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Re: Icey games' thread
« Reply #700 on: 17 Mar 2014, 17:12 »
Looking good Icey. But one thing bothers me for some reason. Someone else mentioned this a while back, but I don't remember what your answer was. Why is there Chinese.. or Japanese writing in the game, and title, and everywhere?

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Re: Icey games' thread
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ThaI just really like Japanese symbols/characters. But for my most recent game was planning on toning it down a bit as it's a medieval game and it's not currently set modern times like before. I only plan to set them in places like on covers or just in titles.

Which reminds me....

This title was so bland and I really don't even think all the JPN text is correct(thank you google translate)

So I decided to go with something more...Nintendo like I think or rather something that stands out XD

This is the portable version - Android, Iphone, Win8

And then lastly the Wii U version

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Re: Icey games' thread
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UPDATE Mar 22/13 

Hey everyone, so finally was able to put together what I call a progression trailer which shows off a look at Mythical Gambit and both Pub Master quest games

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Re: Icey games' thread
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UPDATE April 13/14 

At long last, our pitch page on the Collective site has gone live!
Check out the page and vote here!!! :3


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Re: Icey games' thread
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a) wtf are you doing on the SE page? :-D
b) WTF are SE(!) going the crowdfunding way? They ARE a publisher after all!


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Re: Icey games' thread
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So this is some kind of trial page so that SE can see if there's any support for the idea?

And if there's any support, the game will go on to a crowdfunding site, where again it will be funded only if there's (more) adequate support for it?

Seems like Square Enix is doing some sort of vanity press thing here - basically zero risk, zero money invested, just a logotype and some royalties once the game gets released.

Not to take away anything from your game, Icey, just speculating about what kind of business SE is running.

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Re: Icey games' thread
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Oh so that's what's going on, ok that makes a hell of a lot more sense now, I was a bit confused at how they were handling things.
One minute I heard they would fully back the game and the next was that they would send it to indiegogo if we get enough upvotes.

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Re: Icey games' thread
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Well for completely unrelated reasons I actually happen to have a SE account already so I went and voted yes.
Even though it's a somewhat untruthful vote.


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Re: Icey games' thread
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Well the great thing about the question is that it's not contractually binding. It says, "would you" but it doesn't provide any circumstances. You're free to fill in the blanks.

That being said, it would be amazing if someone went and contributed to one of Square Enix Collective's testing campaigns. 8-) That would be a sure sign of success for whatever the hell The Collective is meant to be for... (Something about they'll provide non-financial support? Huh?)

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Re: Icey games' thread
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It's official, only 9 days to go. 2 more updates and then the big post on Siliconera. Hopefully we hit the highest votes but if not that won't be the end of things.

Here is some recent artwork.


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Re: Icey games' thread
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Go for it! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

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Re: Icey games' thread
« Reply #711 on: 04 May 2014, 15:55 »
Thanks cat. I think we're in second place still so hopefully things make a turn around soon. :)

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Re: Icey games' thread
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Oh I almost forgot to update on the status of things, I add more information tomorrow but for now I'll say this, we lost....however, for some reason there was no winner. PMQ was right behind another by 2% and after going over how the processing system works to see who won I thought I had a clear view how things will work out but after seeing this I really don't know how things are running on that site. I got this email earlier...

we had 241 yeses and 109 noes, we had 27 comments and each of them we supportive. Some where the put it on PS4 and vita comments but still each one showed interest. It makes no sense at all, but I've spoken with my team and I had the idea of reaching out to the games that fail Collective in hopes that we can set a sort of collaboration where we try to pull off our own collective without the need of voting. Everyone of our games gets attention and people can still comment and stuff.

Re: Icey games' thread
« Reply #713 on: 21 May 2014, 06:28 »
Sorry to hear that, the game really looks like it has a lot of potential and I was rooting for you.

Best of luck moving forward.

