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Re: AGS engine Android port
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Hey cat! That's cool! If you want to try with the apk, you just get it on your phone and place the game there. Probably what CW linked there works fine.

For your case I think you should go with the phone you have. I have dipped my toes in two vertical games and made them 180x320. They are linked in my signature.

Some recent phones are coming with even more elongated screens - my phone 18.5:9. But I still think 16:9 is fine.

If you want to build your own .apk, I have released every Android Studio project I used on GitHub. I couldn't figure out how to write well the README though, so everyone who tried did hit a rock at some point and messaged me, so any hit just write me up or hit an issue button on GitHub.


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Re: AGS engine Android port
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This is an APK for latest 3.5.0 beta:

It probably has same issues with hardware mode though: works on some devices and does not work on others.
I downloaded the package and installed it on my phone. I was able to start it and play a built game, but weirdly, the app does not show up in my app-list (the one you get when swiping up on home screen, yalp store shows it, I don't have or use the Google store). Is there a setting or something to make an app show there?

@eri0o: My partner suggested to use 1280x720 because this will work on most phones (going for hi-res). I'll use that for now.