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Howdy folks! I've been a musician for over 10 years and would very much like to try my hand at composing music for video games.

Most of my experience is in funk/fusion/jazz genres, but I can certainly change and adapt to what is needed.

I've been a fan of video games longer than I've been a musician and would be thrilled to somehow merge my passions.

Some examples of my work:
Chiptune music.
Faux Orchestral music.
Stakeout/Heist music.
Scored the music for this GTA V Clip.

My music is free to download and can be found at the following places:

I am willing to work for free (depending on what the project demands).

If any of this stuff interests you, I can be contacted through my SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Facebook or via email

Digital Mosaic Games:
Hello there,

I'm an ARTIST and I do...

-concept art

I worked on these projects:

I also have a deviantart- gallery:


Please contact me. I would be happy to assist you!

Freelance pixel artist available for commissions.
Message me for a negotiable competitive quote today.
I have worked as a lead artist on one finished and released title available on steam.
ZKW Reborn Steam Link
We continue to actively update and add further content to this game.


Check out my gallery and ask about anything you might like to have done.

You may contact me here via response or pm
or through anyone of the methods listed below.
skype: johasu232
twitter: @Johasu232

Hi everyone, I'm eatseverything from Australia,
I wanted to introduce myself and show a sample of my works in order to catch the eye of a project team using AGS.

I'm a highly creative person who is passionate to be part of an indie game. I work full-time as an Interactive Designer, however I am also a Graphic Designer, and have studied a Certificate III in Game Development around the Unity Engine, having created 2 prototypes in C#.
Here is a demo Ivanmore
I also have experience in HTML, CSS and basic JS.
I grew up playing just about every point and click worth mentioning and producing something along the lines of Heroines Quest or a Quest for Glory styled game is on my bucket-list.

I would like to be an Artist within a project team who are serious enough / crazy enough to want to finish a game together. I believe my style is quite broad and could suit any Point and Click 2D DOS era game.

I don't mind being part of the story creation, or at least a contributor (I have a few game stories I've worked on).

I would ideally like to work with a creative writer/producer who has a trustworthy programmer. We could definitely get something started.

I hope you like my samples, I wish I could have included some sketches.
Please contact me via email as I will be notified straight away, your welcome to leave a comment if its not urgent :)

Please view my googleDrive shared viewable folder to see my artwork samples:

Monsieur OUXX:
I'm interested.

However I can't see any of your images hosted on -- this site is blacklisted by most companies as an illegal-content-sharing website.


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