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I have just recently dl'd the AGS program, and am experiencing some problems playing AGS games(I haven't tried the studio yet, as i don't feel to attracted to making anything if i can't find out how to play 'em, although i did check and make sure it run's, and it appear's to work fine). The first game i tried was the Demo that came with the studio, then i downloaded a couple more and get the same problem with all. I scoured the forums and the internet and couldn't find any info, so i think it's appropiate to ask.

Here's the problem(A bit multifaceted, i'll try to explain in a clear manner  :P): First i should say, i tried all the different setting's in the WinExe., with different problems occuring. For instance, when i execute a game with fullscreen checked, it start's up, but then just appears as a blank screen and occasionally the audio work's when in this state. When i run a game in windowed mode, it does much the same, but it will sometimes load up a the first screen's of the game(Like say, for the Demo, it'll load the intro bit, but then go no further.) Usually the audio work's well in this state. The mouse cursor disappears when i mouse into the game window, but no ingame cursor appears. I usually end up having to terminate(Kapow?) the game using Task Manager, as they don't respond. Hopefully that makes some sense...But basically the games just won't work  >:(

I try all kinda different setting's, running it in Direct3D gave me the best results, allowing it to play a developer's splash screen, but then it crashes and read's an error about the plugin not supporting the Direct3D, also stating it's most likely a scripting error. I tried it in all the different DirectDraw filter's, none of which worked. I've set different resolution's, both for the game and for my computer, still didn't help(Hehe). In short i tried this and tried that, but nothing work's. So i figured after exhausting everything i know how to do, it's time to ask the forum(Read: Not the most technical of people, seeking expert help  (laugh)

I should also note, i am running the game in compatibilty mode(ServicePack3 for XP, as well as having tried the compatibility modes for 2000 and 93/ME). Comp's spec's if they help: My OS is Window's 7, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphic's 3000(Graphic's driver is up to date as well...). Also, DirectX is up to date, Java's up to date(I don't think it uses Java anyway, yea?) and everything else is up to date that i know of.

I haven't encountered any problems running any other game's, just AGS made games. I was looking forward to trying my hand at making a game, but it's quite discouraging if i can't even get other's creation's to work. Wish i could explain the problem a bit better, but hopefully someone can make some sense outta this and lend me some assistance. It would be greatly appreciated!  :smiley:
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with Win7, the only way to get a game to run properly is usually to stick to Direct3D mode. If that gave you a plugin error, you're simply trying one of the rare games that actually use a graphical plugin. Most of them don't, and those should run fine.
The other way is to get Virtualbox and create an XP VM. It's pretty much the only reliable way (for now) to get all games to run on Win7 machines.
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