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Zgillet -- hm, if it's not a bug, then perhaps you have to examine your inventory thoroughly for something you missed.

9cupsoftea -- you should also have a brothel ad with a phone number.

Where is the brothel ad? I honestly have no idea where it can be.


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In the thug's apartment.

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Hey guys, I'm stucked. I think it is nigh 7 (not sure). I dont know what to do with Mulkin drinking whiskey and smoking hash at Milena's place. I cant leave the apartment without doing anything with him but I dont know what. I looks I missing something really easy but I cant figure it out. Can anybody help me please?


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Hey guys, I'm stucked. I think it is nigh 7 (not sure). I dont know what to do with Mulkin drinking whiskey and smoking hash at Milena's place. I cant leave the apartment without doing anything with him but I dont know what. I looks I missing something really easy but I cant figure it out. Can anybody help me please?

Spoiler: ShowHide
Turn on the tv to distract Mulkin

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Nicol: I did it and nothing happens. He is just sitting a smoking. Well, now it is working. I dont know why first time it didnt. Thx ;-)

I am at the end of the game (I think) but can't get throught the doors with runes. I know I have set the runes according to the poem, but there is too many meanings of the runes, I cant solve it. Can somebody help me? (I know what to do but I cant solve the riddle)
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    • Goldmund worked on one or more games that was nominated for an AGS Award!
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You can try a clever approach: take note what runes are possible in each slot, and then check them on the table.

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Oh thank you I made it. Great game ;-)

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I just played through it a second time. Thank you so much for the game. What an effort you must have put in it!

To help future visitors who might have searched the net for an walkthrough to no avail - here it is:

==== Beginning ====
Spoiler: ShowHide

= Get blood =

Take crowbar leaning towards the car at the left of the screen

Take bird hanging above the door.

Combine crowbar and dumpster

Look at dumpster and combine the bird with the rat

Take rat and bit it.

Walk to the right

== Pass man with gun ==

Talk with the aggrevated man to learn a bit of the story.

Click on Skills, use Charm on the man.

Talk with him, until he lowers his gun. Then you bite.

Interact with corpse. Walk away towards the middle of the screen.

Interact with uniform

Enter the metro. Interact with the man selling tickets. Buy a monthly ticket. Combine wallet with the man.

== Throw of the men following you ==

Take the poster on the pillar to the right. Interact with the poster as its in your inventory.

Combine sticky tape and becon. Leave the metro.

Combine sticky beacon with a slow moving car.

== Get some place to sleep ==

Enter metro, and continue to the left.

Interact with the metro map and go to the lousy motel.

Interact with the door to the right.

Talk to the couple and rent a room.

Tell them your papers were stolen (Maybe works with beeing incognito aswell?)

Combine wallet with couple. Take lighter on the table and continue to the right.

Combine keys with door # 5

==== Night 1 ====
Spoiler: ShowHide

== Get dress and calm down ==
Interact with bathroom.

To calm down interact with bed and bathroom a couple of times. A tip is to do this every evening before heading out.

Interact with the nightstand.

Interact with tv. Do it again to turn it off.

== Get blood ==
Leave your room and go downstairs. Talk with Joe.

Go outside, continue at the bottom of the screen to go to the metro.

Travel to the park.

Go and stand in the shadow at the trees in the middel, next to the path.

Wait for someone to come. When they are just left of the trees, bite them. If they are too far away they will run away, but you can just try again.

== Investigate surroundings ===

Travel to the hotel. Go right, observe the police officers. Return to the metro.

Travel to belldog. Enter the mall.

Go to the shop. Look at the screwdrivers, toys, cigarettes and pens.

Talk to the sleepy girl. Ask for each item (you can skip the teddy bear).

With cigarettes you can "think abbout..." to get hints what to do or relax to calm down.

Charm the girl that you already paid her.

Look at all your items.

== Visit the thugs home ==

Look especially at the driving licence. Click on name and address to unlock new metro destination.

Travel to Tresno Lane. If you are not calm enough, return to the motel. Interact with yout bathroom and bed, until fully calm. While at the motel, if you want charm Joe to get some money.

Look around at the windows, doors and the gate.

Hit the window left of the gate. Interact with the gate phone. Tell the man that somebody tried to break in.

