pressing a button. Willing to pay for the animation, details in PM if you are interested.

Hello everyone.
I need someone to draw a high quality animation of a "computer fairy" pressing a button.
I would need it in pizel art style and/or a-la "monkey island 3" style.
Please PM me if you are interested.

A little background: i am sort of an art director in a web development company, and was given a task to create a company mascot which shuld be implemented in a web game to present our company etc.  Being a web artist i have no experience in character animation myself, so i need a few initial designs to show our artists, who by the way have never played an adventure game =)

Please PM me or post your price and some examples of your work here.
Payment in PayPal or if you don't have one in Amazon gift cards =))) In anything you like actually)
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Re: Recruit A Team - TESTER WANTED
« Reply #337 on: 31 Dec 2011, 19:24 »

Tester for my present game - Jetpack Sam -  urgently required.


Please PM for details.


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #338 on: 05 Jan 2012, 13:39 »
Hey guys,

Himalaya Studios is on the lookout for an AGS scripter to help expedite progress on our upcoming RPG/Adventure game, Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements:

Please note that this is a commercial paid project. A contractor arrangement will be worked out with the successful applicant. If you think you fit the bill, please send an application!

Applicants should have the following qualities:

1) Self-motivated.

2) Experienced with AGS scripting.

3) A passion for Role-Playing/Adventure games (like Quest for Glory and King's Quest) and be familiar with how both genres work. (Bonus points for clever puzzle design ideas & creative solutions).

If interested, please send an e-mail to with the subject line "AGS Programmer" and let us know your skills, what AGS/Unity games you've worked on, and what you think you can bring to this project. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #339 on: 06 Jan 2012, 17:40 »
Hi all.

I've five months into my current project (a substantial re-imagining of the Infocom classic Bureaucracy) and I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that I could really use a hand with some of the background art.

These backgrounds are strictly two-dimensional and not particularly onerous.  In fact, due to stylistic choices made, most of the backgrounds are little more than 400x70.  There's less than 40 total, and half are already "sorta-done".  I'm just missing the details and skills neccessary from taking the quality from passable to pretty.

Comprehensive design documents are available for anyone who is interested in partnering up with me.  I'm easy to contact and not overly demanding or controlling.  Ideally, I'm looking for a volunteer who is interested in drawing a contemporary setting.

I know it's hard to get an artist excited about somebody else's project, but I'd hate to have to hire a professional when the possibility remains that somebody might be between games and willing to volunteer.

Anyway, drop me a line if you think you might be interested, or are interested in learning more about this game.