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So, before the forums went down, there was a very interesting discussion going on about how the games were to be re-organised. This sprung up from a recurring part of the feedback which said that as it stands right now, there was no way of telling the better games from the slightly more dubious in quality, and in particular which ones were relevant to the ongoing story and which were standalone.

So, I present the following suggestions, drawn up in emails between Renegade Implementor and myself, with explainations for the sections crossposted from the other RON topics. Please bear in mind that nothing is set in stone right now, these are but suggestions. Take a look and see what you think.

Canon Games
Games that are crucial in understanding both the RoN universe and the characters that inhabit it. The games in this section are considered canonical and part of the RoN universe timeline. The events in these games are set in stone. Anyone new to RoN and wants to know the timeline and crucial events should go to this section.

Lunchtime Of The Damned
Vengeance of the Chicken
I Spy
Return of Die Vie Ess
The Repossessor
The First Stitch
The Postman Only Dies Once
The Lost Treasure of RON
Dead Man's Political Party
Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman
The Underworld
The Phantom Inheritance
I Spy 2
The Unraveling
Paranormal Investigation
Cabbages and Kings
Kittens and Cacti
Apocalypse Meow (Chapter One)
Defender of RON
Purity of the Surf
The Spoons
Rock - A True Story

Stand-alone Games
Games that make use of established characters and events in self-contained stories. While these games do not significantly impact ongoing story or character arcs, they are still considered to have happened and can be referred to in other canon or stand-alone games.

Fowl Play
The Soviet Union Strikes Back
Monty on the Norm
Your Bum is Talking
The Punk Allen Trilogy
Strange Days
The Sorceror's Appraisal
The Chef
A Better Mouse Trap
Shadows of RON
MI5 Bob
Disappearance Time
The Petshop Incident
Major Bummer Dude: Lassi Quest RON
Stuck at Home
Simon's Journey
The Crazed Chicken
Cold Storage
The Murder of Adrian Elkwood
Root of all Evil

Experimental/Non Canon games
Games in this section are not considered to exist in the RoN universe at all. Events and characters in this section should generally not be referred to in canon or (to a lesser extent) stand-along games. As games in this section are isolated from an official canon, character death is permitted.

Davy Jones C'est Mort
The Universal Equalizer
Davy Jones is Back
Invasion of the Space Aliens...
Commander Keen Enters RON
The Lost Dollar
Before the Legacy
That Crazy World
I'm Only Sleeping
RON 13:13 Retaliation
Ron 13:13^2 The Thickening
Yet Another Death of Davy Jones Scenario
Au Naturel
Edge of Reality

Non-Adventure Games
A section for games that are non-adventure: quiz, rpg, action, platform, strategy, etc.

Ron Quiz Part 1
ROTN Quiz game 2
Men of War
Davy Jones's Spellbook
Easter in RON
Pre-RON MI5 Bob
Michael Gower's Zombie Hill

A section for game trailers, game demos, and technical demos

Edge of Reality (demo)
Scoop Da Poop � move to demos � not a game per se, it functions more like a demo
Time Out
Everything that Begins with an M
Drunk Punk Allen Episode 1

My personal take on this layout is that in the case of stand-alone or non-canon games, there can be some change over time. For example, the one thing that really stops Au Naturel being a Canon game is the small fact that Davy Jones is a character in it during a time he was meant to be dead. If this were altered, then it could become a canon game. Essentially, this is a small start with helping people know which events in the series so far warrent referencing or can be happily ignored.


The list alone looks very intimidating to a newcomer. I know about RON and have played the odd game, but never got really too involved with it- mostly due to the sheer size of said list of games. If I were a newcomer to AGS too that would mean a double concern: Can I master the engine, and can I get my head around a canon.

I understand the need for canon and have now started to hunt down and download the games mentioned, just for the fun of it, but it still looks a lot.

So, with a canon of 24 games, I think you are setting a pretty solid base, but you also require that these 24 games are known- a lot of effort.

Just my five cents, but more importantly, congratulations on RON being "closer" to the AGS forums now, and on the overall activity. Even as a "casual observer" I know how important RON has been, and still is.

Unfortunatly this is a problem with having so many games submitted over the years. Bear in mind that RON has been around since 2001, and in that time a pretty lengthy set of ongoing stories have developed. Having said that, this new system would mean that not playing the other odd 59 or so games would not be detrimental to doing a game that depended on knowing the current story.

Don't forget, the maker of a RON game doesn't have to do one centered around established characters or story if they choose. They can be completely standalone with original characters, such as the case with RI's 'Cold Storage'. Having clear distinctions in place - unlike previously, where new games were simply added onto the end and it really did give the impression of one long continuous story, something that WAS completly inpenetrable to casually dive into - would go some way to allieviate the intimidation that was once there. Not get rid of it entirely, but make a start of addressing it. Hopefully having wiki entries for these games - addressing significant events, effect on continuity, references to past games etc - will help reduce this intimidation further.

A possible suggestion - would a 'beginner's guide' page, maybe listing 4-5 of the most accessible games, help ease people in and be welcomed? I'm thinking maybe:

Lunchtime of the Damned - first game, sets the tone of the series.
The Repossessor - Carries on a number of themes from the first game.
Purity of the Surf - fairly standalone but features a number of secondary characters and forms a good 'overview' of their relation to each other.
The First Stitch - First in the Tapestry series.
Cabbages and Kings - First in the Night of the Kittens series.

These particular ones would let people easily branch off into the other canon ones, ie the other Tapestry or Kitten games.


--- Quote from: DC on 23 Feb 2009, 17:56 ---A possible suggestion - would a 'beginner's guide' page, maybe listing 4-5 of the most accessible games, help ease people in and be welcomed?
--- End quote ---

I think that'd be the way to go, yes. A small selection from the canon with a description *why* the game is canon. Once again I can only speak for myself, but I'd fell much better then- I'm not only being told that out of the larger canon, a few core games stand out, I'd also feel that the community is making an effort to ease me in.

Maybe a "starter pack" containing a selection of games, linked to a big friendly "Get XXX Here" button is possible?

Perhaps someone could put together a "Previously in RON..."-type deal, highlighting the various aspects of the "canon" storyline. Maybe even an AGS-based, interactive one.

Narrated by the homeless weirdo...


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