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Re: Icey games' thread
« Reply #714 on: 22 May 2014, 03:29 »
Thanks man and it's cool, things we'll only get better from here. I'm gonna try contacting Nintendo tomorrow to see if we can maybe work out some sort of deal together.
On the bright side, even though they're not helping us with getting the funds we need for the game I was still able to make my mark on Square Enix. Even if it's smaller than I thought, it still means a lot too me to see PMQ legally associated with Square in a good way. :3

Well enough of that, I'll be updating soon again :)

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Re: Icey games' thread
« Reply #715 on: 25 Jun 2014, 04:01 »
Check out the latest song from the game ;)

Click here

And now for a total long list of updates

Summons are always an interesting part of battle, not just in RPGs but in any genre. When you played super smash bros brawl a Assist Trophy would appear and the fight could use that summon one of various Nintendo characters to assist the fighter in battle.
Some trophies were a lot better than others but none the less it was a nice addition to the game next to the pokeballs.

Here's how were doing things in this game..

The current battler or the Caster was going to use a card to summon to summon monster like creatures to the battle field but I thought well this has obviously been done plenty of times before,
So I figure why not make it where instead the caster summons other characters of the Carrot Knights team.

There are a total of 13 Carrot Knights but in this game only 4 are playable. So I figured that left 9 unique summonable characters for players to use in battles. And again, like with brawl, each character has their own ups and downs but that only makes them the more cause there maybe one who attacks multiple targets while there is one who is stronger but only hits one. Or even the one that has a 50/50 chance of given a finishing blow on all targets.

Summons don't have stats however some of them do depend on the casters stats such as for example their MGK(Magic attack) stat.

You will collect summons upon defeating the main bosses of the 4 main dungeons.

Something else I would like to add is...
The reason why I went with the Carrot Knights over the monsters for summons is cause I felt it tied into the story quite nicely. The heroes of the story can call upon the souls of their living siblings.

I'm gonna skip Update 2 cause all it focuses on is the graphic style choice which I already touched based on not to many comments above.

So I've done my reseach and seen that a lot of people like to see towns in their RPG, for whatever reason it is, I personally think it helps bring the game to life by adding a sense that it's not just the good guys and the bad guys with a bunch of monsters in the middle.
I mean where are all the people at, am I right?

The world of Purgatory is filled with souls waiting to for the goddess to come and take them on to the afterlife.

(town concept art)
meaning theres a bunch of people just living their life here as they wait for her return.

The main town you will first visit is called Halfside Market, theres not much for dead people to do once their dead but these people try to stay lively as possilbe. But the thing is, Halfside is only so big and theres more out if you complete other dungeons!

Upon completing a dungeon it will be transformed into a new small town where new residents will come to live. In these new towns you can find mini games and also side quest to accept to get a little more juice out of the story.

In Halfside market you'll come across these 4 who will be quite vital to how your battles turn out.
The way this game works is that there are no items such as potions and ethers so instead you'll be relying on the full use of Cards throughout battles.

The marks above their heads indicate what types of cards they will be selling to you.

Sword Symbol: He will sell you ability cards
Wizard Symbol: He will sell you Black Magic cards
Mythic symbol: She will sell you White Magic Cards
Excalibur Symbol: He will sell you special cards(I.e. Limit cards)

I was thinking of making a sort of relationship score for the 4 venvers. You see when you purchase a lot from 1 of the 4 stores the (CCM) Consistent Customer Meter starts to build.There will be 4 levels and upon reaching a new level the price of things at that store start to decrease. Thus making easier to come back and purchase more.

I think what I might even do is make it where new cards start to become available once you reach another level.

The Card System is a nice addition to the series but if you thought I was gonna send you off to dual the king of games with these cards you thought wrong.
The Excalibur Cards allow the users of Purgatory to utilize Magic and Abilities. There a  4 different categories that Cards fall into so you can use things like Cure and Pyro, or Strike and Summon.

However Cards are not forever as once you use one you lose it and have to have another one in stock to use that same action.
You can also take cards in place them in special Chest that will save the cards in a subinventory only available in dungeons.
This will be helpful as the game goes on cause during some battles if you're too under level you'll definitely be blowing through some cards if you're not strong enough for your target.
(The thing is, yes I'm sure you would be gain more EXP from fighting a stronger monster but don't risk wasting the good cards you may need later on, even if there are some cards that don't expire)

However, you have 4 characters to play with and seeing they can hold a max of x99 Cards for each card that shouldn't be a lot of cards that you are actually dishing out that fast.
All you have to do is figure out who should use what during battle and then hopefully you'll make more in the end then what you lose in battle.

