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Plugin: AGS Text-To-Speech
« on: 12 Aug 2010, 21:08 »
So, I've played around with smiley's new awesome AGS Plugin API for C#
and I made this plugin.

This is simply a small wrapper to Microsoft speech API, which convert text to speech.

The functions available via this plugin are:
Code: [Select]
//This function will speak the chosen text, with the selected voice,
//at the chosen speech rate and volume.
//The voice index range is from 0 to the number of voices installed on the computer
// (this can be queried with TTSGetVoicesCount)
bool TTSSpeak(const string text, int voiceIndex, int speechRate, int volume);

//Returns the number of installed voices on the computer
int TTSGetVoicesCount()

//Returns the name of a specific voice index, can be useful
//if you are looking for a specific voice
String TTSGetVoiceName(int voiceIndex)

- Windows
- Dot Net framework installed
- VC++ 2010 redist installed, at
- At least one voice installed (XP and above come with at least one default voice, not sure what happens before that)
- That's it as far as I'm aware

You can download the plugin here.

It comes with a demo game, both the plugin + demo have binaries and sources available.

In order to use the plugin in your game, here's what you need to do:
Go to the plugin binaries folder.
Copy the wrapper dll and the plugin dll to the AGS folder.
Copy the speech api dll to your game _Debug and Compiled folders.

You can now use the plugin in your game,

Before distribution, I think that you need to copy the wrapper to the compiled folder as well...


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Re: Plugin: AGS Text-To-Speech
« Reply #1 on: 13 Aug 2010, 00:39 »
Sweet! The demo game worked flawlessly - although all I have is "MS-Anna-1033-20-DSK".
Nice work!
This could come in handy for the next hourgame...
Still waiting for Purity of the Surf II

Re: Plugin: AGS Text-To-Speech
« Reply #2 on: 20 Nov 2013, 21:20 »
This sounds awesome. The links in this forum are dead, unfortunately. Does anyone know whether this plugin is still available?