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Author Topic: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?  (Read 107495 times)


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #340 on: 22 Jan 2012, 15:45 »
Right... you'll have to pardon me if I sound vague, but here we go..
I require a few musicians to compose a MIDI conversion of the music from Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds. Essentially, I want the separate beds and musical interludes and things. If you're familiar with their compilation on the stage plays, that'd be a bonus (since I'm trying to shoot for a Laura Bow-esque approach). And, if you could, I'd rather they started immediately, and looped seamlessly, since trying to make them play from a certain point is a little difficult for me.


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #341 on: 24 Jan 2012, 02:17 »
A selection of related creative jobs:

Writer - paid
We are looking for the writer of our up and coming TV Pilot 'Cast a Star'
we want it to be a scripted documentary style reality TV piece; that will cast our next film 'Dissection'. The short-listed actors will then be put into a house to do daily tasks, that relate to the filming process. The actors we like the best will be cast into roles.

The show will incorporates a range of shows that you would have already seen, for example: X-factor, Big Brother, The Hills, Made in Chelsea, The only way is Essex etc. By putting them together we will produce something that is new and exciting for audiences, interested in the arts.

The writer will be paid £300-500 plus 1% of net producers profit depending on experience.

More Info:

Photo re-toucher - paid
Alison Jackson is looking for an experienced photographic retoucher proficient in photoshop mainly to deal with topical shoots for The Sunday Times.

Alison Jackson makes films about celebrities doing things in private using lookalikes that are made to look convincingly real. Her style is voyeuristic. She shoots as if through windows and door cracks or as if on a blackberry etc. Interest in celebrity culture is therefore a must.

Much re-touching involves re-touching portraits, replacing/reshaping facial features, matching lookalike facial posures to those of real celebrities, inserting replacement body doubles into photographs.

The applicant must be able to work extremely fast. Often re-touching must be done on set or within half a day as the images are needed quickly for press.

We would love to look at showreels, cv's and can talk through if necessary. Please send cv's to Freelance rate to be negotiated. Work is based in London.
Many thanks.

Sound/music composition - paid

We have launched a high quality music licensing site, we are attracting alot of clients, and urgently need more content. We need tracks of production music and soundscapes for the "library" section of our website. visit for more info on our business.
Licensors receive 50% of all licensing fees.
please email or with your details.

More Info:

2D animator - paid
Style specific 2D Animator needed for freelance, ongoing temporary work with busy commercial production company in West London. Remote worker.
Style required is 2D line drawing / cartoon with ability to animate within both a fully graphical scene and with live action platform. Tracking and compositing elements on live action footage is a key requirement.

At least 2 years experience or significant proof of commissions.

Other requirements are - ability to deliver on time to brief, pre visualise work, sufficient render facilities for commercial work and where necessary mock up basic animation elements at pitch stage.

Use of Adobe After Effects or similar software necessary. Preferable that you are available from now for the next 6 weeks – please let us know in your response.

Rate TBC

More Info:

After effects - paid
After Effects Specialist required for high end corporate work with AE being your primary discipline.

You must be local to the Birmingham area, and able to work from our City Centre offices.

You will have a proven track record, and have credits in commercial, corporate or the broadcast sectors.

Please forward links to your work, with a covering letter and a full CV.
and your expected daily rate.

Please note We will only shortlist candidates from the West Midlands region, as travel is not paid.

More Info:

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #342 on: 25 Jan 2012, 10:54 »
Hey everybuggy! I desire to haul my old game project out of the mothballs, and actually finish it. (I started it back in 07? Augh!) First person point and click game- which I know isn't AGS' forte, but the other adventure game product out doesn't have the active community that exists here.

I have the plot, walk through & puzzles all laid out, just need to go back over them and make sure it all still flows correctly.  I am rebuilding the room and item graphics, there's no PC sprites (but there may be 1 NPC sprite, sorta) I haven't decided about music/sound yet- it will probably exist, but getting the graphics and code done is a priority.

What I need, is someone familiar and comfortable with AGS to translate Elerieese into working code and puzzles- because I'm not familiar enough with AGS, and I can't code my way out of a paper bag, I need someone who can look at my puzzles and happenings and say "Yes, we can do that- here's what graphics you have to make for me to make that work" or "Frak no, come up with something different."

Not entirely flaky, willing to really make this happen would be nice, too ;)

Right now, all I can promise is full credit and my eternal adoration, which isn't much, I know :(

If nothing else, DarkComet can attest to my mad storytelling and puzzle making skillz, so you at least know you wouldn't be working on something entirely sucky.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #343 on: 26 Jan 2012, 19:20 »
Ok, I am now absolutely begging for help with my game. Art, music, animation, sound!! I can handle the programming, but I might ask for a few tutorials on a few things. This happens every time: I just don't have the patience to make a whole game on my own!! :o
(I could perhaps go down to EGA-scale... :-\)

Sane Co.