Bite the man and the interact with him to take hos mobile phone. ;) Take then him, to hide his body.

Enter house. Use your super strengh on the door.

Enter Googols apartment. Interact with the paper pile

Interact with door to the right to enter bedroom.

Interact with night stand. Look at note.

Look and interact with poster on the right to locate a safe.

= Open the safe =
Interact with the bible. Search for genesis, as written on the note.

The note mention a man, a star, a flower and a fish. This corresponds to the days 6, 4, 3 and 5 in the story of genesis. Use this as code to the safe.

Look at the open safe, and take it. You receive a postcard, a necklace and €400. Wiho, you're rich!

== Surf the web to get new information ==
Look at postcard and notice the URL Combine lighter and postcard, to show the code honour39.

Leave and travel to Belldog mall. Enter and go to the cyber cafe. Interact with the door to pay entrence fee.

Interact with computer.

Go to the url Observe the hint of the warm invitation (combine lighter and postcard) Enter the password: honour39

Click around so you have read the whole level 1 webpage.

== Get in touch with Mulkin ==

Search for "Mulkin", as mentioned on the thugs note, on the computer.  Read about his research on sensory deprivation.

Look at note with phone number 122-126x. You need to guess the last digit.

Interact with your brand new mobile phone. Dial new number and enter 1221266 with your keyboard.

If you're not calm enough return to the motel (remember?) or interact with your pack of cancer sticks and pick Clam down.

Talk with Mulkin. Tell him your a journalist (if this option isn't shown tell him whatever, and call again).

Answer him that you want to talk about "sensory deprivation" as mentioned on his website.

Go to the metro and travel to Dr Mulkin.

Interact with kitchen window.

Talk with Mulkin. Fetch his pills by entering his house. Take the pills on the table. Leave and combine pills with Dr. Mulkin. Talk with him again.

Combine your items with Mulkin for various intresting but potentially non vital information.

Leave and get a notice that the night is over. Return to your motel room. If Donna complains by beeing hungry, pass by the park for a treat.

==== Night 2 ====

Spoiler: ShowHide

Interact with bathroom to get dressed. While in the room, remember to max out your calm meter.

Leave motel and get a phone call.

Travel to Belldog to see how to homeless man leaves a note in the trash can. Interact with the trashcan to take note. Read the note.

Travel to park and get some blood.

== Go to the book burning ==

Travel to fender square. Go to the left and use your superstrength on the mob to save the fair Milena. Talk to her at the coffe shop and then leave, by interact with the door.

== Learn about Talko ==

Travel to Mulkin and talk to him. Learn about The Gaelish Balsaad, Talko and the La bookery.

Travel to the Belldog and enter the cyber cafe.

Search for "Talko".

== Enter the La bookery ==

Search for "La bookery" on the computer to learn its adress.

Travel to the La bookery. If you're low on blood it's a good idea to stock up first.

Interact with the door. To enter the club you need to say a password. Hmm.. Position yourself behind the the van and await a man you can eavesdrop on. An old man should show up quite soon, otherwise leave and return again. Be sure to stand in the shadow of the van, beeing sneaky and all.

When the man rings the bell, use your super hearing on him. Learn the password Lumbago blues. Interact with the door, tell the password and say you were invited by Talko.

Talk with the men on the left.

Talk with them again, until when invites you to an IQTournament. Tell them you will participate.

= IQ challenge 1 =
Talk with them again. Use your knowledge of philosophy, lingvistics and semiotic thery to answer the questions. Or use your mind reading to get the answer. The questions are selected at random and differs between different games.

= IQ challenge 2 & 3=
Talk with them again to start the round of Phonological-Ontological Debate.

Tell them:
Bullshit! Take Rousseau...
Oh really, look who's talking..
You know what, It reminds me of Benjamin...
What a nonsense, Whitman...
Which, reminds me...
Oh la la...

Talk to them again, ask a few question and get your member card.

= Get information from Talko=
Combine member card with lift.

Talk with Talko.

Charm Talko to get him to talk.

Learn about Rennie and the Dream ladies.

Travel to the motel to sleep, but something is stuck in the lock. Use your screwdriver on the door to fix it.

== Night 3 ==

Spoiler: ShowHide

= Befriend a computer hacker ==

Travel to the Cybercafe at the Belldog mall.

