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Author Topic: PLUGIN: Direct3D v1.0 (Sprite and Theora video rendering) [2012-02-08]  (Read 21171 times)

Hey, anyone using this plugin figured out how to fix an issue with full screen alt-tabbing?
The screen goes white after coming back to the game.

The log file says:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. D3DGraphicsDriver: D3D Device Not Reset
  2. D3DGraphicsDriver: Failed to reset D3D device

This happens if you OpenSprite with D3D plugin in full screen mode.

Test Game

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open the game through Compiled/Windows folder so it launches in full screen.
2) Click "GO" button to draw a sprite using D3D
3) Alt Tab
4) Go back
5) Screen will go white and you can no longer play the game, the only way to close it is via task manager.
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Updated build with a stricter script API syntax, fixes this plugin for the new compiler from ags4 branch, but should work normally in AGS 3.5 and 3.6 as well; no functional changes.
Source project:

Hey, anyone using this plugin figured out how to fix an issue with full screen alt-tabbing?

There have been few fixes to Direct3D fullscreen in the engine since, please try again with the latest 3.6.0 / ags4 branch.
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As an experiment, I am making a new version of this plugin, that will work with both Direct3D and OpenGL. The latter theoretically allows to use the plugin on other platforms.
Just mentioning it here for the reference; perhaps should be posted in its own thread later.

Currently a test version which has video playback cut off for easier rewrite:
64-bit linux so:
The plugin file is called differently (ags_sprite3d), but it's 100% script compatible, which means that you may:
- rename it to ags_d3d.dll and use in same game.
- disable ags_d3d and enable ags_sprite3d in your project and recompile, for the similar result.
No script changes will be necessary.
WARNING: to reiterate, currently not working: theora video playback, creating textures from files.

UPDATE: support building for Linux (OpenGL only).
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