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Sorry it's taken me so long to get round to this, but the final missing piece of the puzzle is now added to SVN!

As the Native assembly is a VC++ mixed mode assembly, you need the full version of Visual Studio to compile it.
Therefore, the editor code has two solution files -- AGS.Editor.NoNative.sln, which doens't include the Native DLL. This will work on the free VC# Express editions, but will reference the pre-compiled Native assembly; and AGS.Editor.Full.sln, which includes everything if you have the proper Visual Studio.

Let me know if it compiles for you or if anything is missing :)

Calin Leafshade:
Excellent news! Standalone compiler incoming!

Alan v.Drake:
* Dances in joy and delight *

- Alan

Awesome.  Thanks for this!  Certainly a lot easier than what I was planning.  It seems to build fine on my machine.

A few notes/questions:
- Make sure NativeLibs and Common\libinclude are in visual studio's global lib and include paths respectively
- AGS.Native project has fixed paths for additional libs/includes in the Release build. Copying the same settings from the Debug build seems to work.
- Do you have the source for alfont?  It looks like you changed the font rendering to only change blenders when the alpha level changes (as an optimisation) and possibly you used an older/simpler version of the set_height function?
- Why was scintilla included in the static lib? Specific version or has something changed?
- Native solution still has sourcesafe references.  Seems to be safe to ignore. Any chance of using to port the whole repository to git?
- Updatecppversion crashes in debug build if Release build doesn't exist. (so build Release first :) )
- any special build instructions for the other native .libs?

edit: added extra question.

So who's going to work on what?  I'd like to work on porting the editor to the mac but I don't really want to duplicate effort.

As far as I know, AGS.Native's mixed mode assembly means that you won't be able to compile or run under mono. I was looking at creating a pure native lib that could be called via c#'s pinvoke but it would have been a lot of work without the source.  Another alternative would be to slowly port ags to be a pure c# application with an allegro wrapper? :) Any ideas?


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