Interact with trash can to get a note. Look at it.

Talk to the guy outside the cyber cafe. And talk to him again

Combine the disk with the left computer.

= Crack the password =
Replace each character in "Bander" with the place in the alphabet. 
It should be: 2 1 13 4 5 17. You need to combine this with the cryptokey and pattern.
If the pattern is - + loop and the C.K: 1 3 1 2 1 1 do the following calculation:
B: 2-1=1,
a: 1+3=4,
n: 14-1=13,
d: 4+2=6,
e: 5-1=4
r: 18+1=19
Thus the code would be: 14136419. Enter it.

Leave the cafe. Talk to the guy and get his card.

= Visit the Dream girls =
Look at the Dream girls card and get the phone numer 555-8622.

Phone them using your mobile phone. Ask to visit them to unlock new metro station.

Travel to Dream Girls.

Interact with the door bell twice, in a rapid sequence. The interact with the door handle.

= Learn which one is Rennie =

Talk with all the girls, and try to learn which one is Rennie.

Use mind reading on the girls to learn which girl is Rennie.

Talk to Lola, ask to spend time with Cleopatra.

She don't do girl on girl. Do you know a man who could be willing to help?

= Get some private time with Cleo =

Travel to and talk to Mulkin.

Return to the Dream Girls.

Something's wrong with Dr. Mulkin. Talk with him to learn whats wrong.

Tell him you know what's wrong, and that's its because he is a virgin.

Enter and talk to Lola.

Tell her that you and your husband have a special hobby.

= Get access to Cleos bag =

Now need to get to Cleos bag, but she won't let you when she see you.

Turn of the light.

Try to interact with her bag.

Alas, she still sees you. You need to get her farther away.

Talk with cleo and ask them to change beds.

Talk with the Mulkin again and tell him to show more passion.

Interact with Cleos bag.

Leave the room. Interact with Cleos purse in your inventory to unlock new metro station.

Return to room. Ask Mulkin to show more passion.

Combine the purse with cleos bag.

Talk to Mulkin and tell him you're leaving.

Talk to Mulkin when you have returned to his home.

= Dream sequence =
Tell him about your dream and ask him to hypnotise you.

Talk with the boy at the right, the girl in the middle, and finally the man to the left.

Tell each person they are alive to hear their story.

Read the note you got from the trash can.

The hint is touch the broken lover (the girl), little rider (the boy) and finally the man. Recieve a letter.

Combine the letter you got from the man with the girl. Get a horse.

Combine horse with the boy. Get a heart

Combine heart with the man.

Talk with Christian, until you wake up.

= Visit Rennies home =

Leave and travel to Batoga Street.

Enter house and interact with the door farthest down in the corridor.

Try to talk to Rennies roommate, but she won't let you in.

Use your charm on her to enter apartment.

Go left.

Interact with the desk.

Look around for something intresting.

Take reciept from the Pawnshop/Antiques.

Interact with the reciept. Look at the adress at the top.

Leave. Enter the room again to find Tamura dead.

The night is over so travel to the motel.

Calm down, exit the room and enter again to go to sleep.

==== Night 4 ====

Spoiler: ShowHide

Make sure you have blood.

== Get necklace ==

Travel to Grubol Antique.

Interact with keypad. Notice Securam.

You need help by someone who knows about locks.

Call Franek (5117711)

Get the adress www . gain-entry . se

Travel to the cybercafe at Belldog Mall.

Interact with the trashcan on the way.

Go to the url

Enter the name of the manufactor of the keypad

Enter: "securam" and read how to bypass the lock.

Return to Grubol Antique.

Interact with keypad

Remove the cover (Combine your screwdriver with keypad)

Take all wires.

Combine wire with 0 and try each connecter. (hint: try 3)
Combine wire with the cube and try each connecter. (Try 4)
Combine the last wire with the cylinder and try to connect to each connecter (like 8).

Use super strength on door.

You need to silent the alarm.

Hit the alarm.

Look at the book at the left and see that is an inventory.

Interact with the inventory

Interact with it again and browse to Jewlery, necklace, 20th century. You will learn which shelf to look at.

Interact with the shelfs and enter C29 to find the necklace.

Watch the awesome intermezzo that zoooooom in real close on the necklace. Feel its power.