You need money to purchase more cards so hopefully you don't run out of the good ones before you can buy some more :D

Just try to be strategical about how your handle your cards is the best advice the Developer can give to the player.

The Nintendo Wii U has a lot of lovely features that just make it, well, the Wii U. And one of those neat features is known as SpotPass(Also on the 3DS).

the SpotPass feature on Wii U allows the system to automatically download available content via the Internet in the background, while the system is in use or in sleep mode. When the system is transmitting while in sleep mode, the system light will turn orange. Content that can be downloaded via SpotPass includes full game and application downloads, firmware updates, patches, and specific in-game content. Content currently being downloaded can be viewed in the Download Manager, accessed via the Wii U's HOME Menu.

The Coliseum will update with a different super boss once every 2 weeks (Said time frame is not set in stone so don't quote me on it)

I'm looking into what to reward the player with for the defeating the boss but we will see in the near feature where we take this idea.

For you see it is a possible feature but we want to make sure we are adding it with purpose and not just to throw it in there.

When you play most RPGs you're usually looked to a specif path way or basically not free to fully go about traveling like you would do in some action game or even a super hero game.

We're not dealing with superheroes here but these certainly aren't your ordinary people. They are dead and they are trapped in Purgatory. But shouldn't that mean they should be able to use some ghostly powers?

In Portable Knights I thought it would be fun to allow the player to unlock Ghost like abilities to use in levels & in battle.

These abilities are called Phantom Abilities

Here is a list of the current planned Phantom Abilities
(Sorry for the sucky mini images)

Phantom Dash
See a platform out of reach? try using Phantom dash to quickly sprent the air over to it.
This move can also be used to just simply run faster as well.

Got a horde of enemies to deal with? Why not take control over a possessable statue and deal with them that way!
Or got a switch spot that requires two people to stand on it to active something, just move the statue to that location and then simply go stand on the other one, easy enough right?

You might come across hidden entry ways but you just can't see them.
Why not just try to Faze right through the way.

Obscured Eye
The name may be a little odd, just trying to keep things ghostly, what this ability allows is for you to be able to detect how many treasure chest you left to open. This ability won't drain any Phantom Energy so once you unlock it you're good to go.

Feeling like the levels a bit much for you? like you just need to get a little stronger cause you maybe a bit under leveled. Or for any other reason possible you might just have the need to leave and to do something else.
Well what the Warp ability does is lets you teleport all the way back to the entrance of the current dungeon.

Despite what has been shown these might not be all the Phantom Abilities however if I figure out anymore useful ones without over doing it then I'll think about adding it. Not every ability uses PE(Phantom Energy) but right now 3/5 of them will.

We are still trying to figure out what PAs would be good to use in battles but I will have a update on that later after we get some gameplay going so hopefully soon.

Card Evolution or Card Synthesises is a s cool tool that lets you mix 2 - 4 cards into some that's hopefully just what you were looking for. Almost every card in the game can be obtained by mixing but there are a few that can only unlocked using this tool so mix wisely.

(Concept menu design)

I would like to create a sort of mixing chart to help players figure out what to mix together so you can get what you need so long as you have to cards to mix.
Cause lets be honest, no one likes to waste time ;)

@Nailez: Glad to hear it :3

I'm gonna try to do what I ever I can when it comes time to release to see that this game can have a release in as many places as possible :)

Everyone wants to be powerful, and they want to be able to use be the best at what they do best, especially when it comes to battle.

Phantom Overdrive is a limit mode that allows the play to consume their Assault gauge in order to gain boost in stats for a short period of time as it the gauge will now start to deplete during battle. The user gets stronger and faster and are truly able to get the best out of their cards.

p.s (Background found on google, I'm trying to find the user who originally did it -.-)
p.s.s (This is not the graphic style we're going with anymore, the game is in 3D and does not play like a beat'em up anymore)

This is a picture I put together a while ago but point is, if you look to the left, the character with the Blue aura around him is using Phantom Overdrive or what was first called Fury.

When coming up with the monsters for the game I wanted to aim for something a, sorta mario/pokemon blended with designs from other JRPGs. But I felt like it would be cool if I could have two types of monster types in the game. For why you will see later when you play the game.

