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Here is the initial version of an engine port to Android. It is based on the PSP port, so it also shares some features:

- Support for AGS data files version 2.50 - 3.21 UPDATE: now supports up to 3.4.0-P2
- Plugin support including AGSBlend and open-source recreations of the Snow/Rain and Flashlight plugin
- All color depths and screen resolutions

The mouse cursor is moved by dragging, a left click is done by a quick touch and a right click by touching with two fingers. You can bring up the software keyboard with the MENU button.

I chose the namespace as "". The reason was that I want to avoid the situation of the ScummVm project, where another private namespace was initially used and is still kept to avoid breaking updates through the market. Still, this is open to discussion. For now, the application is also not on the market (would be too early in development anyway).

Games must be placed on the SD card root in the "ags" directory. Each game needs its own subdirectory (like in the PSP port). The data file is automatically detected within the folder.

Native libraries are included for all Android platforms (armeabi, armeabi-v7, x86).

I am no expert in Android development so I would appreciate any feedback.  :=


[Crimson Wizard's EDIT] Because JJS has long abandoned development, his builds are very much outdated. You can still use them to run games made with AGS 3.2.1 and earlier, but you won't be able to use them to run newest game created with newest versions of AGS.
Since 3.4.0-p2 release there will be Android APK download link along other downloads provided in respected forum threads. Check "AGS Engine & Editor Releases" forum section.
Current release:
-===   ===-

Old JJS's daily builds (circa 2013 and earlier):

Source here:

For usage instructions see here:

Please also post feature requests and bugs there.

Where can I find the 'like' button...

oh here it is  :=

Despite i find this ultra-amazing, my android phone doesn't. Xperia 10 mini.

Calin Leafshade:
magic, will report back.

I have a new HTC sensation tho so i wont be much use for performance testing


--- Quote from: Dualnames on 03 Nov 2011, 20:44 ---Despite i find this ultra-amazing, my android phone doesn't. Xperia 10 mini.

--- End quote ---
Hmm, so what happens? Does it not install or not run?

Maybe I should add that for non-market apps to work, you have toggle some setting in the system options (allow installation from "unknown sources").

The minimum Android version this runs on is 1.6 and I have only run it on my T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) which is probably a very low performance device nowadays. Overall games run way worse on it than on the PSP which is mostly due to lack of an FPU I guess.


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