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I just uploaded an initial port of the AGS runtime to iOS (for jailbroken devices only at the moment).

Add my repository to Cydia:
You can then download the engine, midi patches and a test game (just a default "new game") if you want to see Roger walking around on your iDevice.

You can also get a build of the engine as an IPA file from here: . This will probably be updated more often than the Cydia repo, but there is no guarantee that every version found there will work.

At the moment only a single game can be played. It has to be placed into "/var/mobile/Documents/ags/game/". The main game file has to be named "ac2game.dat". The game folder must have write permissions for a standard user.

A file "ios.cfg" can be placed into "/var/mobile/Documents/ags/" to configure the engine, e.g. change the mouse control method or switch the renderer. There is no ingame way to change settings yet. The file has the same options as the Android configuration file.

- The mouse cursor moves to where you touch down on the screen
- A short tap issues a left click
- A longer press (0.7 - 1.5 s) keeps the left mouse button pressed (for dragging things and verbcoin GUIs)
- A long press (> 1.5 s) opens/closes the onscreen keyboard (includes F1-F12 and ESC)
- Right clicking is performed with a two-finger tap

What does work:
- AGS games with version >= 2.50
- Sound and midi playback (download the patches for that)
- Accelerated theora video playback
- Software and hardware OpenGL rendering
- Snow/Rain, Flashlight and AGSBlend plugins are built into the engine (this is important in case the engine goes into the app store because its policy forbids loading external libraries)

What does not work:
- There is no way to press the ESC or F1-F12 keys -> now included in the onscreen keyboard
- Only one game can be played
- No ingame menu or settings

The source code is as always on gitorious:
It contains an Xcode 3.2.6 project. The custom build step is for fake-signing the package so that it can be debugged through the IDE. You have to change that to accomodate your setup.

I have only tested on the simulator and on an iPod touch 4g with a jailbroken iOS 4.3.3. Performance on that is about as good as on my Android HTC Desire (maybe a little faster).

Wow, great work! Worked really nicely on my iPod Touch 2g, iOS 4.2.1. I tried out a couple of my games:

- How Many: FadeOuts didn't seem to go all the way to black. Pixel hunting was a bitch. Performance was very good.

- By the Numbers: Crashed once at the very beginning when I turned the screen to horizontal mode. Everything is out of sync since the framerate is only 20 fps. Talking heads run at about 15 fps, making what little there is of the game totally not fun to play. Raw drawing stuff seems to be working correctly, though. File access and 8bit colours, too.

- Barrier: 640x400 @32bit and with some big damn objects, runs even slower, at about 13-15 fps. A big full screen iris in/out animation dropped the framerate to about 6 fps. Other than that it worked great all the way through.

Very very awesome, JJS!

Igor Hardy:
Wow, that's awesome. I don't have an Android device to test my games on, but running them on my iPhone would be amazing.

Joseph DiPerla:
Wow. I do not own an iPhone, but I am still psyched that you got a port over to it though. AMAZING. OK honestly, what else are you going to try to port AGS to next JJS? You seem to be incredible at this. I would suggest a Dingoo A320. But thats just me. :)

omg omg omg omg, this is sick, JJS, you are GOD  :-D :grin:

AGS community surely does have a good future starting from this.

Please consider a donate button on the project man or maybe a kick-starter campaign perhaps, no push though, its up to you.

Brilliant jobs jjs.


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