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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #360 on: 10 Mar 2012, 23:06 »
Random In-Game screenshot:
Some work one of our artists has begun:

Looking for VGA artists on the GrimQuest project, We have decided to do a VGA overlay of the original EGA version to spice it up a bit.
We could also use another coder to help us bounce ideas.

Also looking artists of other types, voice actors, coders, etc for other projects, Including a HERO6 Revival!

And as always, BETA Testers are desperately needed as well and just everyday general users.

Keep in mind GrimQuest is an mmo, so we need people to come and play it on a daily basis so we can balance out the multiuser system.

Depending on the depth of modification to the game there may be a % based revenue sharing among top contributors.

Please join our forums at: if you would like to beta test or join our team.

visit our GIP page here if you just want to be a general user:

Thank you ever so graciously,
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #361 on: 19 Mar 2012, 02:53 »
Hello, my name is Devyn, and I am looking for some help. I'm new to AGS, but I am a quick learner. I certainly need an artist, for detailed rooms. I will also need someone decent with scripting. The story is still being made, but the type of game it will be would be kinda like this :

 - Survival
 - Combat
 - RPG elements
 - Many places to explore
 - Not modern
 - Fantasy-ish
 - Realistic

If you are interested in the development just reach me on skype or steam with this username: craftedblood

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #362 on: 21 Mar 2012, 19:55 »
Hi all,

My Black Sect remake is 90% done. I'm using the original Lankhor graphics but I had to redo the gui screens.
So... does anyone want to draw a few gui buttons? The standard buttons look awkward on these backgrounds and it would be great if someone could help me out by drawing something that makes them blend in.

The game resolution is 320x200 16 bit.
The gui screens look like this and I need buttons for x, quit, play, ok and del.
pm me if you can help me out. :)

Board Game
« Reply #363 on: 22 Mar 2012, 06:20 »
I'm looking for a programmer and an artist to help me make a board game using the AGS engine.

The game is called "Master of the Tarot."  It is a card/board game.  Normally, the game is to be played by 2 to 4 players but for this demonstration game program that I want, it will be 1 player against 1 to 3 computer players.

I will need someone who knows how to program for a card game that plays a little bit like the classic card game of "War" and who can program a board game that uses dice to move the pieces.

If you are willing to help me out with this, PM me and I'll send you a copy of the rules of the game so you can get a better understanding of what I am looking for.  Thank you.


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star wars the new generation
« on: 27 Mar 2012, 03:02 »   
 a star wars parody game

master Yoda   gets  hit by  a power lazar  and turns into crazy  and  try's to ruing his inter star ship  with no father hope his solders find two guys  with hopes that they'll find
a medicine  for master Yoda and see their true destines

voice actors needed both male and female
i need all lines done

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #365 on: 03 Apr 2012, 00:15 »
I need a flash animator for cutscenes, a sprite animator, and a background artist.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #366 on: 06 Apr 2012, 16:48 »
I am developing a very, very simple/barebone games to announce the nominees for the AGS Awards 2011.
I need some artwork from you, AGS folks!

If you have got a half finished sprite/background or anything that is collecting dust on your desktop, please send it to me before Monday the 9th.

I also need a cheerful-puzzley tune.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #367 on: 10 Apr 2012, 06:48 »

If I may, there are thing I'm having some difficulty with. Particularly when it comes to character out. I already got a panelist for the graphic novel version. The story is as follows:

Silhouette Man is driving along a burnt forest road for what felt like an hour. The road landscape was like a lonely dying bush in the desert. In a split second, he was driving and then a blond girl in a white night gown walked across the road. He swerves off the road into crator.

Boom! And then blackout.

He waks up with his body tied up to a surgeons table, wrapped up with duct tape. A bright light shines in his face, and grows dimmer. He could see a reptilian skinned doctor smiling at him with his yellow colored black slitted eyes. He is grabbed by the other surgeons, and then held down while the chief was drawing a black line across my forehead.

And then his snapped open, and was lying on the cratored ground starring into the sun. He got up and saw a white void, and then saw a blond girl standing in front of him, with her back to him. She had her palms in her face, and was crying. And then he saw blond on her hands. He tries to walk to her, but she dissapeared.

He climbs out of the crator, and then walks into the forest. A deer walking along the forest trail, was starring at him. And then a storm erupted. The rain burned through his shirt. He needs to find the nearest cave....


Silhouette Man - has a surprising amount of knowledge about surviving out in the wild, and eating things one would not normally expect a man to eat. He was sent here on a rescue mission to save an MK731 operator.

Samantha - Hesitant to get to know Silhouette Man, as evidenced by the fact that she keeps pushing him off when he tries to take her somewhere save so the parasites wont get her.

Parasitic Girl - Due to living in near total darkness in the caves, she crawls around with her feelers and sonar to move around. She has some difficulty with speech.

The Blond Girl - Wears a white nightgown, with blood all over it. The fact that she always has blondy hands covering her eyes before she disappears for a time is as much as we know right now.

What I'm Doing:

  Outline (50%)
  The Prose Of The Story (10%)
  The Scripting Of The Story (Trying To Figure Out What A Video Game Script Is.)
  The Screenplay (Still figuring out if I need to worry about shots.)
  Rough Storyboard (6 Pages)
  Background Art (See me)

What I Need:

  Background Art (I explain the need for this if and when you contact me.)
  Character Artist (I'm doing one of the sprites, but for every other character I'm going to need some help.)
  Coding Assistance (I can do the basics, but battle system is tricky.)

If you wish to help out with graphics or coding, see me for email.^^ Hope this isn't to much information.


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #368 on: 12 Apr 2012, 16:26 »
I'm looking for translators for the epic task of translating all text for an upcoming commercial adventure game. A deferred payment is available once the game goes on sale! Additionally I would be interested to hear from proof-readers too. We are aiming for a big European audience, so the languages in question (English to x language) are currently:


(Note: German is currently covered, except proof-reader)

Feel free to get in touch via PM or email me mark at to find out more. Thanks!

PS. I'd be interested to hear from people who might want to make translating a more permanent thing, rather than just a one off on this instance - although that is fine.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #369 on: 13 Apr 2012, 01:43 »
Important information!

With the creation of a dedicated recruitment board, this thread is no longer needed. If you are looking to recruit for a project, please start a dedicated recruitment thread.

Before you do, though, please read the "Board Guidelines" and take a look at the "Example Recruitment Thread" to ensure your thread meets board standards.

This thread will remain open for now, to allow the more recent posts to be seen, but it will be locked within the next few days.
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