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Author Topic: OROW: 1st of August. RESULTS.  (Read 34270 times)


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Re: OROW: 1st of August. RESULTS.
« Reply #160 on: 26 Aug 2011, 13:09 »
Ok, first of all: CONGRATS, EVERYONE! This is was an awesome OROW and I'm now not a game virgin anymore.

Secondly, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who played my game, I very much appreciate your time! :D

However, I'm doing a few minor improvements on Procrastinator as we speak (music, bug fixing, disabling debug mode X_X), and for those reporting the bug, I can't reproduce it, so what the hell?

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So, you guys woke up in the padded room, freed yourselves, used the tape on the padding and then went on the balcony and clicked "Jump off" and the game froze?!

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