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Underworld II - The Return of Frank Malone
« on: 17 Aug 2009, 15:02 »
Frank Malone returns to RON after three years in a Mexican state prison, and plans to pick up exactly where he left off - by becoming the king of Reality's dark underworld. To do that, Frank's going to have to start afresh - find a business, assemble a gang, get the law off his back, and grind anyone who gets in his way beneath his fine italian feetwear. All in a day's work for a wannabe crime lord...

Because I'm in the mood to get a smallish game out soon, albiet one that uses mostly existing resources and only one or two new locations, I've dusted off one of my older projects and completly overhauled the story. This was actually one of the very first RON games I planned, but fell by the wayside when my desire to make it the first part of a GRAND MULTI PART EPIC ZOMG caused it to become crushed under the weight of my own noobish overambition. I've gotten a few things under my belt since then, and with the new attention RON is now getting, it seems a good time to give it another try.

The game is deliberatly set a good number of years after the original Underworld, which was set in 2002. Since the most recent (chronologically that is) RON game is set in 2003-04, there is the benefit of having something of a Time Skip - this gives writers an opportunity to show some growth in the characters (Davy and Elandra going to university, results of Gower's mayorship, etc), but mainly it can serve as a potential new starting point to re-establish the characters without having to play through all of the series up to this point.

ETA is when its done. If there's one thing I am hilariously bad at, its predicting when I will get stuff finished. Could be two weeks, could be two months. But I'll post when significant stages have been completed.
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Re: Underworld II - The Return of Frank Malone
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Alright, can't wait. You are far better with storylines than I will ever be.