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« Reply #20 on: 01 Feb 2009, 03:46 »
This is a great game! Very addictive, though I kept dying. It also took me a long while to find the main menu. If you ever feel like remaking this with better graphics and interface that would be excellent. I would be glad to help :)

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I would be happy to make a remake, but unfortunately, there is no time for that right now as I study Chinese and wish to study in China the next year :f) But if I will do a remake in the future, I will remember you.
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Hi there! I just found this comunity today and I think its really great. As long as this AGS thing is here, there will always be adventure games. This was the first game that I downloaded (maybe because I like middle ages so much) and it kinda makes me wanna do my own game. Hope that fallout scripting will help me there. Good game by the way. Not really an adventure game, but a nice "simulator". Good replay value.

PS: Thx for hearing me out and uploading the game again so its downloadable Gepard.