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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #344 on: 29 Jan 2012, 17:00 »
I am looking for an a programmer. I can handle the rest. I have the plot done the puzzles ready and the programing shouldn't take too long. The programer will receive between 1/3 (I have an artist too.) and 1/2 (I might help him with his game) of the profit I make. People who enter must be prepared to be finished by May, let's not rush it though, this is for a game bundle people will be paying for. If you are interested please PM me.
EDIT: This place has been filled. Thanks to all of you.
Sane Co.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #345 on: 31 Jan 2012, 18:38 »
Request for writers now filled - I have 3 good candidates.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #346 on: 02 Feb 2012, 01:37 »
I'm looking for someone who can design the art (backgrounds and character sprites, generally) for my game. I can handle everything else, coding, music, whatever, but my skills with art are, well, shitty.

I don't really have any way I can reward you for helping except for that warm fuzzy feeling you'll get, so I'd appreciate it if someone did help.

I'm looking for sort of a 7 Days a Skeptic style, lots of grays and somewhat 16-bit looking.

PM me or shoot me an email if you're interested.

Just so you know what you're getting into, this is the concept art of the two main characters, the Prisoner and the Warden.

Sorry it's sideways XD


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #347 on: 02 Feb 2012, 14:58 »

I've found myself in need of a person/persons to test an in game battle system, loosely based on Langrisser2 (Or Warsong in English).

Experience with TBS games along the lines of advance wars or Technocrat's awesome Operation: FORKLIFT would help.

Be forewarned that it's basically held together with duct tape , and full of pace-holder graphics I've borrowed from other, unfinished projects.

- Oh, and you'll need to have a numeric keypad,

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #348 on: 05 Feb 2012, 16:03 »
I'm looking for anyone who would like to help with the graphics to a Horror/Drama adventure, i cant draw for sh** so if anyone is good or atleast better than me at drawing ( i cant draw a stick figure without people second guessing what it is... ) what i have in mind is a dark twisted theme

* story is 100% complete

all that remains is the rest 

The story is about a man who loose his daughter in a terrible car accident, a week after the loss, his wife commits suicide and he tries to kill himself by driving off a bridge, he survives and wakes up in a hospital with a severe memory loss and seeing things he cant explain, flashes of what he thinks are memories, slowly his memories are coming back to him.. but are they memories or dreams, and are they his!
The more he remembers the more sinister the plot of the game become.

this will be a very dark,emotional horror/drama game in the borderlands of sanity and insanity, what´s real and what´s possibly cant be real!

Violence,blood,gore,suggestive themes,alcohol 18+

anyone up for the challenge?

PM me  ;)

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #349 on: 05 Feb 2012, 19:09 »
Hopefully not a long shot but...

I am looking to see if anyone is interested in doing Character art OR animations for said Characters. Wanting to do both is a plus of course. There is no deadline of any kind. I have been brooding on this game off and on for two years. This is forcasted to be a medium length game. PM If interested and I can send you a little design document about the game. Since I really would like to find someone, this could easily be turned into a paid position.

The background images shown below are done by fellow AGSer Gameboy!

Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #350 on: 09 Feb 2012, 14:18 »
Hi AGSers!

I need the following to join my team for an upcoming psychological thriller game.


- Character artist/sprite designer
- Music/soundtrack composer

The game has 3D rendered backgrounds in 2D so I need 3D characters in 2D too. Much like Diamonds in the Rough, for example.

You can see a preview of the screen shots below to give you some flavour of the style I'm after. I need all characters created. You will of course be credited.

This is a game idea I've toyed with now for just short of 4 years and I'm extremely determined to bring it to fruition. This will hopefully be the first of a series of games, depending on the success of the first.

Please ignore the 'character' in these images, it's purely for scale reference.

I need someone who won't suddenly disappear so I need someone who's committed.

If you think you've got what it takes then please please please don't hesitate to PM me.


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #351 on: 14 Feb 2012, 09:19 »
 Hi you all!
I'm looking for a midi composer for an entry in this month's MAGS: Espionage. The game is about a ninja mission so the music should be kinda oriental

If interested PM me!
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    • Radiant worked on one or more games that was nominated for an AGS Award!
Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #352 on: 21 Feb 2012, 00:15 »

For the Quasar Voice Pack I would like to have someone versed in editing sound files take a quick look at the samples used, and where needed clean up static and equalize the volume. Please PM me if you can help out, thanks!


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #353 on: 24 Feb 2012, 00:08 »


I'm looking for a background artist for a small game me and Mouthuvine are making.

It's called Dead Canary and consists of a man with amnesia in amongst the dystopian streets of Boston in the year 2201. He awakes in a warehouse with murdered secret police agents and vigilante meta-physicians around him. Confused, dazed and unaware of the knowledge they were after, the protagonist must escape the warehouse and retrace his steps to figure out what kind of trouble he was in.

