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Well, my friend and I finished a new game in 72 hours (actually closer to 40 once you factor in sleep, eating and other priorities) which you can now download and play on your very own home computer entertainment system device PCs!
Without further ado, I present to you:


A dysfunctional family are miniaturised in their misguided search for a holiday, thanks to the scientific minds at S.H.A.T. (Space Holidays via Accelerated Transport).

* Visceral point-and-click action!
* Literally tens of hilarious jokes.
* Experience the beginning, middle, and end of a story. The decisions you make will completely shape your experience and the final outcome of the game.
* The lack of a save-game feature means your actions have real-world consequences.
* Witness the epic development of more than one character as you control some of their actions.
* subAtomic plunges you into the scene at the deep end, with more than 10 different, immersive sound effects!
* A rousing, all-original musical score.
* Features unofficial cameo appearances by Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan!

You can expect the game to last about 30 minutes on your first play-through (although some story paths are shorter). All(!) content was made within that very short time period (graphics, dialogue, AGS scripting, music, SFX). There are naturally a few things missing which I'd like to add to a Special Edition if reception is good; particularly full voice recordings and a GUI.

The AGS game page with download link can be found here.
Note: If you entered the Ludum Dare #23 Compo/Jam you can find our page here! We'd love to hear what you think, and other LD48 entrants can submit a rating.
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Can't believe nobody has commented on this yet!

I found it cute, funny and it kept me smiling the whole time. Great work getting this done in just 70 hours. My pick of the month :)

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, we very much enjoyed making it  :)

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I completely concur with Ben. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and loved the humor. The way you moved the characters around and mixed it with their dialogue, very creative! Good job, guys.  :-D


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awesome short funny game! :)

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Update: The game took #1 for humour in the Ludum Dare 48 #23  :-D (plus some other stuff, like #7 fun (jam) and #8 overall (jam)).

If that doesn't give you reason to give it a play, nothing will!

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I just played subatomic and loved the humour in it and the "smash makes mash" talking heads :)
It reminds of 'educating adventures of girl and rabbit' in the way it's a small game that is enjoyable and fun to play.