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Only The Good Die Young - freeware RPG
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Only The Good Die Young - freeware Wild West action RPG!

(sorry for my English - I'm not a native speaker and I had to translate it on my own, so there may be mistakes and typos, but I hope you'll still enjoy playing the game)

"Everyone has to make somehow for living. Someone by a righteous job, someone prefer to risk. Well, I went too far with the risking - so far that the London police strated to be interested. I didn't want to spend half of my life in a cell, so I came up with a plan how to get to America." - It's been more than a year since then and I only laugh to my plans about another - and better life. I have to live as I always did, and this means that not even here is my name popular among local lawmen. But I'm still free and I hope the luck won't leave me.
Jack Smith was a  common thief until his path carried him into the village E. Lee, where new railroad has been in construction and he decided (not completely freely) to help. Will he keep his word, or will he help the bandits to destroy the railroad?

Explore the village and its surroundigs in the middle of hostile desert.

Create a character according to your favourite style: from an agile sharpshooter...

... to an unstoppable gunman wearing armor of long-ago forgotten conquistador!

Fight against local outlaws!

Or save your character at any time in the game, connect joystick and challenge your friends to a duel!

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______
Author of the game  ... Miroslav ".M.M." Mynኙ
"Keyboard movement"  . . .  Rui "Brisby" Pires & "strazer"
"Joystick" plugin . . . "Wyz"
"Journal module"  . . . "Akumayo" & ".M.M."
and everyone from the forums gladly asnwering my questions

if you liked the game, you can suport author of the game by contribution on account
CZ54 0300 0000 0002 5033 4388

Setup file:https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3ldjn16lepjhfp/onlythegood_en.msi
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Re: Only The Good Die Young - freeware RPG
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Sorry about grave digging this thread, but I found out that the setup linked here was for the original, Czech version. I've fixed it now, so if anyone decides to try it out, you'll understand what's going on now in the game. :P