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Following discussions in this previous thread, I have decided to go ahead and open up the source code for the AGS Editor.

It is released under the Artistic License 2.0; please read and understand the license before downloading the source code.

Some important points about this release:
* The AGS Editor source code is C#, built with Visual Studio 2008 and targetted to .NET 2.0. You should be able to compile it with the free Visual C# Express edition, but I haven't tried this.
* This source release does not include the source code to the AGS.Native DLL. This assembly is a mixed-mode managed and native C++ assembly, which has dependencies on various other libraries such as Allegro, ALFONT and Scintilla, which makes it relatively complex to compile. I will consider releasing the source code for this in the future.
* The editor uses irrKlang for audio previews, you may need to download this separately if you can't build the editor.
* The AGS.CScript.Compiler assembly has a half-finished re-write of the script compiler. Only the Preprocessor part of this assembly actually currently used; the rest of it is only half finished.
* This release is completely unsupported. Additionally, I will not provide support for any bugs or problems you have with a version of the AGS Editor that you built yourself, or problems with any games that you create with such a version.

Contributing changes:
* The "Standard Version" of the AGS Editor will still be controlled by me. This will be the version available for download on the website. However, I am looking forward to receiving fixes and improvements to incorporate into it.
* I may set up some sort of CVS at some point. For now, if you make any bug fixes or add any cool new features, please post your updated source code in this thread so that we can discuss adding it to the Standard version of AGS.
* I would prefer for the Plugin API to be enhanced so that minimal changes are actually required to the Core AGS Code, and that more functionality can be implemented by plugins.

Source code download:

Have fun! Let me know how you get on, or if you have any problems compiling the code.

Denzil Quixode:
I did need the irrKlang.NET2.0.dll, and this Post-Build event caused me a problem:

E:\Code\ags\netedit\UpdateCPPVersion\bin\Release\UpdateCPPVersion.exe $(TargetPath) I don't even have an E: drive ;D - is UpdateCPPVersion important? - but after I removed that, VC#2008 Express compiled it no problem:

This is main website news, Pumaman. When is the main site going to reflect this?

What would be the easiest way to compile this for Mono on Linux? Anything I should take into consideration?

Calin Leafshade:
as far as I'm aware mono projects are pretty much identical to .NET ones with the exception of some very specific technologies.

I dont see why it shouldnt work out of the box.


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