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--- Quote from: LimpingFish on 23 Feb 2009, 19:40 ---Maybe even an AGS-based, interactive one.

--- End quote ---

That wouldn't be very useful. Then you need both, one as a written story, one as interactive version. If you only have a playable version, you might miss essentials and it's easier to read back in a written story than to have to play the interactive one again.

I'm playing them all at the moment so I should be up2date in a week or 2. Then I can put together the basic story of RoN.

It starts as a pisstake, putting characters in completly implausable messed up situations that have nothing to do with the canon and takes the piss out of dramas/soaps:

(music - 'Escape', Craig Armstrong)

Max: No more games, Wolfgang! Where did you hide the bomb?
Wolfgang: The one place you would never think of looking.
Max: You dont mean...
Wolfgang: Yes. The hat.
*Yahtzeebrand explodes*

Elandra: Davy... I'm pregnant... and Hooky's the father!

DVE: Soon, everyone will be eating Reese's Puff Cereal... and the WORLD WILL BE MINE!

Gower: Death... I never told you this before... but I can't hold it in any longer...
Death: I know sir. And it's nothing to be ashamed of.
Gower: No one must know my dark secret. NO ONE.
Death: Don't say that, Mr Mayor. Line dancing is a perfectly acceptable pastime.

Elandra: Davy... I'm pregnant... and Melt is the father!

Greyson: This town... the number 23... it all makes SENSE now.

Fred: No, YOU drop YOUR weapon!

Elandra: Davy... I'm pregnant... and the chicken is the father!
Chicken: S'up.
Davy: ... MOMMY?!?

Thakbor: Let me go, Mika! I must fight the demons.
Mika: No Thakbor. YOU are the demons.

*cuts to the Bum in they alley, talking to Mary*

Bum: And then Thakbor became a zombie. Any questions?
Mary: Mary only wanted to know if the strange man had any rum.
Bum: Ah. Right.

... in fact, screw it. How about this for the proposed Lunchtime of the Damned remake? Have this for the intro, then make the Bum tell a REAL story, which segues into the game?

I think my brain just exploded...  ;)

Mr Flibble:
To inform and sever.

You crack me up, little buddy.

Being serious for a moment, I believe Creed Malay started a recap thing in the Fiction section where Max Griff narrated the events of the first 5 or so games in first person to an unknown third party in Scids. If this could be continued and given more prominence, then this would do wonders for people wanting an overview of a game and its repercussions in the wider story. Unfortunatly due to the site's current downtime I can't link it, but I'm pretty sure the older members know of what I mean.


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