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Since a lot of trophies went missing after the demise of Neole's web storage service, I thought we could collect all the trophies people have made - and won - so far.
Not only would it be swell to see all the trophies in one thread, it would also allow those eligible for long lost trophies to once again include them in their sigs.

If you've got a trophy picture you've made but lack hosting, email it to me (petterlj at yahoo dot se). If you're already hosting a trophy image, post it here along with the name and date of the competition, and preferably who's eligible for it, if that's not too much to ask for.

I will gather all the contributions into one big trophy compilation.

Monsieur OUXX:

--- Quote from: Andail on 14 Jun 2010, 22:33 ---it would be swell to see all the trophies in one thread

--- End quote ---


Neat idea Andail. I am glad I saved mine on my computer and used Photobucket to store them.

I will always cherish the Golden Floppy Disk trophy that Ghost made. I love that thing.  :)

Dom, where did you get that gift-wrapped trophy from?  I used to have a bronze one of them, but it disappeared.

I think it was from Twirly. It was an Honorable Mention trophy.

Can't remember what coloring ball it was from though.

edit: This is the thread, but none of her trophies are there though.


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