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Re: New HAT for AGS
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What I'll say may be completely irrelevant but:
-there is an online version of the French manual: http://admin.no.uchi.free.fr/dokuwiki-2008-05-05/doku.php
-it's a wiki: editable and keep tracks of modifications.
-you can download the offline version of this manual into a .chm file. (Main page of the wiki, "Télécharger la version hors-ligne du manuel français (19/10/2012)")
-however, this .chm file isn't updated in real time. I have no idea how it was generated (automaticly or manualy ?). I'll ask Kitai (he is in charge of this online manual) about this.
So there may be a way to convert the english wiki manual into a .chm file without much trouble.