== Enter the hotel ==

Leave and travel to the hotel. Notice that the police officers have changed side.

Interact with the bars on the right. You need to distract them somehow.

Travel to the park and fill up on blood.

Travel to Dream Girls.

Talk to Rage about working outside. Ask her to talk to the cops.

Combine the wallet with rage. You travel to the hotel.

Interact with the bars to climb the facade.

Go to the bottom of the screen.

Eavesdrop on Asimov with your superhearing.

Move up the stairs.

Interact with lift.

Go left and interact with the door on the left to enter your hotel room.

== Inside the hotel room ==

Notice the wall socket.

Combine screwdriver with it.

Take the wallsocket to get a photo and note.

Escape the room.

Continue down the corridor, keep going.

Interact with the door to the stairs. Go upwards and keep going.

== Escape to and off the roof ==

Use super strength on the door to the roof.

Now you need to barricade the door to keep the polices off the roof.

Use super strength on the barrel next to the door.

To the left there is a satallite disc and next to is a cable. Take the cable.

Walk towards the bottom left.

You need to get off the roof.

Combine cable with the bar straight ahead. Interact with it to climb down.

== Escape from the balcony ==

Get inside. Interact with light switch located on the pillar in the middle.

Get in the pool.

When the police officer is just next to you, you bite him.

Interact with the roll of line used to divide swim lanes.

Get out on the balcony.

Combine the line with the pillar on the right.

Interact with the line to continue down to the lit window.

== Escape through the elevator ==

Force the lift door open.

Use power strength on lift.

Interact the cable.

Look at the elevator to see the hatch.

Interact with the hatch.

Ieee.. a cop! Bite him!

Look at the panel on right.

Press the emergency button to stop the elevator.

== sneak through the lobby ==

Take the officers vest, helmet and rifle.

Take the officer. Combine him with the hatch in the roof. Make sure to get that nasty arm up there aswell.

Interact with the SWAT helmet and vest to take it on.

Look at the panel and press the Lobby key.

Enter the lobby. Don't say anything, just nod to the questions.

Combine the SWAT vest or helmet with the pile of rubbish in the far left of the metro station.

Look at what you found in the hotel room, if you haven't before. A key and a photo.

Travel to Mulkins and talk to him about the beast in devon and other things.

The night is over so return to the motel.

=== Night 5 ===

Spoiler: ShowHide

Calm down. Leave and notice the bucket to the right.

Take the bucket. Don't mind the carpet.

Go down the stairs.

== Fool the SWAT and escape into the darkness==

Dang, more SWATs! And they know you live in room 5. You will need to trick them.

Use screwdriver the number plaque on each door.

Rearrange them so the rooms are numbered 11 9 7 5. Those SwATs arn't stupid so you really need to change all the numbers.

Get into your room.

To be able to get out without blood and thus vampire powers you need to level the field a bit.

= Turn of the light =
Vampire like darkness, how about a turning of the lights in the motel?

Take the cord for the TV.

Combie the cord with the bucket

Combine the bucket with the socket.

Go downstairs, and continue into the woods.

Get on the metro.

You need to find shelter. Who can help you? What about Mulkins?

It seems Mulkins is a dead end. Do anyone owe you a favour?

Call Milena Tinto on 0609322443.

Travel to Milenas place.

== Night 5 (continue?)==

Spoiler: ShowHide

Have some cuddle time with Milena.

Interact with the tv.

Interact with Milenas nightstand to get a book. You can use this to calm down.

Talk with Milena. You need to rent a car but where?

== Get a car ==

Interact with Milenas computer. Search for "car rental". Looks promising enough. Click on the adress to unlock destination.

Talk with Milena about the car rental.

Enter and talk with owner.

You need to get a driving license. Leave the shop and talk to Milena. It turns out she is well connected.

Travel to Milenas friend.

You need a photograph of yourself. Where do one might be able to get such a thing?

Travel to Belldog. Go to the photo booth.

Look at the poster. It will cost you €5 to take your photo.

Combine wallet with the coin slot, at the bottom left of the curtain.

Interact with the booth.

Take the pictures from the machine.

Return to C. Combine the photostrip with him to get a licence

Return to the car rental.

Combine your licence with the man.

you will find your car outside the shop on the far left.

Use the car keys on it and you will return to Milenas flat.