Not the most original concept when typed out so briefly but the game will be heavy on back story, puzzles and narrative.

Although only short there will be around 6 - 8 rooms.

I'm looking for general pixel styled graphics. There will be no payment as it's just a small free game that'd help us all learn AGS a little more.

If interested please PM me.

Some sprites can be seen below.

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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #354 on: 06 Mar 2012, 23:46 »
Hello AGS users. I'm Arthur, and I'm making an Adventure game. However, I'm going to need some help with the program, as in, I'm going to need an AGS expert to help me out. I need someone who knows how to use the program inside and out. I was using Desming's video tutorial, but he stopped making them, and I'm pretty sure he's not going to continue it. So if there is an Adventure Game Studio expert somewhere out there, PLEASE send me a message, and let me know if you can help. As for the progress of the actual game itself, a couple of my friends and I have already come up with some ideas for puzzles, and the entire storyline is pretty much done. We've even got some background music set up. All we need now are some sprite animators, background artists, voice actors, and as I've said earlier, someone to help with AGS. I hope people come on by and help out with the game. I'm really excited about it Anyway, send me a message if you're an expert of AGS, and want to help out. You can even message me if you want to help out with the other things if you want. Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. See you in the next post.   :)

EDIT: I got someone to help with AGS.
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #355 on: 07 Mar 2012, 00:31 »
Hello all. My name is Paul. I'm working on the prototype for what is technically a licensed adventure game (it's based on a book that came out a few years ago about two friends traveling the country correcting typos; I don't think I should say any more than that here).

I need help with the art. It's just the prototype, so we're not (yet) looking at a full game. There's two basic "levels"; one's a tutorial, and one's a more advanced stage. We're looking at three screens, 3-4 characters (and accompanying animations), a bunch of inventory items, a couple cursors, maybe some help with the GUI, depending on how ambitious I get...stuff like that.

I can pay, but not a ton. I can also say that, if the project gets picked up and we both want to continue collaborating on it, there'd be a chance for you to keep working on the full game, if you wanted, which would be a commercial release.

I'll want to see art samples; I'm treating this like a big deal for me personally, so I want to make sure every aspect is as good as I can get it before I present it to the author (who's already totally on board with the idea). PM me if you're interested!
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #356 on: 08 Mar 2012, 03:43 »
Yeah, so I re-posted my question on here, hoping it would take it to the FIRST page of this thread, instead of the LAST page. It didn't work. Sorry about that.  :-[ But just to summarize my question. I'm going to need an expert on AGS, some sprite animators, background designers, and voice actors. PM me if you want to help out with these things.


Hey guys! Me again. So I just read Domithan's reply to my post, and apparently my post isn't very well written. Well, it was my very first post, so can you really blame me?  := Anyway, he says I need to give more information on my game. So you know what Domithan? That's what I'm gonna do. Lets see. I might as well start with storyline. The story is about a stick figure named Rolph Stickowits, (Ha! Get it? XD) who's dream is to become a super hero. Rolph is the only stick figure in the entire. game (besides his parents) I know. Weird plot.  ::) Anyway, I think that's all I'll say on the storyline. There's only so much I can say about the plot without completely spoiling something. All the other things he mentioned are voice actor related, but I'm gonna hold off on voice acting related things until the game is more developed. So, I'm ending this post here. Hopefully this one is more informative then the other one. I do got someone to help with AGS, which is awesome, so all I need at the current moment, are Sprite animators, and background artists. That's all for now. See you next time everyone. :)
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    • I can help with play testing
    • I can help with translating
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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #357 on: 08 Mar 2012, 21:11 »
Paid position:

I need someone to animate the characters I am drawing. There will probably be 7 or so in total. All I need is a basic 4 direction walk-cycle for each and a few extra movements for a few of them. The position will pay $30 USD. The payment can be discussed. Here is an example of one of the sprites you will be working with:

Please message me for further details as well as a quick demonstration of your ability to do this. Anything example of work you've done in the past will work, really. I'm just looking for something a bit more clean and neat than what appears in my games.


    • I can help with making music
    • I can help with play testing
    • I can help with translating
    • I can help with voice acting
Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #358 on: 09 Mar 2012, 15:06 »
ig299, please post clear information about your project. Edit your post please.

gamemaster468, all new posts always go to the end page, and people are only checking the end pages of this thread anyway.

Wishy washy poorly written posts are going to be removed!  :=

 so what didn't you get in my question?

*Is it a male or female role? Both?
*How many lines do you need done?
*When is it due?
*What format should the files be submitted in?
*Is microphone quality an issue?
*What is your game about?

To name a few.


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Re: Recruit A Team - need help with your game/project?
« Reply #359 on: 09 Mar 2012, 15:33 »
Yep, please re-post with full information igg. Look at every other post in this thread to see what we expect of your advertisment, and include all the things from Dom's list (above) if you actually want a reply from someone.