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Re: DuzzQuest2
« Reply #20 on: 23 Jan 2010, 10:29 »
Hey Duzz if I'm not around here next week Happy Australia Day!

And the game is fricking awesome! :)


Re: DuzzQuest2
« Reply #21 on: 25 Jan 2010, 07:15 »
Thanks everyone, and happy australia day for tomorrow!

I did want to do a voice pack for DQ2, I'd recorded a few people's lines, some really good stuff too.  Unfortunately after the 4+ years it took me to get it finished quite a few of the characters have moved overseas, and I don't really see others anymore, so it'd be no small task to organise it.  Also probably the only reason I finally got it finished is because the company I was working for went under (recession proof industry my arse)  and I had a couple of months without work.  Now I've got another job (at the much more reputable firemint) so I don't have the spare time again.   :'(
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Re: DuzzQuest2
« Reply #22 on: 06 Feb 2010, 05:43 »
Played through it, had a lot of fun! Not much else to say really. Well worthy of its 4 cups.

Great work on this one  ;)


Re: DuzzQuest2
« Reply #23 on: 06 Feb 2010, 16:12 »
It took me a while but I played through this masterpiece in one sitting. It was so much fun I couldn't take a break from it! I played the first game before this one and the leap in quality is HUGE! The interface and gameplay were top notch and the dialogue & story were excellent and funny. There were some really inventive puzzles there too. Really good job with this one, hoping to see even more games from you in the future!