To calm done you can look at the photo of you and Milena, read the book by Tove Jansson, and interact with Milena.

Leave the apartment, go left get to the car.

Travel to the motel. Enter...

Travel to and talk to Mulkins.

== Learn about the key in your pocket ==

Travel to C.

Combine the key from the hotel with him.

Unlock the railway station as a new destination.

Travel to the Railway station.

Interact with the gate in the middle to enter.

Recieve a phone call.

Enter the door in the middle.

Combine the key with the lockers on the left.

Enter "84" which you learned from the photograph.

Take money, note and poem.

Read the note.

== Solve the "paper key" ==

Look at the poem and click on the first row. The photograph is the key.

Look at the photograph of you and Christan.

Observe the date It's just a date, sure...

Use those numbers on the row in the poem. Each number corresponds to a letter in the row.

The hidden word is "Duhat". Enter that in the box which appears when you click the row.

== Travel to Duhat ==

Donna don't know the meaning of Duhat. Who or what could help with that?

Travel to Milenas place.

Use her computer and serach for Duhat. This unlock a new location.

Travel to Duhat cafe.

Interact with the door.

Talk with the door.

Ask about the video tape. Tell him you work for AT and DT.

Combine the poem with the door.

Combine the stack of cash with the door.

Travel to La bookery

Talk with the men.

Travel to Milenas place.

Combine the videotape with the VCR, below the TV.

Go out on the balcony, and return inside after the insights.

== Night 6 ==

Spoiler: ShowHide

Leave the bedroom

Combine the tape with Milena.

Go to the balcony.

When milena calls, return to the living room.

Enter bedroom. Talk to Milena.

Travel to C.

Talk to him and buy some things.

Take a pick gun and a sonic signal scrambler.

Combine stack of money with C.

Talk to C to learn how the things work.

Travel to La bookery.

Talk to the men and ask to come to the show.

Travel to Franek.

Combine floppy disk with Franek.

Interact with his computer to access the Countrysons webpage

Read the whole site and click on everything intresting.

Travel to the CS headquarter (note the arrow at the top of the map).

There are guards in the way tho, so travel to Milenas place.

Get call from Mulkins.

Get in the car and get Mulkins.

== Night 7 ==
Spoiler: ShowHide

You need to get the booze and weed from Mulkins but he is watching you too closly.

Turn on the TV to distract Mulkins

Take the booze and the weed.

Talk to Milena

Travel to the TV station (remember to calm down and get blood)

Talk to the men

Talk to hostess and ask to leave. She won't let you, how many times you ask.

You need to make her change her mind about having you on.

If you want talk with each of the men.

use your phone to call the station at 1251111

Afterwards Mulkins will call, and after that you can leave if you as the hostess.

Interact with the door C.

Talk with the men. Get to to explain the studio.

Combine the bottle of gin with them.

Interact with the bottle of gin.

Combine it again with them.

Talk with the again.

So they have a VCR, and the match is on channel one.

Combine the bottle of gin with them again.

Combine the weed with them. Watch them pass out.

Combine tape with VCR.

Combine tape with the slot.

Turn the knob to CH: 01.

Interact with the play button.

Travel to the CS HQ.

Look at the gate. No handle, and no key hole?

Interact with the scrambler.

Press detect. Bingo!

In the background you hear the locks signal, and in the foreground the scrambler.

You need to match these to and press send.

I found it next to impossible to hear the similiarity. But a tip is to just guess the first one (you can just guess until you got it) and the notice of the signal is changing. But if you fail now the lock is reset.
You need to get three correct to open the gate. If you can't get it to work pres Ctrl-pmo to bypass it.

Combine pickgun on door.

Interact with the door on the left.

combine pickgun with the door left of the statue.

Interact with the fax machine.

Look at the note on the flowers.

Interact with the jacket.

Interact with the notepad.

Take the card.

Read the notes.

Return to the first corrider. Go right.

Combine card with the card reader.


Contiune down the coorider.
Go left

Interact with the button on the right.


== Night 8 ==
Spoiler: ShowHide

Enter the living room.

Combine wallet with the machine on the right.

Hit the machine.

Combine magazine with Mulkins.

Go to the car.

Interact with the radio.

Travel to strange regions.

Take the box

Get back to Milena.

