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Dune's Island - A Free Video Learning Series
« on: 02 Apr 2020, 13:32 »
Hi everyone,

If you happen to have kids (or know someone who does) here's a brand new free resource that I hope is helpful. It's a website for my video learning series, “Dune’s Island,” which aims to teach kids environmental stewardship in a really fun way through stories and characters. Within the site you can freely access all the episodes, support documentaries and even tie-in curriculum (like vocabulary, math problems, writing prompts and more.)

In the coming weeks, I’ll be expanding the site with all kinds of activities and more cool documentaries. Eventually, I'd like to incorporate VN style stories as well. If you feel that the site could be helpful to others, please feel free to share it on social media. In the meantime, as with all my work, any and all feedback is welcome and very much appreciated. Enjoy and stay safe.
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