Point is, I spoke with one of my good friends whos also working on something and I was saying what if we was to sorta link our stories worlds but first starting with the monsters of histories. This is where the claims come from.

These designs all come from him and though some might not be used I still thought it'd be nice to show them off.


He has drawn a bunch more stuff than this but this seems to be a fair amount to show off as I still need to figure out how many of these monster types are we gonna use and then actually which ones we're gonna use.

Everyone will want to be able to use the powerfullest cards from the start. But even though you can purchase the top cards from the start you should have to go through some hard work first to get to use them first. Cards have level rating from 1 - 10.
10 being the strongest, I'm not saying that getting to use Lv.10 cards will be quick and easy but I'm sure you won't even notice it much cause the more you battle the faster you get Crowns.

Seems simple enough right? I mean you'll be battling every now and then so it shouldn't be to hard to pull off ;)

Every game that involes a experience system handles it. I sorta have the battle system figured out but I want to create a more engaging way for the player to level up and not get so much as mad but have some fun doing it.

I recently brought FFX HD remaster and I remember how frustrated I was with trying to use the Sphere Grid when I was younger but now I'm older I love the freedom I have with the system and how I'm able to make my party the best at what they do.

I was thinking how could I make something as cool as this but maybe a bit more fun. And then it hit me, I wanted to make the leveling system that seemed like a mini game, you know, to make things fun.

Your basic stats are:

When moving in the tower you'll see many panels upon the ground have symbols that will correspond to the 6 stat types. EXP you get in battle will add up into MP(Move Point). You will use MP to walk around in the tower in order to activate the panels you need. There will also be treasure chest in the tower that you can open once in front of it. Although there might not be many special cards that you come across in the tower I'm sure what you'll find will still be quite useful on your journey.

Finally!!! I've been trying to sit down and finish this for like 2 weeks now. I wanted to fully think about what would be the right types of abilities to put in the game and now it's finally done.

Green - "White Magic" Cards
Blue - "Black Magic" Cards
Orange - Human only Cards
Yellow - Special Cards
Red - Monster abilities (Human can also learn 3/4 of these)

(Right Click > Open img in new tab)

As you can see that's a total of 110 cards, that's a lot of cards and most likely 100 - 105 of those cards you are able to unlock in the game. The remaining are cards only enemies can use.

The overall thing that people are interested in any JRPG is the battle system. What will it be like, will it be like this game or that game or will it be something totally brand new. I can admit that what we're doing is totally not brand new but overall it's different, interesting, and fun.

The Cross Assault Battle System is something I've been working on for the past 5 years. I think this would be version 8 if I'm correct but I feel it's so different that I should simply call it CABS U, or Cross Assault Battle System Unlimited

A silly name right? Well of course there will be limits just as every battle system has, but coming from the past CABS versions this is by far the best one yet seeing how you have the Phantom Abilities and the cards this time around.

Before I start let me one thing ;)
..We...don't have any actual in game shots this time around for the battle system so we have to make do with shots from games that help inspire the battle system and whatever else I can fix up.

Basic Play

Battling is as simple as it can be. You will use the left thumbstick to move around and the right one to move the camera around.
Dpad up/down: not specified yet
Dpad left and right will change the player to the next available party member.

. ABXY will be used for:

A: attack with weapon
B: Jump
Y:Use card
X:Charge Phantom Overdrive

L/R Bumpers are for shifting through target set.

The Wii U tablet features. Let's talk about some of the cool things you can do with the Wii U tablet.
When using most features like BP's, the battle will pause so you have some time to think things over.

Battle Plays

When I was younger my cousin used to play a lot of Madden, I'm not a huge sports fan but one thing I thought was interesting and little odd was the PLaybooks. I couldn't really understand them and how they really worked honestly but I figured that maybe I could use something like that to my advantage in making the battle system more interesting. I'll call them: Battle Plays

See how Dave is fighting in that Red ring, if he stays in that ring after that gauge above the enemy is filled he will be hit by the targets big attack.
If you feel like you can't escape it in time and need to prepare to heal yourself or get a raise going you can do so easily with a Battle Play.

FIrst you just tap Make Play

Next a Play Map will come up, the Purple colors are the enemies and the other colors are your party members.