You will get to choice of leaving the country, and ending the game or continue. Do save here if you are thinking of leaving, if you change your mind.

If you tell Milena that you can't go with her the game will contiune for quite a bit longer.

Travel to Romeros dwelling.

Interact with the scrambler.

This time you need to get five signals right. I never managed this one, kept failing on the last one.

Combine pickgun on door.

Enter and go right.

Look at the bookshelfs. The one right of the piano is about music.

Take the bookshelf, just right of the piano. Get a book about music.

Take the bookshelf on the left and get a book about stone circles.

Take the notes on the piano.

Play this song on the piano.

The notes are: D Eb F G   Bb A G   D Eb F G   G Bb A Bb

Enter the room

Take table of runic signs

Take marker

Take diary from the book shelf left of the map.

Read the diary.

Look at the map. Connect the villages with stone circles.

The resulting shape should look like the runic mentioned in the journal: Othala

Combine the marker with the map and draw a line between 9-5-2-3-8

Travel to the view point in the forrest.

Interact with the map to get Donna to point out the direction.

Talk with the light at the lake.

Make it show you the way.

It will need a name first tho.

Enter the tunnel and continue down until you're at the door with fice runic shapes on it.

Interact with the door and the runes. Notice that there are only a few options for each.

Read the diary about the imprisoned one. The poem is the key.

The keywords are: Sickness, Unable to walk, Fire, Darkness, Night

The last line tells you that the second keyword would be horse (runic Ehwaz).

Look at the runic table to identify a counteract for each keyword.

Sickness - Healing (Berkano)
Feet - Horse (Ehwaz)
Fire - Water (Laguz)
Darkness -  Torch (Kenaz)
Night - Day (Dagaz)

Milena arrives and wants to help.

Enter the hallway.

Give Milena the necklace (or not). This will affect the game later on.

Tell Romero you got the necklace.

Combine the fake necklace with Romero.

Talk to Milena. Tell her to show the Gaelish Balsaad, given that she got it. Thus to able to get pass this point you must av given her the necklace.

Interact with the box you got from Mr Nightly.

That's "it".

I must thank Mr Dzikowski for creating such a wonderful and impressing game. I felt I had to play through it a second time, and then took the time to write this walkthrough. It was the best tribute I could come up with.
This was one of the better adventure games I played in a long time. It strongly reminded me of the great era of the LucasArts games.

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    • Goldmund worked on one or more games that was nominated for an AGS Award!
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Wow, thank you, zemilor, this is fantastic!

There are some alternatives, too...

Spoiler: ShowHide

- you don't have to pay for the metro ticket
- or for C's delicatessen
- you can leave the sleepy shop owner alone and get the cellphone later from another person
- you can also get to meet Mulkin by asking about ANTHROPOLOGY or KUNDUKU ISLAND
- there's one more book that helps calm you down (at La Bookery, upstairs)
- you can eavesdrop on the policemen guarding the hotel
- there's one more way of finding out which girl is Rennie (by looking at them and finding scars on the neck)
- you don't have to scramble the lock at Romero's and pick his door; Donna is getting stronger at this point
- teddy bear and fountain pen can give you a full calm boost if you give them as presents to right people

Good job! ;-)

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Sorry the following hints are not enough, i can't pass it:

Spoiler: ShowHide

== Pass man with gun ==
Talk with the aggrevated man to learn a bit of the story.
Click on Skills, use Charm on the man.
Talk with him, until he lowers his gun. Then you bite.

What i cannot do
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1) how to learn a bit of story? Which dialog options to choose? In my game no dialog option lead to learning a bit of history
2) Which icon is charm: the eye, the ear, the arm or the odd-looking?
3) Which dialog options make him lower his gun?


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Re: Donna: Avanger of Blood
« Reply #250 on: 16 Oct 2012, 23:49 »
Oh, sorry, Azerty, I didn't check the thread recently, thought that with the walkthrough players won't have any more problems.

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1) Well, you can just try some options and see what happens, most of them end with death, however...

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2) The eye. You can "look" at skills to get their description, much like with regular inventory items.

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3) When you charm him, you'll know it.

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I'm a bit perplexed with you having this problem, to be honest. You should just use the Eye on him and voila. Maybe you don't have enough blood to use the skill?