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Hi all!

Here's little something about a game project which never really got finished or even advertised, but the development might be resurrected this autumn. Game is called Jack-in-the-box-factory, and the demo version is actually playable. Any feedback is welcome.
More info:

Plot outline
You are Jack, the box factory worker. Your job has been grabbing boxes from the assembly line and sorting them to corresponding holes, but now, first time in years there's something different in your daily routine: no more boxes coming.

Player's goal is to help Jack find the missing boxes. Optional goal is to find out what's the factory all about.

Playable demo
download (zip file, 19mt)

Development Progress
Story: 60%
Scripting: 70%
Graphics: 80%

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Awesome, i like the idea. Optional goals are always a good thing when it comes to point and click. The premise reminds me of a HL2 mod called The Stanley Parable. If you havn't heard of it you should check it out, watch a let's Play on youtube, it's rather short!


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Would be nice to see a bit of spice to your artwork. Something that really makes it pop

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Interesting. Any inspiration at all from The Stanley Parable?
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loved that mod/ game I based my FYP off it.

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Thanks for comments! Haven't heard of Stanley Parable before. I checked it now from Youtube (
) and must say its plot really seems to have similarities. :) Interesting. Also, i agree about the box factory graphics, they'd need some more layers or something which would still keep the minimalism.

More background info about the game demo: the project is just 'dug from grave' and i didn't remember how unfinished phase it was left. In demo there's even some lame puzzles taken straight from the AGS example files. :) This is because we had a deadline for the demo presentation, and many things got done in the last hours just to pull it somehow together.

But now the project might be continued this autumn (and hopefully finished). In overall, we aim to keep it rather small scale game, but certainly add things to a story, graphics and puzzles.