Click a party member to their target, then chose one of the cards you'd like for them to use in the next turn.
Here I chose a Cure Card, which is a Cleric Card so the line color will be green. I also made my other two fighters on the left gang up on enemy 2 by using action cards so their line color is red.

Once everything is set just double tap out of that menu and tap What this will do is fire up the BP and the actions you've set will start to happen. So to bring back things back to the point, Dave will now be healed after that big enemy attack.

BP Blitz

Now if you take a look a FF XIII you have your paradigms.
“Each party member is assigned an offensive, defensive, or healing role. Executing a Paradigm Shift will allow the player to change each character's role. Using different paradigms for different situations is key to winning these real-time battles. Quick thinking and smart tactics keep the battles intense and enjoyable.”

—UK XIII-2 Official Website

If you look to the first grey tabs under Paradigm Deck you will see that each Paradigm has a name based on the 3 roles chosen for the preset.
We will be doing something like this but not entirely. We create our own presets that utilize in battle and let you save your own with custom names too. There will be a maximum of 8 you can blitz through in battle but all you have to do before you get into a battle is just select 8 from the list of your previous saved plays.

Battle Log

A detailed battlelog can be displayed on the bottom screen. It will give a drop down list of actions that are currently taking place between you and your target.

Target Info

Once you targeted an enemy you'll be able view it's weaknesses and other information. However this wont work unless you first use Scan on the enemy atleast one time during your play through.


Forgot to change your weapon or something before battle? No worries, just click the customize tab, fix yourself up and get back in the battle!

There's only so many hours left so I'd like to leave you all with the latest song by the composer! Enjoy ;)

Jonathan Wedge

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Re: Icey games' thread
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Hello everyone, just thought I drop by to continue updating on my teams game. I haven't updated in while so I thought I'd at least try to keep up with things all around.

Back in July me and Captain D spoke about a little about what I was up too with Pub Master Quest which you can read here!
 and I talked about how I came up with a nice plan to help build revenue and awareness in a positive way for our big Wii U title. You see, as we all know games are not cheap to make and when you want to do big things with them and you want to start a Kickstarter well it's pretty obvious that if you want to hit your goal and possibly go above and beyond then you need to make a trailer or a video of whatever with something to really hook people. But in order to get to be able to show off something well you might need funds to get off the ground.

We have a couple games underway for next to help out, even if the Wii U game can't done by the end of next year (which if I'm really being honest with myself I don't see it possible without the necessary manpower from an even bigger team) then we will still atleast have a bunch of things to show for the 10 Anniversary.

Pub Master Quest: Fragmented Fate

This is game has really twisted take on the story and the over plot of both this and PMQ: Phantom Overdrive.
I'm finally figured out the story and all the secrets of the game and now I'm just in the development phase.
We're planning to use the music already made for Phantom Overdrive while also having some songs made just for this game.

Right now after looking at the time and development process I've put into Mythical Gambit I've come to realised it would be best for me to work on the cutscene art to maintain style consistency and then start to adding levels. I want to complete every part of the game but leave the complex features such as the battle system. I'm still figuring out how I should tackle it, it will be a newer and more cooler version of past failed Cross Assault Battle System....without Junctions.
But considering the battle system took 4 months in Mythical Gambit to make despite there are a 1 or 2 bugs I'm still not please with it. It seems boring, slow and just to simple and felt more fun to make then to actually play it and the sad part is that it's supposed to be the biggest part of the game. When the biggest part of the game fails then the whole game starts to feel stale.

However even though I'm still working on MG I've learned what it is that I need to do to make a successful battle system and overall enjoyable game.
So here's to hoping that we can see a late summer release next year.

As for now, I'll show you guys some of the cutscene shots I've currently got done. I've chosen a simpler style as it would take less energy and time to produced and I figured that the game doesn't have to be high quality looking which is something I try to shoot for especially with my new set of skills but I just end losing development time and eventually get bored of the project.


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Re: Icey games' thread
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It's been a Month-And-A-Half!!1!!1!!!11 No Icey updates!! What's these rumblings about Monkey working with you?? Give the Icey lovers some Love!

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Re: Icey games' thread
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Read the forum rules and don't dig up any more old...

Oh, sorry, wrong board.
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Re: Icey games' thread
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It cracks me up that I've played almost every game Icey has released, yet I still have no idea what Pub Master is or what it's about.
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